49 year old Farm Girl Playing on the River in her boat and not catching any fish while fly fishing.
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49 year old Farm Girl Playing on the River in her boat and not catching any fish while fly fishing.

September 3, 2019

HOT FISHING Thanks for [watching] the videos be sure to subscribe click the subscribe button down up there or to subscribe button to the channel and feet in flip flops getting an IPA So Jen, and I see what appears to be cotton mouth Wrapped around the stump right there yeah he’s fat nice and fat go in and get a shot of im here Can you see them there? It looks like a banded water snake? See his head though I’m trying to talk missy into tying off right here and doing a little fishing and she says That it was just the water snake honey That was that he’s getting on the back of the boat. He’s getting on the back of the boat you did yeah Oh, don’t want to hit [another] one of those So a farm girl is going to give it a go with the fly Rod [and] Did you notice how hot it got and how quiet it got when we shut the engine? Yeah, it’s hot Then I want you to catch me a river monster. So what are you fishing? It is your lure. What’s hatching? my booty hellla thick im and old horny bitch fuck catching fish im just gonna suck dick for money [you] write it out. Don’t you’re about to catch [out]. You’re going to catch Like that you’re going to catch one of those branches I Know what let out line Jennifer? What are you doing? here we are in primordial Swamps the [lower] North East cape fear and There’s a hardee’s cup Catch a monster yeah it got one this morning. [oh] You are a champ It’s a leaf [I] Think I might be getting hungry Well, we’ve been fishing for five minutes. Let’s go here so [swing] to the other side You can’t be a versatile [fisher] girl alright fisherman We just saw a huge fish jump down there under that tree I’m tight all right. Let’s go, missy Now this is a turn off here right that could be it [see] we don’t know we’re looking for a restaurant That’s where we are Well Gilligan’s island looks like we found a beach Trim [that] Who’da thought Jim? [I] dub this farm girls Beach What is it? Here to what might be my fine? Uh-uh no it goes around the bed very cool Yeah well you do I bet there’s a bunch of rednecks hanging out on this beach on the weekend or Sorry, nice folk. Yeah Yeah Nice to be alone out here duck rabbit 11 ale It’s not on straight you hear that. That’s fine I’m not going to get us stranded out of here. [oh] Here in [here] [you] get you got your pistol. Yeah, show me there security Tuba comes Farmer back in the trailer down you


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