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August 31, 2019

So Lizzy Sharer are you ready to do the 24 hour box fort challenge
tonight? we’re challenged you don’t know huh you didn’t tell her no we don’t
you’re doing the Haunted box fort challenge again it’s gonna be even more
scary this time yeah yeah because not only be doing at 3:00 a.m. in the
morning it’s super dark and late at night we’re gonna spend the whole night
in it 24 hours in the box fort ya honey box fort is huge
oh it’s floating on its own inside I think we come all the way down here next
to the creek in the woods oh there’s already like a weird fog in the air what
is that what is this this is crazy ah did you turn a light on inside the
box fort it well it looks even creepier now are there’s fog are you not going in
oh my gosh Carter no what is going on sheriff’s welcome to the vlog welcome to
another awesome ahh Sun setting day we are getting ready to do a crazy crazy
24-hour box fort challenge shares we’re going to put our haunted box fort it in
to those woods right there we’re gonna go into those woods and put our box fort
in there and we’re gonna spend the night in the woods shares this is gonna get
absolutely crazy I’m like starting to freak out already okay let’s go see
recording lizard cuz they’re gonna do this haunted box fort a challenge with
that oh there’s Carter on the dirt bike oh yeah Carter got some air oh by the
way shares if you haven’t seen last vlog check it out
we totally pain and live this Jeep it used to be white now it’s this epic blue
color and it goes along so well with our green Jeep too so we now have a blue and
a green Jeep check that out it’s so cool oh here comes Carter again okay oh cars
did a wheelie end to jump at the same time that was awesome what is up shares welcome to the vlog I
was out here riding a little dirt bike and a thing it’s fast Carter are you
ready for what we’re gonna do tonight the challenge that we’re gonna do oh you
mean that’s spooky 24-hour challenge yeah barks for a
challenge Carter I’m gonna be so scared yeah this time we’re stepping up a notch
not only are we gonna do that 3m but we’re giving you 24 hours overnight in
the box fort throw it outside in the woods it’s gonna be absolutely crazy the Sun
is starting to set once that Sun Goes Down we’ll be in the woods back their
shares we’ll be bringing our boxfort out and we gotta spend the night Carter
let’s do it that’s gonna be crazy hey where’s Liz I think she’s inside
let’s go find her liz is probably bacon she’s always baking Carter’s always
snacking list is always bacon we got to go find her definitely bacon Oh Liz
where are you hey I knew you were cooking up something it’s like a
starburst candy smoothie oh yeah it could be a starburst smoothie like we
did last time it’s strawberry mango and orange juice
it’s like starburst candy and soda mixed together or what okay let’s try ready well it’s really good it’s a good fruit
smoothie yeah good so Lizzy ready do the challenge tonight what challenge you
don’t know you didn’t tell her no the challenge you’re doing the Haunted
Box fort challenge again this is gonna be even more scary this time more scary pal
yeah because not only we do get 3 a.m. in the morning it’s super dark and late
at night we’re gonna spend the whole night in it 24 hours in the box fort it
oh yeah all that ilk and we’re doing it outside of the woods oh my god we’re
gonna put it in the woods the woods back there we’re gonna be in those woods yeah
they’re haunted too right you didn’t hear that huh shares maybe we
didn’t tell you but there’s legends at these woods are haunted yes sure it’s
the woods are so haunted there’s actually a tombstone back there well it
used to be houses in this neighborhood used to be farmland and the farmer was
buried back those woods right there and if you look for it at night you can find
his tombstone let’s go find this thing oh sure let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s
go Steven gey find the farmers great honor come on you love the woods let’s
go oh we’re going in the woods we just got to get out of here before it gets
dark sniff it out see if you can smell it
I think he’s got to go down this way through the wood is there a trail
anymore I heard something I heard something there’s like broken glass
bottles there whoa that’s crazy what else is back here oh boy this is a steep
drop right here I don’t you can tell but I gotta jump down
well okay I made it down let’s see if you guys come on daughter Wow deep that
is but linseed yeah careful this is a really steep hill so careful down this
one if I remember correctly I think it’s over this way somewhere so let’s keep
looking at it we can go find it oh we can cross up here I think there’s a
crossing paths up this way whoo what’s that light what is that those things a
building back here scary what do you think that is what is that light I think
that’s weird let’s go check it out I think otter knows where to go let’s
follow him get across the river oh he’s getting all wet otter you’re getting wet
we’re going this way come on okay and otter made it but he’s always okay let’s
just find this grave and let’s get out of here it should be around here
somewhere oh there it is what is that this is the
tomb of the farmer I’m telling you oh my gosh
woah look someone broke into it it used to be closed but look at crack down the
top right here he used to be inside right where the leaves are maybe he went
woke up and opened it himself you think he climbed out I think so wait
Carta is actually writing on it look what is that right there
there’s writing no no lower lower lower look sheriff there’s actually writing
right here there’s writing do you see that I don’t
know it’s so old I came and read it I don’t know what this is McCarty you’re
sitting right in the grave there’s card let’s get out of here it’s cold it’s
getting dark let’s get here otter come on let’s go come on come on let’s get
out here come on let’s go let’s get out of here yes you’re getting scary Wow
let’s go the top of the steep hill oh boy that’s a steep hill come on the
quicker we get out of here the better go come on come on come on we made it
we’re out of lives now – boo this is great back there for our challenge yeah
I told you those woods are haunted Liz are you seriously gonna bring the
haunted box fort out now yeah oh my gosh this is gonna be so scary shares but
it’s getting dark out – it’s really dark out and we’re gonna go outside with the
hunter box fort it okay that’s so scary let’s go this is crazy
oh it’s so big oh haunted boxfort is huge inside oh that’s a good way to carry to
make me come all the way down here next to the creek in the woods oh there’s
already like a weird fog in the air what is that whoa what is this this is crazy
I must be coming off the creek or something
no let’s put it all the way by the edge of the woods right by the creek and stop
the water right there put it down from the grass do you see that
that’s crazy fog is coming out of the grass whoa did you turn a light on
inside the box fort it well it looks even creepier now there’s
fog car you’re not going in oh my gosh Carter no shares look how crazy this
looks Liz there’s fog everywhere where is this fog coming frog cart are you in
there I’m inside I’m not gonna know goes what are you gonna stay in there all
night good luck I can’t even see you anymore
sharer’s this box fort borders so hot so right now there’s fog in the air and Carter
still named Carter you got to get out of there that’s getting scary I don’t know
I feel pretty good in here it’s more scary out there than inside here okay
you know what then I’m gonna come in too please good luck out there by yourself
okay Carter I’m coming in what Carter this is kind of scary in here yes look
how scary it is out there whoa oh my gosh there’s so much fog I think it’s
getting in the Box fort were a little bit it’s crazy
oh I can feel it like just burned out Steve how many like somehow employed it
or something I eventually do burn out oh my gosh Paris is definitely pretty scary
near car can’t even see you where are you oh there we go I came prepared to
see if a guy glow stick oh just in case that light was gonna go out I got some
glow sticks for backup lighting this is perfect hey it makes it kind of like
cooler in here it’s like cool colors no more scary coat that looks good this one
works really good hey I can see everything I can even look out the
moonlight window there whoa that looks so cool yeah it looks pretty creepy
outside there yeah good thing we’re inside here Liz are you still out there it’s super dark and I keep hearing this
like weird like cracking noise what I don’t hear anything here yeah we’re
gonna get you a glow stick oh okay we’re all in the haunted box fort right now
because it’s super scary out the light turned off on us well we have our backup
glow stick for power yeah I guess we just gotta tough it out till morning or
do you not even here in here for a long time it’s gotta be pretty late yeah I
don’t know let me just do my see what time it is Liz what was it like out in
the woods by yourself it was so scary I couldn’t move
little because I was so scared I think for now we’ll be okay in here we have
the door closed we can look out the window we can even look out the
moonlight window and in case you see anything Oh Steve it’s really late check
it out it’s 248 really that means it’s almost
3:00 o’clock okay you remember what happened last time at 3:00 a.m. yeah
3:00 a.m. was super scary last time wasn’t even believe it was you got
scared last time huh I know was so scary I don’t want to stay in rental 3am yeah
but we gotta stay out here until morning okay I might I might leave but I don’t
know like will I make it back to the house in time if I leave now I don’t
know Steve it’s we only have a few minutes left
look it’s almost 3 o’clock and you don’t want to be outside at 3 o’clock that’s
for sure okay I guess I’m just gonna wait in here
until morning stick your head out the window Sharra’s we gotta find baby otter
you can’t sleep outside by himself I mean hurt him I don’t think that was
otter was it I don’t know okay I have to go find him my gosh let’s hurry it’s
almost 3:00 a.m. go go go quickly only have a few minutes to make
it back before it’s 3:00 a.m. it’s kind of dark in here I’m to crack a few more
glow sticks and I’m gonna put them all up in the house like this so we can see
that I have so much light this is awesome behind you too Liz are you out
there I can’t see anything anything out there I’m just listening for her Liz are
you out there cherries it’s super dark these glow
sticks don’t really add too much like they’re not very bright and I don’t know
where liz is and I we don’t know where baby otter is either just keep the door
closed and hopefully we’ll hear her soon oh it’s almost 3:00 a.m. let’s got a
very bad liz where are you quarter where is she okay – be careful hurry back ami go quick doors lock I’m locking the door
hurry Carter her eager to find this quick hurry
Liz I’m coming for you where are you Liz Liz baby otter Jerez I can’t see
anything out here it’s like super foggy this is crazy
sure is look at it look how cold it is you can see my breath where’s baby otter
where are you Oh Cheers Liz let’s look this glow stick oh that
means she must be around here somewhere Liz I’m coming for you where are you oh
boy it’s getting really dark out here shares I can’t really see anything
Liz baby otter it’s so dark sure that kid what was that Oh
those trees are shaking sure is it so scary I gotta get out of here
Corner corner what was that corny you out there Liz
otter oh my gosh okay Cher’s I’m going out there
I’m coming out I’m gonna look for you come on let’s go oh my gosh it’s so
foggy whoa Carter Carter Linds oh oh wrench
oh my gosh guys were you what is it what is that
where am I where am I whoa Carter Liz where are you?


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    U&piMorning r it9/5k*kft, was yykoo



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