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September 3, 2019

inside close the back wall Forbes I’m
going to close the door if anything does go wrong all we have to do is pull here
throw it up like this and there we go guys we have a fully secure bunker
nothing’s getting in and of course we still the fan they’re venting air oh my
god oh my god I got a call I got home Logan right now
Logan will give you in the news to turn on CNN you good once yes welcome tonight’s top story God would
you all know it we all known as the building blocks to cardboard box ports
but what happens when the world supply stuff becomes a pleated the UNC tonight
the United Nations of cardboard have just announced the world supply of
cardboard is depleting already we’ve seen mass riots starting out across the
country as people scramble to get what’s left of cardboard the biggest question
on everyone’s mind tonight is how will we build our boxes with cardboard prices
soaring and a lack of cardboard for everyone it’s estimated that the country
will soon turn into turmoil riots are spreading people are getting angry and
it looks like the country is getting ready for war we advise all of you to
collect any cardboard you have left find a safe place to hide and wait out this
event my name is buck Grissom I hope follow you stay safe get your box was
ready oh no Jake this isn’t good it’s okay don’t panic don’t panic I plan for
this very moment my whole life okay we have cardboard lot I’ve stockpiled our
cardboard what does he need a bunker a bunker look
the man said we just have to hold off in a bunker until this whole thing blows
over okay that makes sense are we realistically Logan what’s our budget uh
I got a hundred bucks all right I got 50 so we’re looking at $150 bomb shelter
all right looks like for two people we’re looking at $46,000 Logan we’re 46
thousand eight hundred and forty-nine dollars short or we’re going to get that
kind of money wait I got it looking for box for building masters one of the
masters of building box sports we’ll build our own box for bomb shelter we’ll
build a shelter affecting whip stand this war do we have enough box you need
to come with me and yes again the fuss with unit 17 parallel
chain do what do I got Papa to choose from to Brittany I’m back with Logan and
today we are doing another amazing box for build we are going to be building a
box for its shelter to withstand anything Logan and I’m talking about any
I’m or hurricanes sandstorms we are using our box for building skills to
make this because guys it looks online two bunkers are expensive all right this
would be an awesome opportunity to do a 24 hour Fallout style shelter and we
want to do that guys but this is going to be our first test of making bunkers
we’ve never done it before if we can get the bunker building down and make sure
it’s secure enough to withstand stuff like a paintball gun for smoke grenade
then we’ll know that we can build a proper bunker and if we can get 100,000
likes on this video will promise you guys we’ll do a 24-hour fallout themed a
video where we build a fallout shelter and survive in it for 24 hours it’ll be
awesome this is what we’re going to be building our massive box for bunkers now
we have a couple things to help us with this I did bring out some stuff that
we’re going to be including in the bunker we’ll go through it more in
detail guys as we use it but just a few things off the bat guys we’ve course got
a first-aid kit we’ve got a light here we have some electrical wiring for all
the electricity including a fan guys which is going to be really important
not only to keep us cool but also keep out any toxic gases now in order to
simulate toxic gases we’re going to be using some smoke grenades so we got to
make sure that this thing is safe and secure before we put it in these tents
all right guys now that we have everything ready it’s time to start
building this box for bunkers check it out guys the bunker is looking
sick we have this to layer kind of style bunker system here so you can actually
walk down so this is completely secured obviously this is concrete so nothing
can hurt you if you’re down here of course at the front here guys we’re
gonna have a really secure wall that’s going to be the main wall and then back
here will be the entrance using a secure vault door once the side paneling is
done we’re going to get the roof on and then we’re going to start adding to the
security measures to make sure that this thing can withstand our test so now it
is time for the vault door the vault or we’re actually going to be making a
super thick door and we’re going to be using some pool noodles as well as other
stuff to make it really awesome we got to cut out the look of the actual vault
door and make sure that we saved that piece of cardboard because we need to
pile up a bunch of layers of cardboard to make this thing work yo that looks awesome so now what we’re
going to do is we’re going to layer a bunch of different pails on top of this
as well as some extra bits of floating to make sure that this thing it’s super
secure and nothing’s getting through it probably the hardest part about this
bunker guys is because bunkers kind of have that angle to them getting the
roofs of angles is really hard with cardboard we’re almost done putting the
roof on the bunker inside the bunker we got this nice slope down we got a little
support and we’re soon going to be putting the finishing touches on the
vault door we have completely finished the roof now in the bunker is coming
together looking awesome yo check this out guys got the secure pillar
everything secured we still have to put our little viewing slit over there and
of course we have to install all of our security measures but so far this is
coming along looking awesome now we’re going to start working on the vault door
which we’re going to be using those pool noodles I’m going to wrap the outside of
the vault door in pool noodles and then fill it in so it’s the same really
secure vault or that nothing can get through so now looking we going to start
working on the slit at the front of the bunker so we can actually see out to all
the stuff that’s going to be attacking the bunker in order to do that he needs
some lighting normally we use some flashlights and you know some candles or
anything like that but because it’s a super-secure top-secret bunker we’re
using an actual industrial bunker light yo check that out which means we have to
have fully working electrical so we have to rig this box for it to have an
electrical outlet in it to do that guys we’re going to be using this it’s got an
attached outlet on the end of it so we can plug in all of our electrical into
this and then we’ll have electrical to not only work the light but also the
oh you have the wire coming through now what we have to do is put the light in
we should be good to go oh so now we can see everything in our
box horse but you know what guys just like it so hot so we’re going to add
some air conditioning to the socks floor check out how cool it looks in here
already we got the light system working we’ve got the front panels the wall up
here still needs to be reinforced and we still need to be able to slide the
panels down but other than that is looking great and of course once we have
the vault door on the back insult it’s going to be even more secure there we go
guys I had to rework a little bit of wiring but the fan is working and it’s
expelling all of the bad air out of here and of course the cool thing about it is
if we want to use it in a future box sport we just turn it around and it
brings in cool air I also reworked some of the wiring so we have the new light
system over there now all I have to do is work on the front flaps and we’re
almost ready to do this this is going to be the protective flap that we put up
it’s as ever an emergency obviously we’re not going to have this up all the
time so you want to have some nice air coming in it also makes for some nice
windows to see the pool but if anything does go wrong all we have to do is pull
here throw it up like this add the little tape hook there and there we go
guys we have a fully secure bunker nothing’s getting in and of course we
still the fan they’re venting air first because this is a bunker we need safety
so we have here a little handle which is going to attach to the wall plot brought
along up for safety always driving safe safety it’s one of our number one
priority so we can attach the wall six on first aid kit we’re good to go
the vault door is done and it is looking awesome this thing is a beast
it’s super sick look at that it’s like it’s going to withstand anything we
throw at it and guys renamed our vault one one seven if you guys know where I
got that number from comment down below I’m sure a lot of you guys get that
reference but let me know like we said to start this video a lot of this is
kind of fallout theme and that’s why after we started this video we’re like
yo we should do a 24-hour fallout bunker and make like a fallout shelter and have
to try and survive in it so if you guys still think that’s an awesome idea and
still wants to do that don’t forget we need to get 100,000 likes on this video
I know you guys are really savage so I thought we’re going to be doing that but
hit that like button right now of course I’ve attached the ball
door we have a fully working of bald doors this thing is super secure for the
beastie is the box or door we’ve ever made and guys if we do the fallout box
for Bill so I think we’re going to use the same vault or in fact I think it’d
be really cool and let me know down below guys if we took the bunker that we
already have and add on to it and make it even bigger make a fully-fledged
fallout shelter using this I think it’d be awesome you could put we can
literally take this for it we can extend it dude we have living quarters back
there we could have a kitchen over here plus we fill up the massive bunker which
is going to be super secure so the bunker is ready now it’s time to test it
out we got to get inside we got a lockdown and we got to keep this thing
to survive a bunch of our tests inside close the back ball towards I’m going to
close the door don’t worry we got our first aid kit our ventilation all right
we’re ready to go closing security door security door is
closed this thing is locked down nothing standing in the front ventilation on
false door is closed we have the hatch lockdown
now we’re going to go through the testing area and give this bunker
everything we’ve got we’re going to be doing most of us from the outside for
safety but once we try the smoke grenade I’m actually going to go back inside
because I have that much faith in this thing I think I’ll be able to survive
inside to sleep even with a smoke grenade going off right outside all
right guys we’re gonna be starting small with the zing vote here these things are
beasty though don’t let it fool you it is a toy but these things get for it let
me shooting three shop in it let’s see how it does burn oh dude that was hard
but still get through right off second shot all right
nothing nothing at all you can do a thing I’ll do one more shot all right
guys we’re going a little bit closer with the last shot was it saved but
honestly I think our boss for Punk just built sofas here nothing that I heard it
three two one oh my window oh nothing at all this
thing is oh thanks man five next up is a paintball guy now
course don’t try this at home if you don’t as a proper gear but we want to
put this through all the tests so we’re going to show you it with a full-fledged
paintball gun let’s see our bunker does three two one whoo first shot dude
nothing alright second shot not laying right through the window alright hit the
one on the left side this thing is obese all right Pakistan rapid fire dude it
survived all of that check it out they all just bounced right off there are
some holes in the box were but none of them actually went through these are
easily repaired with some extra cardboard and even Justin Tate well
let’s say someone tries to breach the back of the box board we made a massive
vault or which is going to protect us so we’re going to try testing it out on the
fact the vault or just to see how strong this thing is of course we’re a lot
closer than we were at the front but I think this thing is so busy it’s not
going to matter to what they definitely penetrated the first layer but guys
remember we are so close to the things I say we put the safety on and check out
if it went through oh dude only one God through woah this out none of the
paintballs actually went through the vault or because it was so secure but
one of the paintballs we must have missed one of the holes there it did
come through and it hit the back of the ball board and popped all over it looks
like the front of the bunker did have one paintball get through but out of
like sink the next time have to reinforce right I definitely think we
need to reinforce the front next time and make it a little bit stronger but
like I said guys we can repair this and if we’re doing the follow-up shelters
that can easy addition that we can make make this thing even safer and stronger
we have one final test this entire bunker is fitted with an air system
through spell any bad air we don’t want any of that getting inside so of course
you can’t see tear gas but what you can’t see is a smoke grenade so we’re
going to put the smoke grenade on the side of the bunker here let it rip and
see what happens if everything goes as planned all of the bad gas
we’re going to expel outside the bunker and none of it will be inside alright
jegos hope this work alright man go for it right outside but guys this
ventilation system is tight I don’t think we have any problem the vault
doors closed the Sun panels close up all right Logan gone for it oh dude we
can actually see it yo check that out guys it’s out there is getting smoothies
little Gaza look at that dude nothing bigger there’s no smoking here at all
here I can see looking outside there’s so much smoke nothing’s in here does
this is sick I want to see my kin like look through the flaps the smoke grenade
is still going off look at it out there it is queueing up smoking
that’s a ventilation system it’s so good it looks like it’s going the other way
let’s not go in the other direction none of its even getting it here I’m going to
open up the bunkers front tail I want to see what it looks like outside check
that out dude there’s so much blue smoke crazy but none of it got in here I
didn’t even smell smoke in here that wraps up our epic box fort bunker and of
course guys like we said if you want us to try doing this make it bigger flush
this out make it even larger and turn it into a fallout shelter and do an entire
24-hour fallout themed video smash that like button down below let’s go for a
hundred thousand likes on this video and we’ll do it all so this will be the
first time we ever add on to a box for build which I think will be awesome it
means we can take a bill that’s already epic and make it even more epic and of
course as for all the stuff we try in this video make sure you don’t try it at
home throwing up smoke grenades some people
guys can definitely dangerous I know our box for bunker survived pretty awesomely
but don’t do it at home but thank you guys so much for watching this has been
Pappa Jake and I’ll see you guys next after another ah


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