2018 Starcraft EX 22 Cruise and Fish
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2018 Starcraft EX 22 Cruise and Fish

August 14, 2019

Hey, hi Mark Romanek I hope you got a few minutes to spare because we’re going to take this StarCraft EX-22 cruise and fish out and put it through its paces. This is a boat. You can tell by the name It’s both good for fishing and for boating The StarCraft EX 22 cruise and fish is 23 foot 10 inches down the center line has a beam of 102 inches and a maximum horsepower of 150 horses Let’s start a discussion right here at the captain’s helm, and it’s a very very comfortable helm I might add I’m sitting in a beautiful comfy captain’s chair here. It swivels of course It’s also adjust so it slides in and out so it gives you more room for driving also one of the things I noticed immediately tilt steering wheel what a nice feature tilt steering wheel is a great thing to have on this boat and When I tilt the steering wheel down I can see all the gauges Exactly the way, I would want when I’m driving and all the toggle switches are down here easy access as well that control box Right word should be right there comfortable and right there handy and underneath this console. There’s some other important features There’s a door you open up in it’s all open storage under there So it’s gonna be a great place to store big bulky items like maybe your mooring cover for example on the top There’s also three drink cup holders There’s a am/fm radio here and also an mp3 port as well on top of all that there’s a 12-volt accessory switch So if you want to charge your cell phone in your tablet you can do all that right here at the captain’s helm You know one of the nice things about pontoon boats is they’re big platforms And they afford you a lot of room for storing things for example. We got these beautiful luxury seats here They’ll accommodate up to 12 adults also underneath me where I’m sitting there’s a lot of storage So you can store all of your fishing gear and all your recreation toys that you’re looking for when you’re out boating Opposite the captain’s helm. Is this nice little recreational area. I’ll call it a lounging area. It’s very comfortable here, at course We’ve got a table here a great place to have some snacks or maybe some cold drinks this would be a great place to hang Out for an evening cruise or maybe just to take a break when you’re tired of fishing! You know one of the other really cool features is this portable changing station? This is going to be a perfect place for you to change from your fishing clothes You know maybe your bathing trunks and back again nice thing about this, too Is it all folds up and it’s tows out of sight and out of mind very nice feature in this boat the EX 22 cruise and fish has got a lot of great cruising features We’ve talked about that already and we’ll have some very unique fishing features as well I’m sitting back here and a couple of captains chairs that swivel very nice platforms here for fishing But what really catches my eye is this big flat area here. This is alive Well the Live Well lid has actually got a tape measure right on it so when you need to check your length of your catch Perfect for doing that you’ve got vertical rod storage here for up to four rods You’ve got tool holders here as well and then back here You’ve got flush mount rod holders also for trolling and of course drink cup holders This is a very well-thought-out piece of equipment right here, and it makes the whole boat into a fishing boat You know we talked about the vertical rod storage, and that’s a great place to store your rods while you’re actually fishing But between fishing trips, I got this lockable rod storage over here And it’s really nice because well allows you to do is store up to four rods under lock and key Get some out of sight and out of mind So at the end of the fishing day gives you a secure place to store your rods last But certainly not least we can’t forget this beautiful canopy open this up on a hot summer day Give yourself a lot of shade when you’re fishing or when you’re just out for a good time if you’d like to learn more about the EX22 cruise and fish I recommend going to Starcraftmarine.com or better yet, go to your local dealer and check one out in person

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