24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES πŸ“¦πŸ˜± Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!
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24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES πŸ“¦πŸ˜± Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!

August 13, 2019

previously on Papaji look I think it’s
time we’ve missed her the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure him and that
means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse if we give this to the zombie
and it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now
but what if they’re what they’re bulletproof but what if they don’t stop
when you shoot them or worse what if this were contagious it could make this
worse or it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it to
them and keep surviving you guys have to decide this video was sponsored by pub G
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completely free to play I highly recommend you check it out now ok been
up all night working on the serum I think I was finally able to distill it
we need to use it Logan we were able to pull the viewers and they all think we
have to try it we have to see if this can actually work is the cure this is
what I came up with this here it’s a last stop stopping the zombie apocalypse
if I inject this into the zombie that we have trapped outside and it works we can
put it into this whole thing but there is still a chance that it’s a trap if
wrongly used this zombie could transform into something we’ve never seen before
but I said we’d gear up and go out there and try it it’s our last shot ok I agree
now listen I’ve gathered all of our animal supplies in case something goes
wrong I’ve got food water and the rough amount in these packs
most of it we’re gonna have to leave here if something does go wrong my hope
is nothing happens we give it to the zombie and we cure everything but if
something does happen you have to meet me outside I mean me in the backyard and
don’t look back let’s head out let’s play a little friend another visit all
right here he is I’ve got the zombie virus see I’m here looking this is our
only shot at this we only have one how do we know it’s gonna work we don’t
we’re gonna have to take the risk look the viewers voted and they want us
to take this risk if we have a chance of curing this we have to take that chance
even if it’s a slim one you ready okay let’s do this three two one no did I see
you live she got him like this can’t help he’s alive a dog maybe it didn’t
work maybe it just killed them how long would it take to work I don’t know what
I’ve never tried this before can’t solve its breathing or not look maybe there’s
something oh that didn’t work little get it didn’t
work my fear came true the serum acted as the counter serum and
made it stronger did you see yourself those bullets everything I hit it with
didn’t do anything chief what are we gonna do I don’t know I don’t know he’s
trapped in there behind that wall look if that virus starts spreading it gets
the other zombies look practically bulletproof there’s nowhere we can put
an end to them I can’t believe that happen we should have known better we
shouldn’t have done that Jake we had to try it’s all we had
Logan before we can easily soft these zombies with our blasters and a base
wall did you see that thing a group two times the size
now with that spreading I don’t know if we stand a chance what are we gonna do
nothing we can do now so I’m just gonna take over the barrens gonna win we can’t
stop it we shouldn’t have tried the serum Jake there must be something we
can do come on man think yeah looking there is something we can do all right
we can go for one last swim before we get eaten alive at least then zombies
can’t touch us in water wait zombies can’t touch us in water look at how you
think it went I’m picky floating box right if we could if we
could make a Sami base and put it in the middle of the pool if they won’t be able
to get to us I mean they’ll try to swim and you think a bunch up but I mean we
might be able to stop them when you have people that at least create some form of
a barrier it could buy us some time to figure out a new plan key but we gotta
do this quickly you’re right it looks like a storms picking up – look we don’t
belong survival gear have packed our bags with a little bit of ammunition and
food we have first things first though we need to build a floating base and get
inside then we can figure out our next steps it looks like after giving the
zombie serum to the zombie it only got stronger the zombie is 2 times as
powerful and our weapons aren’t doing anything to stop it
well we have a plan plan right now is to get a floating box for bass bill and
survive in there against it we have some supplies that I packing his bags and MRE
can’t a little bit of water and a little bit ammunition it’s not enough to
sustain us but if we can get in this floating base it should buy us some time
it’s exactly what we need are you ready to inflate it a little bit let’s try and
find some supplies around here there should be some extra cardboard if we
can’t build ourselves a makeshift base we should be able to set sail in the
middle of the water and survive alright guys so while Logan’s trying to find
some tape I’m gonna be in charge of fighting the cardboard I made a stash
back behind the house so I should be able to grab something but by the looks
of it storms and if it starts raining out here who gets any colder than this
it’s gonna be hard to survive we gotta get a shelter built and fast all right
let’s go find our cardboard let’s see we got zombie he’s able to move though it
doesn’t look like the new infections affected all the zombies so some of them
I’m still able to take down see if it works on this guy and there’s her
cardboard perfect alright no we got the tape cardboard let’s start building this
thing and fast sores picking up okay guys update for you we’ve been
working on this for a little while now and well it’s coming together we’ve got
the walls on still no roof zombies would be coming out of it everywhere but you
able to hold them off we’ve got to get in the water fast not only because of
the zombies but also it’s so windy it is so and we need to get this thing in the
water fast all right we’re gonna put on the roof open up the door and jump
inside and then we can start tallying up her supplies but right now a number-one
priority is getting this in the water alright the Box Ford is complete we have
artillery windows and Endor oh no we got another one I’m hearing a
horde coming this way – alright you start getting the stuff in there I’ll do
with the zombie here we go wait I got him
get in there grab over here and get inside we got to get in here and get in
here quick talking to your board zombies coming
grab the rest of your gear and let’s jump inside we’ll tally up our stuff
when we’re in there Jake we’re gonna need to do some reinforcements I’ll do
this thing’s falling apart especially with that storm coming if you start
getting too windy in here the whole thing could blow apart all right I’m
coming in Oh Jake this is not good okay I’ve got some tape all right let’s start
making repairs and get ourselves settled at least we’ll be safe from zombies for
now get some of the holes patched up here the winds really throwing us around
there’s definitely a storm coming we’ll do our best to reinforce the base and
then we can tally up the supplies we have but right now guys welcome to our
new home as you guys can see here we patched it
up to water can’t get inside the wind’s really been picking up though we’ve been
blowing all around you guys can check out our shooting holes here get a good
view but if you want to you can of course close them up a like so and we’re
perfectly safe roadside though we’ve got this nice body water that’s acting as a
moat so if zombies do try to come this way
they’ve got to swim through all of that water alright guys so base is looking
good we’ve gotten everything patched up well as best as we can
cuz of right now we’re gonna go for your supplies and see what we have to survive
in here everything we have has to count looks like some sunflower seeds a bit of
an MRE a bit of another MRE not bad an extra coat if it gets cold we
got some extra ammo nice we’re gonna need that we’re low on it in this book
so we’ll know if they were trying to sabotage us for that serum but it’s
worth keeping maybe noting our experienced Sun and we
have this food guided lets you know plants are edible I could come in handy
as well pretty low on food only to Emory’s we’re not gonna last long it’s
gonna be our number one priority is getting food and defending the space
against zombies alright let’s divide up the ammo and get ready to get here horde
coming we’re gonna have to defend this base if we’re gonna stay here here love
your blaster with ax much as you can and I’m loaded up and ready to go all
right same here we’ve got a little bit of ammo left over as well it should be
good to see anything out there still on water Sam okay I like the sound of this
record got really quiet wait what’s that no can’t be trader Joe no there’s no way
hey stranger Joe and a rap hi-yah why I didn’t expect to see you out here how
did you even get out here chain to Joe’s always here to make a sale you got the
likes I got the winds yeah no we actually we did get the lakes Logan how
many likes do we get I think we got eighty five thousand likes can we get
that mini group now Oh perfect nice to meet you I’m Jake that’s awesome
well let’s do you have for us to buy tell he’s just with 35,000 likes perfect
for spying on your enemies I find in the surroundings UAV reconnaissance drone
definitely use that yeah okay look we’ll grab that you a beer across this drone sweets will definitely need this wait
what’s that in the back your dinghy if you have like 50,000 50,000 likes
again here we can do it we can do it think so all right guys look that thing
is something we definitely need I mean what if we build an underwater zombie
base we’re gonna need something like that to Joe okay I think he’s trying to
help us fight the zombies no but buddy buddy you can’t you can’t pick up that
gun alright that’s that’s too heavy for you what you wanna you want a hug
what’s a hug okay Jake routine was really cute and all but do you really
think he was worth all those likes what’s he gonna do for us I mean I’m
sure you can help us there’s lots you can do right buddy yeah see Logan we got
zombies ain’t coming all right buddy you go hide in the knapsack there’s lots of
them pretty let’s do this we got one booty now watch yeah keep
you remember them as well any more ammo wait I got one right here pass you’re
gonna call him Harry passin a mo Paul man there’s more than we thought one of
the left side of hill got him fully a few more laps I’m coming down the stairs nice shot all the hatches you think
they’ll stop hope so just be really quiet
oh we go in here oh I was too close we’re almost out of ammo oh I think that
was the last one yes this place is falling apart
looks like Suns coming down to keep quiet though we need the rations we have
about going outside shouldn’t have any more trouble tonight we’re gonna need a
plan we’re gonna be a plan fast Suns going down we’re gonna have to survive
here for the night but we can’t stay in this water forever we’re gonna be food
we’re gonna be more ammunition and most importantly a way to stop the zombie
virus I’m gonna try and figure out a way to get the UAV online if I can get it
online and they may be able to look around to see if there’s somewhere else
we can move to maybe a military base a compound anything that we could fortify
to survive this thing oh I’m sorry buddy I forgot about you what’s that okay you
want some pizza Jake we don’t have pizza great look we
don’t have pizza right now okay we can’t get you pizza all right for now group
just just stay here okay all right look I know what you’re
thinking who can’t help us out right now but maybe maybe we could train him maybe
he can become a huge asset to this team but as of now I think we need to start
reinforcing this place get out our food and most importantly get the UAV drone
online we’re gonna have to survive here the night
and who knows what’s coming for us no no you’re not blogging Groot brew this
isn’t your walk Groot Groot no no no no no no these are a little bit serious
right now but yeah if you hit the like button leave your
comment down below and yes put a hashtag I’m Groot look not right now okay we’ll
see you guys next time


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