4 Unusual Pot Stocks for 2019
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4 Unusual Pot Stocks for 2019

September 8, 2019

4 Unusual Pot Stocks for 2019 — with David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell I thought I would tell you about four unusual pot stocks for 2019
and this is not a sponsored video I’m not being paid by any of these companies
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videos alright so let’s check out these for unusual pot
stocks for 2019 the first one is one step vending Corp ticker symbol on the
OTC United States markets is Kos K which might be short for kiosk because this
company offers CBD cannabidiol vending machines I don’t see a whole lot of
companies in this space yet it’s not too crowded so if they can get in on the
ground floor there it could be very lucrative and here’s the website
one-step vending calm and they have a website where they offer CBD oil based
products online but a lot of companies are doing that what sets this company
part I think is their vending machines yeah could you imagine that in college
campuses perhaps or workplaces malls maybe you know vending machines with CBD
products yeah if they get in on that early then they could be one of the
first movers in the space it could be very lucrative but of course be careful
these are all speculative so you know any of these smaller marijuana stocks
you want to do your own due diligence do your own research for sure don’t just
buy it because I’m telling you about it okay so that’s the first one the second
one is one that you might have heard of but maybe not Oxley cannabis on the OTC
markets CB WTF one of the first cannabis streaming companies
what is that streaming infusing capital into a company in
exchange for a stream of revenue from production in the future and it’s now a
fully vertically integrated cannabis company but they got early into the
streaming space not the only one but one of the first ones and here’s the website
Oxley calm and I like the fact that they have a lot of joint ventures or
strategic partnerships with a number of companies Dixie brands which has edibles
delta-9 spirit leaf alright and they have a number of in-house brand’s yeska
back 40 cannabis merry times all right so you’ll want to research it for
yourself if you’re thinking about buying the the stock of course its Oxley calm
alright here’s another one that’s unusual you might want to check out hemp
Co food and fibre Inc on the tsx V exchange in Canada HMP hemp and on the
OTC markets in the United States the ticker symbol is H M PPF hemp based
foods for human and animal consumption let’s check out their website while
we’re at it there it is hemp Co pretty cool that’s a professional looking
website and superfood hemp hearts supersedes all right super grains that
looks pretty cool to me Planet hemp launched in 2017 after over a decade of
being strictly a bulk hemp seed processor and supplier planet hemp is
there an exciting range of hemp based foods sir it says certified organic
they’ve got omega-3s omega-6 fatty acids and all that good stuff vitamin vitamin
minerals fibers so on so forth that you might want to check it out protein
smoothies I don’t know if these taste good I have not tried them so I’d be
curious to see if you know if this tastes and he could alright let’s check
out some of the other product products here hemp protein powder yeah is it good
for you I don’t know hey it’s got the nutrition facts there so maybe check it
out tell me what you think in the comments
all right if you like it you don’t like it
and one more unusual pot stuck lifestyle delivery systems Inc see NLDS for Canada
and on the OTC markets LDS YF manufactures and sells cannabis infused
strips I’m really interested in this one it’s similar to supposedly I have not
tried any of these products similar to breath strips the company offers canna
strips which are designed to provide patients with non-intrusive and
non-smoking alternatives hey maybe not everybody wants to smoke
their pot medical or otherwise so okay strips check it out here’s a lifestyle
delivery systems calm I encourage you to check it out always do your due
diligence check out the website before you invest in anything please learn all
about the company all right LDS is proprietary patent-pending oral mucosal
strip LDS not LSD okay get it straight not LSD LDS alright that’s a different
kind of strip entirely includes specific and unique claims for the delivery of
bio actives extracts are encapsulated into defined nano carriers molecular
chaperones alright so I don’t know about all the science here but I like the fact
that they’re getting in early into the space you want to see what they look
like here they are not a great picture not high quality but it’s it’s the first
one I found all right kind of strips there they are they don’t
look delicious that color mmm okay I did maybe they should put some food coloring
in it a little bit and make it look a little more enticing and I don’t know
what it tastes like don’t know if it tastes good but hey if that floats your
boat and I’ll bet it floats a lot of people’s boats if they don’t want to
smoke it or however you want to take it you know could be something new
something different and if it takes off then if you got in early hey you could
make some money off of that alright so check those out as I’m telling you check
out the websites read them carefully check the fine
angels’ make sure that they don’t have a lot of debt make sure they’re profitable
or at least have the potential to be profitable a lot of these pot stock
slides you know HAMP and cannabis based companies might not be profitable
profitable in the first year two years three years but if they have a good plan
to become profitable then they might be worth investing in anyway all right but
you have to be really careful these are all speculative so please don’t put a
lot of money into these if you decide to invest please only put a small amount
whatever you can afford to lose and that’s true of any investment all right
my name is David Modell hey these are unusual maybe you like them maybe you
don’t it’s cool let me know in the comments okay or if you have your own an
unusual pot stock picks please let me know I like to converse with you guys
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way you’ll learn about all the new videos that I put out alright thanks a
lot my name is David Modell this is looking at the markets invest carefully
folks I’ll talk to you again soon you


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    Thanks your first company One Step Vending ! I think the Vending side of things could be a huge one in the future ,reminds me of Kush Holdings ,the Container Company ,these unique plays are speculative but the idea of Kiosk around the world sounds appealing to me !

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    Auxly has 170000 KG of fully funded product coming for 2020, good company to research for anyone looking at this sector. Chuck Rifici (Auxly CEO) was the co-founder of Canopy Growth.

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