2016 Princecraft Jazz 180

September 10, 2019

Brand new for 2016 Princecraft is introducing
this- the Jazz 180. It’s a back to basics entry-level pontoon
that has all of the quality of Princecraft construction but the entry-level price is
something you’d be comfortable letting your kids out on. Princecraft has been making boats in Quebec
for more tha 60 years and for many of those years they’ve been making pontoons of various
sizes and luxury. The Jazz benefits from Princecraft’s tradition
and experience. There’s no bumping, thumping, banging and
rattling you sometimes get on an entry-level pontoon, and that’s thanks to Princecraft’s
quality. They’ve been making pontoons for a while and
even though this is entry-level pricing and entry-level performance, it’s top end quality. All Princecraft pontoons are made with 5052-H36
aluminum alloy which is up to 25% harder than other pontoon alloys. The 2.5 inch, heavy-duty Z-bar cross channels
and the 3/4 inch pressure treated wood deck give this pontoon rigidity and the V-shaped
aluminum engine pod helps reduce water resistance so your little boat will run through the lake
very smoothly. This is not like Princecraft’s Vogue line
with tricked out interiors and incredible technological options- but that’s OK, that’s
not why you get something like the Jazz 180. You get it because it’s fun, but also practical. It has basic but attractive dual benches at
the bow, the two-toned material is highlighted with the Regal edition which includes a strip
of red adding a nice little pop. Between the benches is another option, the
removable table. The helm is basic but touches like the footwell
cutout give comforts of a much larger boat so you’re not cramped behind the adjustable
wheel. Along with lighted switches, we tested with
the concert package which includes Jenson MS30 BT radio with auxiliary input. For those of us who love being out on the
water but need some shade- the optional camper top is a wonderful addition that can stay
up even when cruising around. Handling is what you’d expect from a small
two-log pontoon, corners are intensely tight and you don’t bank into them. Again, you’re not buying something like this
to be dazzled by performance. A respectable 22 mph – but it still stacks
up pretty well. With a maximum capacity of 6 people you can
put along the shore and you could definitely do some fishing off this, or you could cruise
to a waterfront restaurant with the family. The Jazz 180 has all the makings of a very
popular and functional small family pontoon that will surely be a big hit in Princecraft’s

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