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September 10, 2019

– [Reacher] Hey, guys,
it’s your host, Reacher. Most people would say size matters, it’s a never-ending debate. So, while everyone is bickering, let’s think about all the fun we can have on these 15 awesome mini
boats and water crafts. Number 15. Craigcat is considered a
pioneer in a field of small boat designs, so it’s only fitting we talk about the king of their fleet. This baby offers electric starting, a JBL sound system, fishing rod holders, and full width storage. On the safety side it has
automatic stability control, dynamics suspension, and
tilt safety switches. Of course that motor is a Evinrude. All this and a haul
measuring 11 and a half by five and a half feet, that
weighs in at only 550 pounds. (light music) Number 14, powered by a
Suzuki four cylinder 1400 cc gasoline engine, this
little badass of a boat can attain speeds of up
to 50 miles per hour. At 11 and a half feet long and
four and a third feet wide, it seats two people
comfortably while still having storage in both the front and the back. It weighs in at 661
pounds and can still hold an additional 529 pounds of cargo. Even at full weight, it can
run at almost four hours before needing to refuel
the 13 gallon tank. So yeah, that’s a lot of room for a lot of ice cold beverages. Number 13, creator Paul
Elkins came from a family of designers, so it’s
no surprise we have this do it yourself entry on the list. This electric boat, nicknamed sparky, is mostly made from coroplast sheeting, pine boards, and an aluminum backing. Elkins threw in a battery, trolling motor, and a whole lot of marine
silicone to finish it up. He was going for something lightweight, made with readily available materials. So the end result isn’t the
prettiest or the sleekest by any means. But, for those of you who are interested, he does offer a do it
yourself tutorial video on his website. Number 12, inspiration
can come from anywhere and strike at any time,
this one is no exception. After the owner watched
a TV show about auctions, this idea was brought to life. It started with a 1988
Addictor 333 Bambino. After tearing it completely apart, he remodeled and reshaped
the whole, the gun whales, the battery tray, and
the fuel tank storage. Then he replaced the outboard motor with a 110 horsepower,
787 cc rotax jet drive from a Cedu XP. A new custom interior and
graphics topped off what looks to be one of the cooler do it yourself projects on the list. Number 11, this one started
as an Indi Go Go campaign, but unfortunately, it never
got beyond the concept stage. It’s 100% electrically
driven and has a four hour run time before needing a recharge. It has six speeds, including reverse. In addition there are fishing rod holders, a smart phone holder and a stereo. It’s unsinkable due to it’s
four water tight compartments and the propellors enclosed
for safety as well. And although it’s designed for kids, it is adult friendly, so
inner childhood, here I come. (light music) Number 10, Jay Nelson, a
California artist and avid surfer likes to create what has been
termed wanderlust vehicles. His Inverness Boat came to be
because of an article he read about a couple of guys customizing boats and turning them into surf vehicles. He created his own
version of a surf vehicle, but it turned out to be
more of a camper boat. Details are hard to find on this one, but it looks to be a one person craft that can fit in the back
of a standard truck. I’d email Jay for more, but he’s probably out riding the waves. (light music) Number nine, sometimes a
simple idea is all you need. Bill Tosh created this one
from a basic V bottom pram. He built a cabin on to it, and
then added some floorboards, and the Tosher 10 was born. Not much else needed
to be done after that, other than some painting
and coating the bottom with epoxy and fiberglass. The cabin is not meant to sleep in, but to be used as a dry
place to keep your gear. The boat is 10 feet long,
165 pounds at dry weight, and can handle a maximum
weight of 650 pounds. So if you’re up for a
weekend of beach cruising, and need something easy to
handle, then here’s your answer. (light music) Number eight, Berkeley
Eastman designed his first set of mini tugboat plans in 1986. He based it off of a radio
controlled scale model, and named it the Candew EZ. Even though it topped out
and linked at a little over 14 feet, it’s actually the
biggest of his mini tug design. He partnered up with fellow
designer, David Crock, and they created three
other mini tug boats ranging in length from
nine to 11 feet long. Although he passed away in 2006, his passion lives on through his company, Berkeley Engineering,
which still sells plans for all of his creations. (light music) Number seven, this Italian made mini yacht is the biggest on this
list at 25 feet in length. It’s optional designs allow
for multiple configurations for personal or business uses. It has a 370 horsepower
water propelled engine that provides a fully loaded top speed of almost 29 miles per hour. The semi enclosed cabin
allows a seating arrangement for up to 12 passengers
and even a mini kitchen. An included Bose audio system, and a back deck for sunbathing are all that’s needed to
make this one a second home on the water. (light music) Number six, this sleek two
seater is just big enough and just fast enough to
make you feel like you’re in one of the bigger boats
zipping across the lake. It comes in at a little over 10 feet long, and five feet wide. Two different engine
sizes allow for speeds up to 25 miles per hour. It’s dry weight is 281 pounds, so it can easily be moved
and lifted by two people. It even has a five year
warranty that will come in very handy if you guys
drive them like I do. But don’t let its size fool you, the grab handles are there for a reason. Number five, as you can
tell from our videos, we are big fans of the
do it yourself projects. The Jetstream company
created their mini boat for the do it yourselfer
who doesn’t want a project that requires a lot of machinery to build. The finished product is
roughly 10 feet by five feet. And because it’s high grade
impact resistant aluminum it only weighs in at 295 pounds. So whether you want to
fish on some calm waters, or play in the rapids, this
one can handle the challenge. (light music) Number four, Pond King
stuck to keeping it simple on their base model pontoon. The all aluminum one seater
has two six and a half foot pontoons supporting a 10 square foot deck. The width is adjustable
for transport purposes while the attached wheels
allow you to roll it for easy loading and unloading. There are a few upgrades available, but nothing else is needed
as the standard features include a trolling motor
mount, battery box, cushioned seat and an 18 inch railing. The light weight and compact
size make this a great little Pawn jumper for the
guy or gal that doesn’t want to share their secret fishing spots. (light music) Number three, this nifty
little racer comes from a 1939 Rudder Magazine
article expanding on the uses of a newly processed
material called plywood. The cocktail class wooden
boat racing association has licensed the design nicknamed SCUA for fun, safe, and inexpensive racing. Suitable for first time builders, the slot together stitch and glue scheme can be assembled in an hour or two. After that, it’s ready
for epoxy, fiberglass, and paint. Top it off with either of
the allowed six or eight horsepower engines and your ready to race. This one makes me a bit
nostalgic as it reminds me of the good ole days when
being a kid was all about fun. (light music) Number two, I’m gonna whine a bit and say that it’s completely unfair
that they didn’t have cool stuff like this when I was a kid. This eight foot miniature
version of a competition boat is made fully from plywood
and requires no building form. The approximate whole weight
tops out at only 65 pounds. The design is great for a
low cost beginner’s project because material waste has
been kept to a minimum. Although the recommendations
call for a maximum 20 horsepower motor on smooth water, the excitement and thrill
for any kid is unlimited. (light music) Number one, these little
boats had a limited production run from 1987 to 1991 before
the manufacturer went out of business. This two seater used
both Suzuki and Yamaha three cylinder engines that
were either 70 or 90 horsepower depending on the year they were made. The fiberglass trihold design
was ten and a half feet long by four feet wide, and
weighed in at 450 pounds. It’s said that these boats
could do 35 miles per hour, get up on plane immediately,
and turn on a dime. All things consider, it isn’t a kids toy, but we’re all kids at heart,
so who’s keeping tabs anyway? (light music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the
bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (light music)


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