💻 How to Become a Digital Nomad: 75 Digital Nomad Job Ideas 💻 | Daily Video 5
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💻 How to Become a Digital Nomad: 75 Digital Nomad Job Ideas 💻 | Daily Video 5

September 3, 2019

What’s up guys today I’m gonna give you 75 ideas on how to become a digital Nomad or make money while traveling so I get this question Almost every day. It’s you know how do you become a digital Nomad? How do you pull off this life? You know? I don’t have any tech skills. You know. I’m not a tech guy I can’t be a digital Nomad. So you know that’s not true. It’s nearly 2018 There is an unlimited amount of ways to make money online and while traveling so I just wanted to give you guys some ideas on Some of the things that I just met people personally doing while traveling So let’s get started here seventy-five ideas on how to become a digital Nomad So you could be a virtual assistant, you could do drop shipping through Aliexpress you could do drop shipping through Amazon FBA you could teach English online you can become a blogger a youtuber a Copywriter a journalist a proofreader you could do be a PR specialist a social-media Influencer you can make and sell things on Etsy it could be a graphic designer You could do Facebook or Google AdWords advertising It could be a conversion expert for websites You could build business sales funnels you could be a website designer or developer You could build up WordPress themes you could design phone apps. It could be a user interface designer You could have a software-as-a-service company, and you don’t even have to design. It yourself. You could just run it It could be a business mentor a life coach a social media manager Search engine optimization an affiliate marketer could be a growth hacker You could sell ebooks on Amazon you could be a photographer and sell your photos online or take pictures of people for businesses or hotels or Just people that are on vacation while you travel You know basically same idea, but you could do this with video as well. You could be a video editor you could Record drone footage and sell stock footage of that. That’s something that’s huge right now You could teach online courses through something like you demeanor Skillshare You could build your own online training, or course business It could be a stock market trader a cryptocurrency trainer. You could do online transcription for different languages if you speak another language Lots of opportunities there it could be a real estate investor. Good buy a home and rent it out You could sub lease your room while you travel You could take out leases on a few different apartments and rent them out on Airbnb you Could be a musician or a DJ A sound designer or sound composer and sell your sounds online It could be a voice-over artist a business consultant Mortgage broker an accountant a business analyst you could do forecasting for politics Mart Businesses or just any kind of market forecasting you could be a niche travel agent so for example you could Sell tours to Bali for spanish-speaking people You could do online customer service Admin support tech support it could be an interior designer It could be a clothing or fashion designer you do a staffing or HR Type recruiting it could be a personal trainer health coach or a nutritionist and you can do that in person while you travel or you? Could do this all online through Skype to your customers you Could be a wedding or event planner you could teach Skills online such as music production how to make jewelry? how to put on makeup use your imagination potential is endless If you’re a good salesman or a Rainmaker as they say you can work from anywhere, so Businesses cannot get enough of good salesmen, so if you’re a good salesman you can make your own freedom cold colors online data collection you could be a babysitter or Danny to be a therapist a psychologist an online poker player You could work in GIS for geographic information systems could be a boating captain You could work on yachts as the ER as a yachty You could run charter tours. It could be a scuba diving instructor. You could be a lawyer and the last one is Convince your boss to let you keep your job and go remote Okay guys, so there you have it There’s 75 ideas on how to become a digital nomad or to make money while traveling So I hope this opens your eyes and gave you guys some ideas if you were trying to figure out how to make this life work, it’s totally possible what you just have to be creative and work really hard So if this video was helpful, please give it a like and let me know in the comments which one of these you’re currently doing or going to inspire to do and if you guys want more information on travel hacking and digital nomad life, please consider subscribing and I will talk to you soon. Thanks You

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