2017 IFA Boaters Championship
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2017 IFA Boaters Championship

August 23, 2019

(perky music) – [Narrator] Welcome
to southern Louisiana. It’s championship week
with the IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela’s. – This week we’re at
our championship, 2017. We’re here in Venice, Louisiana. Venice Marina. We’re giving away two
brand new Ranger boats as our top two
prizes this weekend. And we’re paying 100%
out through the field. – [Narrator] Just days after
Hurricane Nate hit the coast, 111 of the best redfish teams
in the country have launched. There’s better than
$100,000 up for grabs. And the action starts now. The Inshore Fishing
Association and Cabela’s present the oldest, largest,
and most prestigious redfish tournament
series in the nation. The IFA Redfish Tour
presented by Cabela’s. Welcome to the
world-famous Venice Marina in Venice, Louisiana. This is the launching
point for some of the best inshore and offshore sport
fishing in the country. – You know, Venice,
Louisiana is famous. They’re world-famous
for their fishing. They’ve got not only
inshore opportunities that are fantastic, but they’ve got offshore
opportunities as real close to deep water so you
can get on a boat here and catch just about
anything in salt water. – This fishing is phenomenal. You take anything we have at
home and times if by 1,000 and then you really haven’t
even scratched a dent in it. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. – Yeah, so this is a
great place to fish. There’s no other place like it. Site casting is great. Weather’s been good
except for the storm. And so now we’re looking for and so now we’re looking
for four good fish. – [Narrator] As mentioned,
we’ve got 111 teams qualified to fish this event. Teams will fish for two days, weighing their two
heaviest red fish within the 16-27″
Louisiana slot limit. In addition to the
cash and votes, the IFA Redfish Tour Team
of the Year is up for grabs. Last year Paul DeFrene and
Nick Savoii locked it up and now there’s a whole host
of teams looking to claim it this weekend. – There’s a lot
on the line of us. We’ve been in the running, we’ve had two good
finishes this year, a fourth and a fifth place
for the Louisiana division. So if we can put
two and two together hopefully we come out
with Team of the Year. That’s our goal. – You know, I’d just like to
say thank you to Cabela’s. They do a great job for us. They’ve always been involved
with tournament fishing and they put up $5,000
for the Team of the Year for this event. So the people that
have the most points throughout our
divisions come together. They fish head-to-head
for that Team of the Year and it’s a really prestigious,
heavily contested honor. – [Narrator] With
teams on the water, and launch closing in, we’ll catch up with Fred
Meyers and Sean O’Connell. – Let’s rock and roll. – Come on, baby,
let’s get this on. Come on. Always a few butterflies. I mean doesn’t matter
how many you fish you always gotta kinda
worry about a few things. But I think we’re
pretty well prepared. – If you’re not nervous
it’s time to quit. But I think we got a
little bit of fish. We’re going to struggle with a little bit of
people around us, I think. But we got some fish, we’ll weed through them. Probably have some bigger
fish to weed through and just waiting on
the sun to come up and hopefully they’ll
be floating around. – [Interviewer]
What’s the game plan? What do you want to
come in with today to stay in the hunt? – Well we’d like to
come in with 19 pounds. But I don’t think
that’s gonna happen. We’d be happy with anything
over about 16 on the first day. – Yeah. – 16 and a half is a
really goal for both days but anything better
than that’s a bonus so, especially on the first day. – [Narrator] We’ll catch up
with Fred and Sean in a bit. The tournament director has started releasing the
first flight of anglers from Venice Marina. Getting right into
tournament coverage, we’ll start things
off with Ray Reiser and David Villemarette – We’re taking
about a 15 mile run. Kinda stay out of the wind. Get behind some canes on
the west side of the river. Well we had last
week was very good but the storm came in and pushed about three or
four feet of water in here. So it spread the fish out and they still haven’t
fallen back into a pattern that you can pick up. So we’re gonna be
doing a lot of running, it looks like today, guessing at them. There’s plenty of fish. You can catch three and four
pounders till your hands break. Your shoulders will be
sore just about every cast but the tournament-size
fish that we’re looking for, they’re scattered. – Kinda slick along here. And you should be able
to see them cruising. – [Fisherman] Get the net. – Here you go, cameraman. – [Cameraman] Three pounder? Four pounder? – [Fisherman] Ah,
little three pounder. Not the size we’re
looking for but a redfish. – [Cameraman] First
fish of the day, huh? – First fish. All three pounds. – [Fisherman]
That’s what it was? – [Narrator] Well, it’s not big but Ray and David
are on the board. Coming up, we’ll continue with day one
coverage from Venice, Louisiana of the 2017 IFA Redfish
Tour Championship presented by Cabela’s. (perky music) The IFA Redfish Tour is
presented to you by Cabela’s. It’s in your nature. By Ranger Boats, still
building legends one at a time. And by Ram Trucks,
guts, glory, Ram. – Well, here we are
in Venice, Louisiana. Someplace. This is one of our good spots. Fred came and
checked it this week and saw a lot of
fish floating around. Basically just kinda
getting the live well ready. Got the tower set up. Troll motor’s in. I’m gonna start
working this bank. There’s some nice
grass flats right here. Get up against those canes. And really kinda wait. A lot of these fish are
kinda tidal dependent, and we’re kinda hoping that
we caught the tide right. That the tide’s moving, these fish get real active. They like to feed on
those outgoing tides. And when you start
panning around you’re gonna see
bait everywhere. And we’re just hoping we
get the right fat ones, man. I tell you what, when they’re good, they’re good. So we’re gonna hope
we find them, so. – All right, get out
that silver cricket. I’m just kidding. We don’t have a single
cloud in the sky. That sun’s coming up quick. It’s gonna be ripe. I mean I got a place
in the river we passed. If it doesn’t pan out
we’ll be able to catch fish one right after another. And that’s the thing. We’re looking for two fish, 8 1/2 pounds or so. Preferably. Or better. So we’ll see. But I think we’re gonna
get up here and catch two and go eat cheeseburgers. – [Fisherman] That’s the plan. I like cheeseburgers. There’s two of them. Oh, you got the wrong one. There’s one right here. Oh, my gosh. – [Fisherman]
(Mumble) right there. I still got this one right here. – [Fred] You sure that
one’s over (mumble)? – [Sean] Oh, come on. (Mumble). – [Fred] Is it good? – [Sean] I think so. – [Fred] You need
to help you or what? – [Sean] He’s over I think, too. – [Fred] No, he’s not over. – [Sean] All right,
go down there. I got him right here. Watch your rod. I’m right here. Be right. – [Fred] Dude, that’s
a frickin’ bull. – [Sean] That’s a toad. – [Fred] Ugh. The pain. 27 3/4. – [Sean] Nine? – [Fred] 9 1/4. I mean 9 3/4. – [Sean] He’s fat. – [Narrator] With the
Louisiana slot limit of 16-27″, this fish is just over, but at better than nine pounds this is the type of
average expected to win. – (Mumble). – [Sean] What? – (Mumble). Oh yeah. 3/4. But we’re gonna get him. I mean, there’s some fish. They’re right here. – [Sean] We just came up on a- – [Fred] There’s two,
three with that one. – [Sean] Yeah. Coming up on it was kinda tough. You gotta try to make the right
decision on the right one. – [Narrator] Moving on, we’ll check back with Ray
Reiser and David Villemarette. – [Ray] We’re just
trying to get set up and make a pattern
down this bank here and just pop corks
all the way around it. – [David] Oh yeah. – [Ray] You got a fish? – [David] Yep. – [Ray] That’s a little one. I think he’s three ounces
bigger than that other one. – [David] Hey, three
ounces might win. (laughter) – [Ray] We’ll just let him
stink it up for a little while. – [Narrator] It’s a small limit but it’s a limit just the same. Coming up we’ll continue
day one coverage from Venice, Lousiana and
the 2017 IFA Redfish Tour presented by Cabela’s. The IFA Redfish Tour
presented by Cabela’s is also brought to you in part by Power-Pole Shallow
Water Anchor System. Mercury Marine. Go boldly. And by Lucas Oil. It works. Welcome back to
southern Louisiana. This is day one of the
2017 IFA Redfish Tour. We launched this morning
from Venice Marina. Hurricane Nate moved through
here less than a week ago, and the water levels
are still fluctuating, forcing the anglers to
learn to adapt daily. – I been fishing here
just about all my life. It’s changed a whole bunch
with the land erosion. It’s not the marsh here and the estuary that
used to be here, but it’s still Venice, and when Venice is
good it’s the best. – [David] Which way you going? – [Ray] I don’t know yet, and he just took off. Come on over to that right side. Shoot I thought the little
one jumped up in front of him. That’s a good one there. Come on. A little bit more. All right. I’m gonna bring it to you. Here he comes. Yeah, buddy. Ohh, right on the seven
pound mark, looks like. Look at him. (crosstalk) He’s probably about right. 26 1/2. – [David] You’re right. – That gonna be enough (mumble). Just gotta figure out which
one to get out of there. What we gotta get the
five pounder out of here. – [Ray] Yeah. – [David] Well that’s great. I feel a lot better now. 13 1/2 is pretty good. – [Ray] We’re gonna
pick up some more. – [Narrator] Slowly but
surely Ray and David are starting to build
towards a competitive weight. We’ll check back
with them shortly, but for now we’ll catch up with Sean O’Connell
and Fred Meyers. They’ve got a spot that’s
been holding big fish but the fluctuating tides
have created some challenges. – [Fisherman] Yeah,
we started seeing a few other fish here recently. Tide’s moving, getting lower. Starting to see just
more fish in general. We just saw a big old bull red
push up out here eating bait. – [Fisherman] What time is it? – [Fisherman] Ten after ten. There’s a fish over there. – [Fisherman] Yeah. That’s a good one. Nice. That’s gotta be
a good one there. (Mumble) a second. – [Ray] Go ahead on that one. – [Sean] Yeah. – [Ray] Oh, he’s
a good one, Sean. – [Sean] I know he is. I saw him- – [Ray] He’s right here. Nice fish, Fred. Nice fish. He’s short and fat. – [Fred] Put the
net out of the way. Am I off? – [Sean] Not yet. You’re off. Here shorty. – [Fred] He ain’t
too big, is he? – [Sean] Definitely not too big. About 6 1/2. – [Fred] What? – [Sean] 6 1/2. I thought he was
bigger than that, too. Pretty. Ah, well, they’re
starting to eat. They’re showing up. I feel good about it. We had another good long drift. We’ve got multiple
areas we can still drift so we’re gonna get
the right ones. Good stick, Fred. – We’re catching them just over and what I would say too small. You’re bound to catch a
fish that’s just right. We just kinda figured
out where they are in this big pond we’re in. – Seen a couple. – As water starts falling they’re gonna get in this
trough right here more and more. New fish will move in so. I don’t know. We’ll wait and see. But I think we’ll see some good
fish here in just a minute. – It’s the right place
to grow them big, I can tell you that. Lots of crabs and bait in here. If we find the right one I think there’s gonna
be a good one for sure. – [Narrator] Back on
Reiser and Villemorette as they predicted. They’re covered up in short fish but the eight and nine
pounders have been elusive. – [Fisherman] (Mumble) fish. Ahhh, watch out. – [Fisherman] About
a five pounder maybe. – [Fisherman] That upgrades us. – [Fisherman] Yes sir. – We’re getting there. We’re trying to get
a pattern going. – [Cameraman] How much time
left in the day (mumble)? – Oh, we got three
hours of fishing left. It’s 11:25. We gotta leave here about 2:30. We’re gonna hit this. We’re gonna work here. We’re gonna work to
outside some (mumble) towards the Gulf. Maybe get a little bit closer to the outer edge
of the (mumble) the
fish will be bigger. Drawing out with the tide and falling back out
of the ponds and stuff. And that’s what
we’re gonna bank on. Fish pulling out of the ponds and getting into the bigger
body of water on the edge. – [Cameraman] They’re
liking that (mumble). – They’re liking this (mumble). – [Cameraman] Don’t (mumble). – [Narrator] Ray and
David have plenty of time. We’ll catch up with
them at weigh-in. Coming up we’ll wrap
up the water coverage and then head back to Venice
Marina to weigh some fish. We’d love to see you on
the water with on in 2018. For tournament schedules
and information look us up at IFAtours.com. (perky music) the IFA Redfish Tour
presented by Cabela’s is also brought to you in part
by Minn Kota trolling motors. Anywhere, anytime. By Hobie Fishing. By Hummingbird. Clear, wider, brighter, faster. And by Berkley Gulp. Welcome back to
southern Louisiana. In day one of the 2017 IFA
Redfish Tour Championship presented by Cabela’s. With just minutes
left on the day we’ll pick up
tournament coverage with Fred Meyers
and Sean O’Connell. – We just ran back right
over here where we started. We saw pretty good, bunch of good fish and hopefully they’ll be
a little bit off the bank. Tide’s falling and we had a
big flat out here to our left. We didn’t fish on
the first trip so we’re gonna try to see
if we can get on it again if the sun will stay out. I think it will. – [Ray] Half speed
for five minutes. Just see what we can do. We got five minutes. – [Fred] Is that a bull? – [Sean] Just a red. – [Fred] Whoa, get that one. It’s right there. – [Sean] I don’t even see him. (crosstalk) – [Fred] Pull us down, I’m in the cane. I’m in a bad place, Sean. You gotta drive the troll motor. Drive the troll motor. Get the net. He’s right here. – [Sean] I’m right here. – [Fred] Get ready. We’re gonna run him over. – [Sean] Toad, toad, toad, toad. – [Fred] See if he measures. What’s he weigh? – [Sean] Measure it easier. – [Fred] What’s he weigh? – [Sean] 7 3/4, almost eight. There’s a last minute
(mumble) to look for. – [Fred] It allows (mumble). Critical part about it. I mean, we’re last minute. We kinda got a little
plan for tomorrow. We’ll just (mumble)
fish tomorrow. – [Sean] Yep. – [Fred] But we gotta go. – [Sean] Yeah, we gotta go. – [Fred] We gotta really go. – [Narrator] With
that last minute catch Fred and Sean were able to call, shooting for 16
pounds on day one. They fell a little short, but they’ll still be in
the hunt for tomorrow. – It was a rough day. Once again, Fred put one on there, I mean literally with about
three minutes to spare. A good fish, I mean not just a stellar fish but I can tell you that we’re
definitely fishing tomorrow. I’m thinking we probably
have somewhere around 15 3/4. Maybe, if we’re lucky, a little bit heavier but somewhere around there. Stepping to the scales, Meyers and O’Connell wrapped
up day one with 15.45 in 20th place. Checking in on our
other featured team, Ray Reiser and David
Villemarette weighed two at 13.60. They’ll finish today in 49th. Moving on to the top
of the leader board, Paul Dufrene and Nicky
Savoii put two on the scales for 16.97. They’ll wrap up day
one in third place. – The sun was out most of the
day so it made a great day of a site fishing which is
our number one way of fishing. We definitely thought
we’d have to push it with the ways that been catching but today they kinda light, so I mean I think we sitting
in third place right now. So hope we get
back there tomorrow and be the same conditions and maybe duplicate
what we did today. – [Narrator] Chad
Dufrene and Barney White locked up second place
with two for 17.22. – We feel good about
what we did today. Tomorrow is gonna be
important for us to recap and redo what we did
today and repeat. I think if we can
repeat the same weight that we got right now
we’ll be sitting pretty. – [Narrator] And sitting just
ahead of Defrene and White Brett Ordes won the championship
last year with Travis Land. This year, he’s
fishing with Bo Favre, and he’s looking for
back-to-back wins. – You know we were
fortunate enough to win this event last year. And to be able to be right back in first place again I mean, we work very hard Bo and I both, we put a lot of time in this
week to get where we are and just to be
able to fish sound and get the job done together and do it two years in a row. We just gotta put it
together one more day and hopefully win
back-to-back tournaments. – [Narrator] Join us next week right here in Venice, Louisiana for day two of the 2017 IFA
Redfish Tour Championship presented by Cabela’s. A big thanks to our sponsors and to the folks
at Venice Marina. The 2018 schedule for the
IFA Redfish Tour is out. You can find it at IFAtours.com. We’ll see you on the water. The IFA Redfish Tour
presented by Cabela’s is a CareCo TV production. Thanks for watching.

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