300HP Fishing Boat!  Plus NEW outboards on our 3.7m & 4.2m tinnies! [4 OF 9]
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300HP Fishing Boat! Plus NEW outboards on our 3.7m & 4.2m tinnies! [4 OF 9]

November 19, 2019

So I’ve rocked up at Brisbane Marine, because
they’re the Mercury dealer here in Brisbane. Today’s exciting because what’s gonna happen
is we’re gonna get a whole new range of outboards to go right through our fleet. Now we’ve got a big fleet these days when
it comes to outboards. Because we’ve got the little tinnies. I’ve got a medium-sized tinny now that we’re
gonna be taking away. And I’ve got the big boat. Oh this looks exciting. How youse all going? Come down and check your boats out. Troy here from Brisbane Marine. We’re very excited to be installing the Mercury
outboards on the All 4 Adventure boat for Series 11. I’m keen. I just noticed the big sign up on your front
gate there. The revolutionary new 4-stroke, 15-, and 20-
in the Mercury. We’ve got a pair of those inside for you. Just inside on the rack. Yeah, wow. What size is this one here? That’s the 20 as well. That’s the same as what you’re collecting
today. Yeah, bloody good. Now the Nomads, the 3.7 Sea Jay Nomads, we’re
using the high-sides this year. So we’re gonna put the 20s on the back of
that. You know how tillers are always on this side
of the boat? Yeah. If you’re right-handed, and you’re goofy and
you see a lot of people sit in between the tiller and the side, and they can’t drive. You can point it the other direction. Oh so you undo that, and it goes–it pivots. See at the moment, these are set in the centre. Oh yeah, there’s the little notches. Cool. Very cool. The 20, it’s battery-less EFI fuel-injected
4-stroke. Very, very fuel efficient. And obviously the weight, because you’re removing
them off the transom all the time for travelling, so that lightweight 20 plays a big key in
that game. Oh we’ll whack it on here. You’re gonna lift it by yourself. I’m gonna have to on the job. Oh, it’s light. That’s light as. Heaps lighter. Quite a bit lighter, huh? That’s gold. Mate, nothing worse than doing your back in
out on the job. Ruin your whole holiday. Oh, well, we’ll get her in the back, because
I’ve got a little outboard slide. Yeah, there’s a little outboard slide in the
back of my canopy. If you don’t know too much about the smaller
engines, generally, they’re not fuel-injected, because you’ve gotta have it connected to
a battery. So this is a battery-less fuel injection system. So no more carbourator, it’s now fuel-injected. Which again, makes it more efficient. So it’s gonna have better fuel economy and
all those extra features. Now lightweight is the big thing when it comes
to car topping tinnies. Because yes, you can get the tinny on the
roof of your truck, but where are you going to put the outboard? And you don’t want to be busting something
when you’re loading it in the back of the truck. So we’re gonna put that to the test as well. That’s not too bad. It’s always been a dilemma when I’ve set up
touring rigs–it’s where do you put the outboard. That’s always the thing. Like camper trailers. You tow the camper trailer, you’ve got the
boat, where do you put the outboard. They’ve got weight to them, and they’ve got
size to them, so you’ve gotta deal with that issue. And you can’t just get away with having a
little 5hp that’s nice and light, because you’re not going to get far. The current’s too strong. So yeah. It’s been an ideal setup. So boatloader on the roof and a 20 in the
back. That fits in there perfect. It does. It’s bloody awesome. I like it. Now because we’re gonna get Mercurys across
the whole fleet, the middle boat, which is not something that we’ve used in recent years…
we’ve got a 4.2 Sea Jay Avenger, and we’re gonna stick a 50hp tiller-steer on the back
of that. Now the reason why I’ve gone to that is because
I just want to carry that little bit more load. I want a little bit better sea-going ability. The tinnies are great in the creeks, but sometimes
when you go offshore, you just want a little bit bigger boat. So I’ve designed, not only a trailer, but
we’ve decided to– there’s a trailer for the boat, and there’s a trailer to carry the boat,
if that makes sense. So 2 trailers. And you’ll see that set-up soon. And it’s going to be something new to All
4 Adventure. I reckon I could see myself in this. Well, we hope so. That’s why it’s on there. With the tiller-steer, you’ve got a more functional
boat. You’ve got a lot more room in the boat. All your controls are down at the back at
the engine. So it’s just ease of operation really. There’s the thumb controll for the trim and
till. There’s a throttle-locking mechanism. The tiller can be adjusted to suit my driving
style. See because then, once you travel, see how
it’s locked there? Yeah, gotcha. So let’s just say you’re happy at that, then
we set it at that. Or say, Simon drives it, it can be adjusted
to suit his driving style. So it’s pretty cool. Having a tiller in a boat this size is something
I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a big fan of tiller-steer motors. We’ve been using them for years now. So I’m looking forward to getting that tiller-steer
out on the 4.2. That feels good. So gear-shifting going on here. Starter down here. It’s all at your fingertips. It’s got lots of features, I know that. Very cool. Let’s go and check out the big boat, hey? Why not? Now the big boat has a set of 150s on the
back of it. These are the lightest 150hp on the market. The biggest capacity. And one of the most fuel-efficient. So I’ve just ticked all 3 of my boxes. Ready to roll. So yeah, we’re just going with that black
look this year. New look. So the big boat’s getting a bit of Back in
Black action. We also added the 7-inch screen, so now you’ve
got another sounder as well. So it’s got now another screen. So you can use it as the engine screen, or
you can use it as a second chart or second depth screen. It’s all backbone through all the other ones,
so it’s whatever screen you want to select. There’s that many screens going in this boat. There’ll be a screen on the passenger side
for Simon as well. Here’s a cool little feature here apparently. So on the side here of your throttle controllers,
you’ve got a power-trim button here, up and down. Now this one will control both engines, and
then when you individually want to control the trim on each engine separately, which
is something that you do depending on the sea conditions, you can control them here
indivudually, so up and down there. Sea Jay have built a wonderful boat for these
guys. It’s been very nice to work on. You get inside and you see the good quality
of the boat. It’s on a tank of a trailer, but you see where
they tow the boat, so you understand that. And honestly, it’s a great boat. I can’t wait to get out on the water and test
it to see what it’s all about. So excited about getting these engines on all
our fleet this year. Keen to try out new and different technology. The first time I launch the big boat, it’s
going to be in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and I cannot wait.


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