⛵️The reality of buying an abandoned Sailboat (22 years on the hard) Made of Steel  #093
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⛵️The reality of buying an abandoned Sailboat (22 years on the hard) Made of Steel #093

August 14, 2019

The boat is a mess this week. Check it out. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life and then we’re gonna go back in finish the house. *New episode every Monday!! What is going on here? It seems like we were in a war. Yeah, look at that. We took all these off around this hatch. We know that’s not in good shape. But we already knew that. We just didn’t knew… didn’t know we were gonna do it this week. We took this one off also this
one off. And on the bedroom. No, and this one off. This entire one off. And… All this off. Why did we do all that? I think we need to go outside to show you why we did that. Yeah, we did that because of this. Once we started to hit the rust we discovered that we have some holes. So, we pretty much have… I don’t know, like five six holes
like these ones. And as we are on the dry it’s the best time to do that. And as
we’re gonna paint the entire boat that’s the perfect time to fix the holes and
weld small plates here, right? Yeah, we’re gonna weld some plates on this, but in order to do that we need to take all the interior off otherwise it’s gonna burn. It’s gonna burn because the weld is really
really hot and then there is EPS inside and then we can just throw fire on the
whole boat, we don’t want to do that. And basically before you say that the boat
is in bad shape we knew about that. Before we bought it. So now all we need to do is to cut this piece off and to weld a small plate in this that and that and the other hatch. And for that we count with some help this week, right? Yeah. Yeah, we had some friends over for the weekend and they helped us to take the whole ceiling apart. And they’re actually our patrons. It’s so good when a patron is actually handy. They can give some hand and help us. João and Lina they are the couple that are our patrons that actually introduced us to this boat. He knew a guy that knew a guy that own this… No… he’s like third generation of someone
that someone that knew this boat. He is friend of a friend of the former owner. So he is the one that showed us the boat and gave us to buy, and that’s pretty cool. And he was anxious to know the boat personally, so they came here. But, we’re talking to much already. Let’s show you some action and these are João and Lina, our good friends. Let’s get started. We gave up on this one… for now!! So, we have friends today. Hello. Hello. One day we will finish that. Yes. Eventually. Probably. The hard thing is to put back in place and
knowing where are all the pieces but… It’s like a puzzle. A huge one. So, our ceiling is made of laminated,
plywood, EPS and the galvanized steel. Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? We need to make a t-shirt written: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. No break though. Ops. I’m gonna show you the outside, the rust. The one they are working now is this one. Hello, guys. Hey. So, we need to weld this. And this. There is only one panel that we couldn’t take off. We still need to… I don’t know find out how to do it, but we will do it eventually. Good for today. Done? We see you tomorrow. Not Yet!! Our first Patreons to try the booze. *These bottles have been sitting on the boat for at least 22 years and someone needed to taste to check if they are still good How many years? Whiskey… I’m gonna just try the open ones. Yeah, we’re gonna keep the sealed ones sealed. At least 22. There is no seal, the seal is broken, right? Is broken? It’s broken, look at that. You can try it then. It’s not full. We can try it. I don’t like whisky, but… I’m trying it. First tryer. Still alive? Yes. Good. At least 22 years. That’s 15 years old plus 22, that means… 37 and that’s open. 37 open. Do you wanna try this? Why not. They are gonna be drunk really soon. Bad news. Well, we lost all the footages of our friends drinking, trying all the buzz. The only one that we have is that ones that we showed. Somehow we deleted I don’t know how. It’s just too many videos (files) the same time and we lost that one. Sorry, guys. We’re really really sorry. But we guarantee you
that was fun day. They tried every single bottle that was opened. They even got one for gift, wedding gift. That’s cool. They are gonna get married next month, we’re gonna go to the wedding actually. And we gave as a gift the bottle. And by the way just before you
guys say anything… João is a doctor, he is anesthesiologist, so he knows about chemicals, he studies chemicals. And it was on his own risks. He said he wanted to try, we didn’t make he do anything. That was his own choice, right? Yeah. And Lina trusts him so… you know they tried it and they liked it actually. And they are alive. So now we can tell you that liquor after 22 years sitting there it’s fine. Even if it’s open. Let’s keep going. Finally. It’s not that bad. Finally, we did it. The reason why we are doing all this mess here is because the screws for this
panel were underneath this piece of wood. And this is perfectly glued, the whole frame, and we didn’t want to take this frame off. And here we have a trim and the trim
can hold that in place. So, it’s gonna be fine to cut. I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem. No. So, we did it. At least this one. Good job. One less problem. So the idea is to be inside with a wet cloth. And a fire extinguisher. And a fire extinguisher. Masks. Well, we have good and bad news. So let’s show you what I mean. Good news. We fixed all the holes around the hatches. These were all rust problems that
we fixed. This was a problem created by the wooden frame around the hatches that when this boat was made they built it with this wooden frame. We found a boat just like
ours to show you what we mean. That makes a lot easier to understand it. So here is a image of this boat. So, this was the twin boat that were here at the same marina that we are. It’s so cool because we went inside it and it’s exactly the same boat inside. It’s crazy. But basically these wooden frames would hold water in between the plate of the boat and the wood. And that would help to create rust
with time. But this problem is solved. The other one that we cannot… we didn’t solve yet… That’s the bad news. We have some rust here. But we don’t know how it got rusted. But the bad news is not this, it’s not that we don’t know how it was created. The bad news is that we need to take
apart a piece of furniture inside and it’s all glued. Yeah, basically we didn’t figure out yet how to take apart what we need inside. It’s just… we’ve been working on that for a week. And it’s just right in between the
head (bathroom) and the saloon, in a area that if we need to take both panels off it’s just like half of the side of the boat. What are you doing? We need to take this off. That’s not good, but we need to do it. We have some patches to do on the
welding outside and there is EPS inside here. So if we weld outside it’s gonna
put this on fire. So we need to take this whole thing off. We’re trying to fix
every single bad spot on the steel of the hull, otherwise in the future we’ll need to fix it again and we don’t want to fix it again anytime soon, so… Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? And if you do it right you do it
once if you do it wrong you do many times. So let’s try to do it right. More good and bad news. Look at that. I don’t know if you can see it. We see the beginning of the hole right there. And the good news is we could open
this and now we can weld on here. But we believe that the hole will come all the way to here and then is the worse it could be. Because then we need to take this whole
one piece off. But we’re gonna try first to create a hole on the worst spot
outside and see where it’s gonna land. We’re gonna see if it’s here or there. Let’s try it there. It’s really thin. See? And how about here? Now we go inside and see where this is and then we can measure… 3 fingers. So, let’s see it. We need at least three fingers after that, at least. Fingers… fingers crossed now. Yeah, basically. No good… Bad news. We are really really close. But really really far. I mean we’re really
close actually… Bad news… We’re gonna need to take all this and it’s really really well glued. And we also have this frame here that’s all glued. But actually… wait wait wait… We need to examine it now to see how bad this is. Yeah, we have like 2 fingers… We’re gonna think and then we’re gonna show you. We have good news. Not necessarily, we think we might have
good news. It seems like the hole is on the high spot. So maybe we don’t need to
take this off, we just need to have the panel off. So now we’re gonna take this
part of the panel off. You guys must be tired of us just… this mess, right? Just like go and forward. Let’s skip this part and go straight, not
straight… We’re just gonna film some time lapses and then we’re gonna show you
what… The final result. What’s the plan? The plan is to use this fiberglass cloth to stick inside so we don’t get the wood in fire or the EPS. This is basically to protect the heat of coming through this piece of wood, so we can weld it. Let’s hope it works. But also we are waiting for the welder, he’s gonna bring some argon gas. So we’re gonna insert gas on the back so we avoid fire. That’s the plan. That’s it. Finally, we finished all the welds of the
hull of the boat. Check it out. This used to be the big hole, here one and
there another one. By the way, this gray color
is a intershield 300 from international. That’s just a treatment for the steel to make sure the welds in the new plate won’t rust. And then we’re gonna give the finishing in the future. But we’re gonna talk about painting
in the future episode because there is a lot more on the painting inside of the boat. There is some weld that we didn’t show in this episode. We’re gonna show you in a future episode also because… And there is a cool thing about the welding. I took some classes of TIG welding. But that is for the future. And also we didn’t finish this yet.
I mean… he did finish it we just need to trim it and get right in
the right position. It’s not easy to do the angle that we need there. But, we’re working on that. Other than that we already started
working on the painting as you can tell. A lot of intershield around the deck. By the way that’s all covered because it’s a rainy weekend this weekend. So we decided to cover just to guarantee we don’t get water on a cockpit because the hatch for
the engine is open. Ups. Talking too much. We broke a record this week. That’s so cool. We had an insane amount of new patrons coming on board to support us and help us to achieve our goal to finish the refit of our sailboat. That’s amazing how the world have so many generous people. People that are willing to help some
strangers all the way from the south of Brazil. Welcome on board, guys. The list is really big (*long). So, get a mug, get some coffee, relax. And enjoy the list of new patrons. Sorry for the mispronouncing because they are not Brazilian names. Some of them we don’t know how to pronounce but we are gonna try it. Yeah, we’re gonna give our best
because sometimes it’s tough. Ulf, Robert, Spike, Olov, Sailing Broken Halo, Marell, Ilja, Christijan, Sailing Roxanne, John, Tom & Rocki, Rastrops, Mike, Roger, Jonathan, XineasHD, Martin, Robin, Zoltán, Dave, Alex, Casey, Kerry, Scott, Tim, Paul, Dominic, George, Ken, Mikael, Jeremy. Guys, thanks so so much. We really
really really appreciate the support. And we see you guys next week. Next Monday. We see you, guys. The wall in between the bathroom and the main room. The saloon. Yeah, it’s in between the saloon and the… The galey, no the head. It’s just tough. Join the crew


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    What is the name of the boat? I suggest "Coral Reef".

  • Reply Reg Pettinger August 14, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Just found you guys a couple of days ago. You might want to buy some Ospho rust inhibitor and some Corraseal rust converter. Both have their place whether it's a steel boat of a container home. Also, when you add zincs to the boat, don't weld them on, bolt them on. That way you can change them out while your boat is still in the water.
    A great You Tube Channel where the people built their own steel boat 30+ years ago and have lived on it every since is Sailing Emerald Steel. It's a very informative channel in more ways than one.
    Anyway, you kids look like you've got a going concern with You Tube, keep up the good work.(:>)

  • Reply abefroman August 14, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    International also makes a silicone antifouling product (737?) you should consider, it is better than the usual stuff.. lasts a long time.

  • Reply Miguel Zeta August 14, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Al final con un poco de suerte lo dejaréis a punto de dar la vuelta al mundo con otros cincuenta mil euros. Ya llevaréis quince o veinte; por lo que me parece que vais en la línea correcta. (Pensad siempre que os vais a salir del presupuesto inicial). Sinceramente creo que estáis en el camino correcto. El dueño por lo que he visto prefería que se pudriese antes que darlo pos cuatro perras gordas aunque tuviese que seguir pagando. Por lo menos el barco navegará; en el otro caso seguro que lo desguazan.

  • Reply Miguel Zeta August 14, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Un velero es casi humano; porque en él se han depositado muchos sueños.

  • Reply Miguel Zeta August 14, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Me hace gracia porque la casita es un juego de niños; ahora sí que os habéis metido en camisa de once varas. Es un refrán español que significa que te has metido en una empresa que es muchas tallas mayor. Pero lo estáis consiguiendo con mucha perseverancia y trabajo. ¡Felicidades y os felicito porque no es nada fácil!. Por eso ese barco lleva tanto tiempo allí; en Galicia. El dueño contento porque ha salido con la suya; recuperar el dinero de tanto tiempo varado y que no desmantelen su barco; que navegue porque es muy bueno.

  • Reply Miguel Zeta August 14, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    No es que sea humano un barco; es que tiene alma y todo el mundo lo sabe. Lo sabe todo el que ha navegado a vela aunque sea muy poco; parece un delfín todo feliz dando saltos entre la olas. Que el dueño de este velero sea tan cabezón va a permitir que vosotros viajéis por todo el mundo; por eso digo que los veleros tienen alma…

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