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10 Camper Boats From Retro to Modern | Camper Boat Hybrid Favorites

January 13, 2020

– [Reacher] Camping on the water? Sure, why not? Somebody thought of it, so it
must be worth trying, right? This is Reacher and
here are 10 camper boats from the early days up until now. (upbeat music) – [Countdown] Number 10. – [Reacher] In the 60s and 70s experimentation was everywhere. During that era, a company named Sea Camper Industries out
of Jacksonville, Florida decided to build a
camper-houseboat combination and try their hand in this niche market. The Sea Camper packed all
of the features you’d expect from a modern camper boat in a
space measuring 24 feet long, or 7.3 meters, with a beam
of 8 feet or 2.4 meters. The cockpit is located in
the front starboard area, while across from that is bench seating, which can double as a sleeping
area for a single person. Behind the cockpit is a kitchen area that includes a double-sided
stainless steel sink, a triple-burner cook
top and oven, as well as a mini fridge under one
of the rear dinette seats. There’s also a fully enclosed wet bath with a removable wall-mounted shower head. To the rear of that is a
full sized dinette area which also converts to a
sleeping area for two, if needed, while doors both for and
aft open up to small decks. The original company was eventually sold and went under in the mid 70s. Fortunately, a second generation revival of the Sea Camper was brought
about in the early 2000s by a German manufacturer. Original pricing on this one would have run you around $11,000. – [Countdown] Number nine. – This largest of the
Boat-a-Home fleet comes in with a length just under
26 feet or 7.9 meters, and a width of almost
eight feet, or 2.4 meters. Doors at both the front and rear open to reveal a living area capable
of seating up to six people. Forward on the starboard
side is the helm of the boat. Behind this is a dinette area with seating for up to 3 people. Opposite this, on the port
side, is the a galley, which includes a triple-burner
cooktop and stove, a sink and a 118 liter fridge-freezer. Moving towards the rear,
you’ll find a wet bath with a swiveling cassette
toilet and stand up shower. The rear houses a bench, which
converts to a double bed. This, along with the dinette area, which converts to a bunk bed if needed, provides sleeping accommodations
for up to four people. Go power is provide by a 40
horsepower outboard engine, while the electric is covered
by two 150 watt solar panels mounted on the roof. This one starts out with the base price of just over $100,000. – [Countdown] Number eight. – [Reacher] This one
is called the CaraBoat and sometimes that
simple, yet catchy name, is all that’s needed in a title. A rear door opens up off of a
small deck into a lounge area with seating for six to seven people. In front of that is the galley, which has a double-well sink,
a mini fridge with a freezer, a triple-burner cooktop with
a glass cover and an oven. Opposite that you’ll
find an enclosed wet bath with a swiveling cassette toilet and a sink with a removable faucet that doubles as a handheld shower head. Housed in the front is another lounge area with bench seating. Both lounge areas convert to beds that can sleep up to
four people if needed. Controls for the steering and engine are located on a wall-mounted
arm that folds down underneath the cabinet when not in use. Pricing on the the standard
model is a bit over $100,000. – [Countdown] Number seven. – [Reacher] This entry from
Japanese based Car-taka is another example of how to make a small space feel bigger
than it actually is. It measures in at 12.5 feet
or 3.8 meters in length, with a width just over
five feet or 1.6 meters. Large hatches at the front
and rear provide entry to an open design that
includes a small sink, a water tank and a mini fridge. There’s also a dinette
area with bench seating that converts to a sleeping
area for up to three people. This one is very similar to a model by German company Sealander. Minor differences aside, they
could very well have been cast from the same mold. I’m kind of curious which one came first, so if anyone can shed some light on that, feel free to let me know in the comments. Pricing on this one will
run you around $21,000. – [Countdown] Number six. – [Reacher] This awesome
looking piece of machinery was produced by the
Ship-a-Shore Corporation from the late 60s to the early 70s. Two pieces of thermaplastic form the body which measures 23 feet,
or seven meters long. A sliding patio door off of the
rear deck opens to the cabin with a kitchen containing a
three-burner cooktop and oven, a large double-well sink and
a 128 liter fridge-freezer. Two dinette areas, one
on each side of the boat, can accommodate up to six people. At the front starboard side is the helm, with large windows all around, providing an almost uninterrupted view. Across from that is a lounge
area with bench seating that converts to an additional
sleeping area if needed. The roof can double as a extra area for sunbathing or relaxing
with access via ladder and hatch at the rear. And for those of you who
consider hygiene important, there’s an onboard bathroom
with a toilet, sink, and shower. The Combo Cruiser had a base
price that ran around $11,000. – [Countdown] Number five. – [Reacher] This one,
like entry number eight, is also called the CaraBoat. Produced in the early 70s, it’s rumored that only
64 of these were made due to the manufacturer
destroying the molds after a failed PR launch. What few details I could find
show a rear entrance door that opens to a lounge
area with bench seating and a small bathroom opposite that. Moving forward, there’s a kitchen area with a triple-burner cooktop and oven, a full-size sink and dinette seating with a removable floor-mounted table. The helm is located at the front port side with the door opening
to a small forward deck. The two lounge areas could
convert to sleeping quarters for up to four people if needed. All of this was housed
in a cabin measuring 16 feet, or 4.9 meters in length and just under seven
feet, or 2.1 meters wide. – [Countdown] Number four. – [Reacher] This water ready
anytime amphibious trailer is perfectly sized for
smaller vehicles to tow, weighing in a little over
1600 pounds or 740 kilograms. It measures 15 feet by 7 feet,
or 4.6 meters by 2.2 meters, with room for up to four passengers. In addition to the large front
hatch and rear sliding doors, a pop-up roof provides natural ventilation as well as extra head room. The living area includes an
integrated single-burner cooktop and sink, along with
bench seating on each side and a removable table that
allows it to be converted to a sleeping area. A small platform on the front
can be used for lounging, while the rear tailgate
opens to create a deck area with seating on each side and a mount for a small outboard motor. An optional solar panel
can be added to the roof to provide extra power to the
100 amp battery if needed. Pricing on this one is
currently around $17,500. – [Countdown] Number three. – [Reacher] This Italian-made mini yacht seems like it shouldn’t be on this list, as it’s design is mostly
made for transport. But the multiple configurations
allow for it to be set up as a vessel that has
amenities like a camper boat, so we figured it deserved a spot. It measures 24 feet, or
7.2 meters in length, with a width of 12 feet, or 3.5 meters. The large rear doors slide
open to reveal a living space, housing a bathroom with a toilet and sink, with a small kitchenette opposite that, which includes a four-burner
cooktop, sink and prep area. Moving forward is bench
seating on each side which can be modified into single beds. The front of the boat
houses the enclosed helm. Large panoramic windows allow for an almost unobstructed
view throughout the boat. The rear sun deck provides
space for relaxation while also covering the single 370 horsepower water-jet engine which can reach a top speed of 43 miles or 69 kilometers per hour. Current pricing for this
one is around $150,000. – [Countdown] Number two. – [Reacher] Built in 1979,
this beast of a vehicle is considered the world’s
first amphibious SUV. And unlike the other entries in this list, this one can be driven
on both land and water. It tops out at just over
seven feet or 2.1 meters tall with a dry weight at 5,100
pounds or 2,340 kilograms. No special setup is needed
to go from land to water as it can be driven down
any standard launch ramp. The five seater is based
around the European version or the Ford Granata and came
with the option of either a hard or soft top. The 135 horsepower engine
allowed the behemoth to reach land speeds up to 87 miles or 140 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, this one never made it past the prototype stage
and only made an appearance at the 1979 Frankfurt Motor Show. So what do you think? Could you see yourself
sleeping on the water in one of these? Let us know in the comments
which one you liked the most or if you have a favorite
that didn’t make the list. – [Countdown] Number one. – [Reacher] This one
from English manufacturer Cara Cruiser came about in the late 70s. The vessel measures 15.5
feet, or 4.7 meters in length, with a beam of just under
seven feet or 2.1 meters. A small deck at the stern
has seats on each side of a folding door that
open into the cabin area. Inside is an enclosed wet
bath with a toilet, sink, and handheld shower head. Moving forward is the kitchenette, which has a dual-burner
cooktop and convection oven along with a large sink and counter space. Bench seating and a
removable floor-mounted table are opposite this. The front has a lounge
area with C shaped seating which also includes the
helm on the port side. Large side and front
windows provide an almost panoramic view of the surroundings. It has a dry weight of 11,000
pounds or 500 kilograms and can be powered by a
stern-mounted outboard engine ranging from 7.5 to 35 horsepower. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button. Stay up-to-date with all
of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (gentle music)


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  • Reply ADLER KREIGER September 22, 2018 at 1:52 am

    No. 2 could use a standard camper with a cab access. Easier to make customized units for dropping at camp sites. All are made fancy to sell as luxury. Bring the price down by making the basic body so the buyer can DIY or customize as needed. Too greedy to fatten it up for a few high sales. When you can make more money by cutting costs of luxury and labor, selling low for more buyers. I bought a '72 uniflite sport 27', no motor, shell for $750. Then I added a trolling motor for each side of the aft swim deck and one thru the nose anchor storage.
    Running extensions from them to the CNC deck seat, making a three-point navigational control. I covered her in solar panels and one wind gen. Two battery banks with dedicated systems. I turned the motor deck into a play/sleep cabin for my kids. We fished the Manatee River for years and even lived on it as needed.

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    Electrical power, while docked, was generated by means of a car battery charging system mounted on a short length of galv water pipe slippied over a similar pipe embedded in the promonade. A 26" bicycle wheel, mounted to the top of the pipe had thin plywood vanes twisted slightly by means of wires from spoke holes in the hub to a hole drilled in the corner of each plywood vane. These wooden vanes were tightly attache w wire to the wheel. 36" out from the hub. Worked perfectly to keep car batteries in boat charged 24/7 (the wind rarely stopped). The ferro-cement was coated w a asphalt roofing compound, sealing any cracks. ( The foam was the actual flotation).
    The Pilot house above the differential allowed for unobstructed 360 ° views. The cement hull was only ~5/8" thick. The three hulls and floor were filled with closed cell styrofoam. As was the entire interior sprayed with foam. Two toilets over 50 gal holding tanks. The interior was heated with a steel tank stove also used for cooking. The perimeter 18" promenade could be widen to ~ 36" and was ~100' L. The unique mast in a V shape and sails were controlled entirely from within the pilot house! Launched in the Willamette River Dec 1972. ( ~30 mi. S of Portland, OR. The "maiden voyage" ended 4 mo later at "Deep River" WA. across the Lower Columbia River from Astotia, OR. Cost to build was $5000.

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    Also take the little rear drive boat thats a trailer. Cool build, but who really would use it? You drown like in a car if it capsized.
    Most of these house boats would be fun on maybe the Mississippi river,Ohio river, but would be a fail in the Great lakes.
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    If someone spends $80,000 to $150,000 on some of these new ones your limited of were you can sell them.
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