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$35 & 10 INGREDIENT Meal Prep for the Week CHALLENGE! – Mind Over Munch

August 20, 2019

Hey Munchies! Welcome to the channel if you’re new, I’m
Alyssia! Most of you know I am a fan of meal prep and
I LOVE a challenge. I’ve done anything from budget meal preps,
to one hour meal preps to prepping DIFFERENT meals every day meal preps… so today I’m taking the challenge to a new
level— use only 10 INGREDIENTS for the week. Say what?! 10 ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
for 5 days?? Monday through Friday?! Yep! I’m going to talk about those 10 ingredients
as we go and show you how I can re-use them in different dishes, but just so you know I did not include items
like salt and pepper, spices or basic pantry items like olive oil because I don’t need to buy those things
every week. Also, for items like bell peppers or beans,
I used different variations of the ingredient, like red AND green bell peppers, etcetera
to keep things interesting, but you do you. First meal of the day is breakfast, and this week we are making freezer breakfast
burritos. I share a version of these in my meal prep
eBook, but I’m switching up the recipe just a bit
to make them even more fun and flavorful. Start by making the filling. Whisk your eggs, season with salt and pep, and set aside. In a saucepan, add a bit of olive oil and
sauté some bell peppers for a minute to soften, and then add salsa for flavor. If you weren’t limiting yourself to ingredients
for this prep, I’d add onions too, but I just didn’t have room, so it is what
it is. Then, I then add in my whisked eggs and scramble
that up. Then, I can stir in some drained and rinsed
beans. I chose black beans, but you could use anything. And, season with whatever spices you like—I
used garlic salt. Allow the mixture to cool, and then we can
assemble. Place a tortilla on plastic wrap. Add some of your mixture to the tortilla, roll it up burrito style in the plastic wrap, and then it’s ready to freeze! You can freeze these up to 3 months. To reheat, microwave for 60-90 seconds until
heated through, and feel free to serve with extra salsa for
dipping. For breakfast, I’ve also allocated one of
our ingredients as “fruit” – whatever you prefer. I chose clementines because I can eat those
all day long, but remember, the 10 ingredient parameter
is just a challenge to prove than it can be done, you don’t need to stick to one type of fruit
per day. For lunch, we’ve got a salsa chicken rice
bowl. So the first thing we need to do is make our
salsa chicken, And you only need 2 ingredients! Can you guess what they are? Simply add chicken breast, and salsa to a
slow cooker, and I recommend seasoning it. I used this Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning, and some salt and pep. I am also making a good amount of this so
I can use it at my dinner meal, too. Cook it low and slow for 5 to 6 hours, or
on high for 3 hours. When it’s done, shred the chicken and return
to the salsa sauce to toss. Serve as is, refrigerate, or freeze! If you’re enjoying this episode, I hope
you’ll subscribe and hit the bell so you can be notified of new videos each
week! To assemble the rice bowl, I’m using this
frozen brown rice. I often do meal prep my rice because it’s
pretty easy to do, but these freezer packs also keep life simple
with even LESS prep! I just microwave the bag and it’s ready
to go! I layer in that rice with some additional
beans— I chose pinto this time, and the salsa chicken. I’m topping it off with our next ingredient: avocado! As a “dressing” or topping for this bowl, I’m using some additional avocado and I’m
mashing that up, and then mixing in some salsa, garlic powder, and salt. So easy but SUPER tasty. Great on top or on the side of my rice bowl
for added volume, nutrition, and flavor. For dinner, I’ve got the EASIEST broccoli
soup ever and stuffed peppers! For the soup, I boil my broccoli until fork
tender, and then transfer the broccoli to a blender
and add beans. I went white this time, so it would stay light
in color. I also reserved the green water from boiling
and added that to the blender, why not get the extra flavor, and I add enough to cover the broccoli about
halfway. Blend until smooth and creamy, and season
to taste with your favorite seasonings. Enjoy, refrigerate or freeze! SO easy! Thumbs up for two ingredient recipes! For my stuffed peppers, I prep my peppers
by cutting off 1/3 of the pepper from the side. You could also stuff them through the top
if you want, I just prefer the side because it’s easier
to eat. Then I parboil them for a few quick minutes
so they’ll be nice and soft out of the oven. Instead of wasting the pepper tops, I’m dicing them up to add back into my filling
to add volume and nutrition! For the filling, I mix together some of the
salsa chicken, black beans, rice, extra bell pepper pieces, additional salsa,
garlic powder, oregano, and cumin as my filling. Remember—for stuffed peppers you can really
add ANYTHING, don’t get too hung up on a recipe! Stuff it into the peppers and I add a bit
of water to the bottom of the dish to keep them from drying out. Then bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about
30 minutes. This one is ready to serve, refrigerate, or
freeze! You can actually freeze these before baking,
or after! Pretty cool! Now let’s throw together some snacks with some of the same ingredients we’ve
already used today. I’m boiling some additional eggs for on-the-go
nutritious protein. I’ve already got that tasty salsa guac as
a dip, so I’m making up some tortilla chips with
my tortillas from the breakfast burritos. Simply cut into chip pieces or wedges, I used a circle cookie cutter for circle chips, add to a baking rack, spray them down and season. I used that garlic salt again. Then they’re ready to bake! Cool before enjoying, they are SO crispy and delicious! They’ll last about 3 days, but are so easy
to whip up whenever you need. I’m also cutting up some bell pepper strips
and broccoli, so I can enjoy with those the delicious dip
as well. Not a bad spread, eh!? With only 10 ingredients we made a versatile
daily menu! Pretty cool. AND it was affordable because it was less
ingredients, this prep for 1 cost me about $35. Now if you don’t want to eat the same thing
every day, check out my video where I share how to switch
it up and get creative. Remember that all of these meals I’ve shown
today can also be frozen so you don’t have to eat them all right
when you make them, you can always save them for later! ALSO! If you haven’t heard, I have ANOTHER YouTube
Channel that Christian and I run together. It is not health related, but it is about
food— more specifically, PIZZA! It’s called Eat The Pizza and every week
we make fun flavored pizzas and pizza flavored things. We already have 5 episodes up so I hope you’ll
come check it out and subscribe! The link is in the description. I hope you enjoyed this meal prep challenge, be sure to leave any challenge ideas that
you have in the comments, and if you found this video helpful, I hope
you’ll share it on social media! Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you
next week, and remember, it’s all a matter of Mind
Over Munch!


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    Hey everyone! I'm so sorry โ€“ usually we offer a discount code in these episodes and we totally forgot! You can use the code "SALSA" for 10% off any eBook (including my MEAL PREP GUIDE eBook) or package of your choice this week only! mindovermunch.com/ebooks So sorry for the delay! Thanks to those of you who asked.

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