#3 Pontooning to Key West | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons
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#3 Pontooning to Key West | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons

August 14, 2019

“Yeah things are getting a little rougher
out here, getting some pretty good weather here.”
“What are you talking about? What do you mean good weather??” “Just gotta open your mouth. Ahh!” “We have our life raft, we have procured
our life raft, it’s a rental but it may save our lives.” “I think it’s that way.” “Our challenge is to beat that rainstorm.
We want to stay away from it.” “We don’t like no stormy rain.”
“No way.” “Definitely picking up some waves. Some surf.” Some spray. Feels good though, boat’s riding pretty well. We’ve got some rain off to our starboard, some rain off to port. We’re going right down the middle!” “And we’re wet!” ‘We’re expecting the challenges and
that’s what we’re preparing for and that’s why we do these kind of
excursions. We want to demonstrate that our our vessels hold up to those
conditions. So there’ll be challenges such as wind and rough water, but we believe
we build a chassis that can withstand that. This truly will test that. Some of
the other ones have tested it but maybe not to the fullest extent It’s quite a
journey. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it, and obviously whatever does come out of it, we’ll react to and build a better
product.” “This is coming up over pretty good.
“What are you talking about? What do you mean, good weather??”
“In a way, I mean by good I mean bad!” “It’s awesome! Can taste that salt.” “That’s what adds to the story!” “You just gotta open your mouth. Ahh!” “Alright, well we are 20 miles out from Marshal Island, 70 miles to go. It was pretty rough there for a while. Calmed down a little bit. But uh, still taking on copious amounts of water. Jim, any message for the folks back home?” “Just don’t try this. Safety first, kids!” Well, the weather has changed–again! “Well folks, we’ve arrived safe and sound at Key West. We’re gonna go rinse about seven pounds of salt off our bodies, and maybe go to
Sloppy Joe’s and have a beer and celebrate our victory.” “Yeah I mean, if we’re going to go 700 miles in total that’s about a third of our way
right there.” “Correct.” “Nice Boat!” “Thank you. You, too!” “Well, welcome to Key West. We made it from Clearwater now 270 miles. Nice run. A little salty, a little
weather, the last run from Marco to here was kinda brutal, probably four to six foot waves. Travis did all the driving. And we got very wet on the way over, but we’re starting to dry out. Sun is
beautiful. We’re gonna have a good night here in Key West. Havana tomorrow, baby.” “‘Good night’? What??” “You got a rope?” “Where are we going?”
“Hog’s Breath.” “Ok. It’s a good restaurant?”
“Good restaurant!” “It’s a bar.” “Indian river, there it is baby.” “Who put that up?” “What can I say? Thank you and you know, it’s pretty exciting, day one down. And day two looks to be, I don’t really know.” “Other than the big wall of water, we’re pretty good.”
“I’m gonna go check MY app right now, I don’t wanna believe these guys.”
“It’s not the weather it’s the all of water, it’s kind of like a roller coaster. it’s where the Jet
Stream meets the wind and the waves. What we did today was ever bit as much as we will see tomorrow and I think tomorrow’s gonna be an awesome crossing
and we’re going to Cuba baby. I am the captain and the ship will not go down.
And if it does you’ll be you’ll be rescued. I feel pretty confident about that. “I have all my affairs in place.”
“Yeah so do I, just did my will, my trust, my estate, all that stuff.”
“My kids, Sophie, Lucas, Julie, and of course Rene, just split it up evenly, please. Give most of it to your mother for as long as she needs it then she’ll pass
it along to you.” “Exactly.”
“Be nice to each other, that’s it.” “That’s it . End of story.” you


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    Where do you sign one of these waivers? I'm ready to go!!! Round two, ding ding!!!

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    My version of hell.

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