2018 Pontoon Boats INTEGRATED RGB LIGHTING | Avalon Luxury Pontooning
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2018 Pontoon Boats INTEGRATED RGB LIGHTING | Avalon Luxury Pontooning

September 3, 2019

So for 2018, we rebirth the Excalibur. Back in 2008, we introduced our Ambassador line, and that has performed great for many years and for this model year we really felt the need to bring the Excalibur back and bring a new level of high-end pontoon boats. With that introduction, RGB lighting is very very popular these days. So we decided to take it a step further with the RGB, we’ve integrated it with our Medallion systems, the main feature and differentiation on our product is we have zoned lighting, so you can control which lights you want, which colors you want, and you have a spectrum of 300 different colors that you can display to match the color of your choice of pontoon. So we’re really excited about this product, we think it’s got great growth potential, and we’re going to look to continue to expand the functionality that the zone lighting would provide us, so you have more control. Everything on a pontoon today is lit, so you know, you may want to have just your speaker lights on, or you might want to just have your bar lights on. And you can have it all on, so having that option of you want to light we see as bringing more value to the customers.

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