3 Lessons On How I Deal With Exhaustion
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3 Lessons On How I Deal With Exhaustion

August 31, 2019

– Hi, what’s up? Tim Sykes here. In this video I’m gonna
tell you why I’m so tired and how you can learn from it. (upbeat music) Let me ask you, are you ever exhausted? Leave a comment below, say yes or no. I’m just curious if it’s just me or if it’s you guys too? I’m sorry if I keep rubbing
my eyes in the middle of this. I am in my 6th city in six days, still not finished, I’m doing seven cities in seven days, but just flew in to Las
Vegas from New York. Games of Thrones premiere was last night. Before New York, I was in LA filming some of these video lessons. In the morning I’d actually
do two cities that day. In the morning I was in San Diego. Did podcast with Wellfit. Flew in on a red-eye from… Toronto. Met with my paraplegic student Anthony, awesome guy, wait till you see his story. I was only in Toronto for a few hours because I was flying up from New Orleans. New Orleans I spoke at my old college, Tulane University and did a podcast. And has some good New
Orleans food finally, it’s been awhile. And before that I was in Miami, finally seeing my
parents after four months of not seeing them in person. So, the reason why I’m explaining this is not to brag. Some people like to brag
about their travels. For me, I just have a
lot of stuff going on. And you can learn from this. Lesson number one from this. Don’t do what I’m doing. Don’t push yourself to the brink of exhaustion, and death. Try to space things out. To be fair, the Game of Thrones premiere was a last second invite, thank you HBO. And that was, in the middle of all this. So I had like a day break, but then I had to go
cross country for that, which was totally unplanned but, sometimes, you know, when you get invited to like the Game of Thrones premiere for the last season, you go. Lesson number two. Sometimes you can’t control what happens. So you just go with it. Do the best that you can. I’m not necessarily in
the best mindset now, but at least I’ve been open to everything. I’m not gonna say no to
speaking at my college. I’m not gonna to say no to HBO. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan. I’m not gonna say no to my
paraplegic student in Toronto. I’m not gonna say no to a
great podcast in San Diego. I’m not gonna say no to filming in LA, and now we’re in Vegas,
cause my buddy Matt is having a big event here tonight that he’s worked several months on, so, I’m gonna be there for him. You try your best, okay like, but be open. That’s kinda cool like,
I’m a little excessive, I’m not saying you have
to be that wide open, but like, when opportunity knocks, a lot of people will just say no, and they’re probably always
gonna wonder what happens, you know I’m not saying, like go all in like this is in Jim Carrey, Yes Man, and just say yes to everything. But just think about, what can you do? And I think that you’ll surprise yourself at what you can accomplish and, you know, how much
you can push yourself when you really are open to it. And it comes down to mindset, cause I have a lot of students, a lot of students simply don’t want, you know, to push themselves enough. They don’t wanna learn bad enough, they don’t want to be rich enough, they just want hot pecks. And I’m trying to change their mindset, I’m trying to de-brainwash
them from thinking that, you know you can never make, like fast money. Everything that I just explained came to me through a lot of hard work over the past two decades. And then also I forgot to mention this is city number six, I’m
just here for the night for Matt’s event. Then tomorrow I’m actually back to LA working with this great
charity, Project Chicken Soup. I’m gonna surprise them
with a $15000 donation. Shh, don’t tell them. I’ve already donated to them in the past, but now I want to help out more. They cook nutritious meals for patients who have AIDS and cancer. So, my friends and I are gonna cook there and then we’re gonna go deliver all the food to the patients too, and they’re really grateful. It’s free food for them, you know they’re just
struggling with their health so it’s the least that we can do, it’s a great little thing. I’m gonna post a link
to Project Chicken Soup, cause of everything I’ve mentioned they need the most exposure. People for some reason don’t like charity. They should, you know. Charities are near and dear to my heart and I’m trying to get
more exposure for them. That’s why I talk about them. I think more people should donate, you know, like $15000. I know a lot of rich traders, and they don’t donate enough. So, do me a favor if you
know somebody who’s rich. Just send them a link
to Project Chicken Soup op Pencils of Promise. You can build a school
or build 52 schools. Schools range between 30, 40, $50000 depending on the community. With Pencils of Promise,
Bali Children’s Project, buildOn and Cambodian Village Fund. So those are just a few
charities that I work with. Another lesson is like, just be more giving, right? Like give your time, give your money. I know you don’t want to. I know a lot of people think like, oh Tim you know it’s easy, you’re rich, to give all this money. Well, I’m not rich in time and I give my time to other people,
and yes, I am rich, but I’m also proud to donate money. So whether I’m donating
money or donating time, we all have something to give. So even if you’re totally broke, you can still donate some of you’re time to somebody else who
might, you know, need it, or it might help them a little bit. Whether they’re, you know, sickly or if they need help with like
their pet or something. You’d be surprised at how much better your life is when you go to help others, or if you’re knowledgeable like me. Like it’s my honor to teach, right? Like, I try to help my students with what I’ve learned over
the past 20 plus years. So, for me, I’m a little
exhausted right now I’m sorry, but I want you to see this too, I don’t wanna always just
look like professional, like I have all my crap
together, cause I don’t. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life, but I stay true to what I love. I try to do things for other people, and I try to, you know, be transparent and teach while I’m doing all of this. Cheers! Hey, Tim Sykes millionaire,
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become
my next millionaire student.


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    The Joy Of Giving Creates A Great Life.

    "Those who have the most to do, and they are willing to do it, will make the best of the most time available to get things do."

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    I've been trying more overnight plays but I don't seem to be as good at picking those vs opening hours breakouts that i've had more success with.

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    I don't get exhausted! As you get older you learn to work smarter not harder! You can contribute to the world, but you can't save it!

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    Thanks for this Tim. I give you props for giving as much time as you have to others. I'm refining my mindset & financial health. I really, really want to give A LOT to various causes for animals, our planet, people and at the same time, it's exhausting being in excessive #debt. I created it, so I'm in the process of eliminating it. Thank you for ALL of your educational content.
    Learning every damn day!!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

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    Great video, Tim! I certainly appreciate your servant's heart that you have, which is much needed in this egocentric culture we live in. I would recommend you check out a charity south of Nashville, TN. Not looking for a donation at all, but this small production company is helping the Adult Special Needs community in a mighty way. It is amazing to see the productions these students perform. God Bless, Bro! https://backlightproductions.org/

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    Slowly we are both making it through the class lessons and taking notes between getting my bachelors degree.

    You fit things in and if you have to, plan a schedule and make time. My mindset.. if it is truly important to me, I will make time.

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