2017 Pontoon Boats AVALON WINDSHIELD | Our new pontooning option
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2017 Pontoon Boats AVALON WINDSHIELD | Our new pontooning option

September 7, 2019

Innovation, performance and style. At Avalon, that is our mantra and our mission. We see the pontoon boat as an evolving work of art, a luxury watercraft that has rightfully become the must-have boat for a new generation of enthusiasts. And now we are proud to announce the addition of a sleekly-designed, stainless steel tinted glass windshield. Adding windshield protection and style was a natural extension of Avalon and Tahoe’s mission to lead the pontoon industry, because for 30 years we have been at the forefront of the evolution of the pontoon from box-like floating docks to all-purpose water shredding machines. Crafted with luxury and performance unknown to similarly priced conventional V Hulls. With the introduction of our new windshield, the profile of our pontoon is sleeker, passenger comfort is easily sustained at high speeds, and the partition creates a true fore-and-aft that enhances and augments our efficient floor plans. If there is a downside to all this style, it’s that when you cruise your local waterway you had better plan on attracting a lot of attention. Experience Avalon
The Art of the Pontoon

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  • Reply Bill Peirce May 19, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Windshield should be a foot higher!!!!!

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