5 Most POWERFUL Ships in Fall of the Republic! (New Empire at War Clone Wars Mod)
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5 Most POWERFUL Ships in Fall of the Republic! (New Empire at War Clone Wars Mod)

January 13, 2020

Hey guys, this is Eckhart slaughter hello and welcome to another fall of the Republic video And for those of you who don’t know fall of the Republic is the brand-new Upcoming Clone Wars mod for Empire at war by the team that brought us Thrones revenge Which is personally my favorite Empire war mod Thrones revenge is run by my good friend Corey who also runs tap calf Transmissions and both this mod and Thrones revenge are now under the Empire at war expanded banner Which is pretty cool so keep in mind though with all that being said that today’s content is actually from a beta version of the mod an Early beta version so there may be some bugs notably. There’ll be some ships missing that will be on the final roster But still I thought this would be a fun video to make Especially for those of you who are new to the mod if you want to see more you can also check out the pretty much Complete CIS playthrough I did but with that being said, let’s get right into the content And today we’ll be counting down the five strongest ships currently in the mod and to illustrate How these ships work and how powerful they are We will be using the in-game fleet builder and to access that because some of you have been asking You go just from the main menu go to single-player galactic conquest Instant action slash fleet builder. You have to select the Confederacy Sorry, the Republic the difficulty doesn’t matter here said Admiral. It doesn’t matter. You start the game and then click begin In this screen you now see this map and if you look closely There are two little Waypoints I guess you’d call them one for the Confederacy This one and one for the Republic you basically just spawn the ships you want and you click the Action button the battle cam button and they can fight it out and you control the Republic ships This is still fairly early. So there are some issues with how ships control and whatnot But I think it will well serve today’s video with that being said, let’s take a look at the fifth. Most powerful ship alright guys so at number five we have the bulwark mark 2 class battle cruiser and as I alluded to earlier there are some issues with the ships retreating Especially if there is an imbalance in power, but we can still see them go into action against a fairly sizable Republic task force here the bulwark mark 2 is From what I understand based off a ship that first appeared in Star Wars rebellion, which is an older PC game It’s basically a blunt weapon Not like a Star Destroyer because it’s not that precise even but a lot of shields a lot of armor and some really decent Firepower mostly turbo laser batteries. I don’t think it has any laser cannons. So you’ll definitely want to be supporting this ship wherever you go with some Corvettes and probably some carriers as you can see it does have some Fighters here, but compared to this little battle group not a whole lot. So yeah, you always want to be protecting big ships like this With you know support ships let’s just see if we can skip ahead and Have the two fleets battle it out so we can see the firepower and the durability here. I’ll put fast speed on And the first for work is almost in range there sorry first bulwark mark – I’m interestingly enough There’s a bit of weird lore around the bulwark of the whole video on the vessel The Alliance has one of these ships or at least one of the bulwarks in the game that I mentioned earlier I don’t think anyone’s really clear what model it is The whole ship line as itself is mostly a creation of the essential guide to warfare So just a little bit of interesting knowledge there Hopefully since we can see these things actually engage. If not, you’ll just have to take my word for it Very unique design though, certainly among the CIF ships. You don’t see I guess with some exceptions You don’t really see these large bulking cruisers very often in the Clone Wars So we are gonna see one of their main limitations here they’re getting getting it ravaged by these fighters But hopefully they’ll put some fire in If not, you guys will just have to take my word for it Yeah, so he’s attacking this acclimate, er you can see he’s getting through the shields pretty well But even this thing is being absolutely swarmed by fighters, and you know what? It’s doing a reasonable job at not dying immediately. I probably should not have made this task force so large but That’s fine live and learn. Yeah, you can see putting a pretty decent firepower. He’s Only really targeting one enemy at a time though, which I think is pretty notable, but he’s doing a decent job Again, nothing flashy here. And I think there’s a pretty big gap between this ship and the next one So with that being said, let’s move on Alright guys, so next up We have the tech door class star destroyer and there were actually a few positions where I could have inserted in period our destroyers Including even the secular on this list But I didn’t want the video to be dominated by the Republic and there’s really a lot of similarities here the game has especially for late Republic ships the Texture which is what we’re looking at right here as well as the ISD one albeit called the impurity. Let’s click action So the Tector just has a really really overwhelming amount of firepower way way more than what we see with Basically any of the ships that come below it on this list and in certain situations it can even match the vessels above it One of the main weaknesses of course relates to fighters I made a little battle group for it to go against and because it’s got a couple of Providence’s You know, it is fairly fighter heavy. But once this ship gets in range, we’ll see The pure destructive power, especially when compared to its Clone Wars contemporaries but as we’re seeing You want to support big ships like this big big for the air anyway with Corvettes just like we talked about before Probably some carriers the Tector especially Gives up all I think all laser cannons For turbo lasers and as I’ll show you guys on the bottom here has no lower. Hangar bay It’s a pure basically battleship Unlike the impurity which still is less carrier focus than the Venator but maintains that maintains at least some hangars Let’s go ahead and move you up and The Star Destroyer should soon be in it being range in this Providence is going to be absolutely shredded. I mean the range is good This forward fire mark is good. It will be it could even engage this one from this position, too But yeah, like a single volley basically takes that shield all the way down I’ll let the victory in the acclimate or keep on this one and we’ll show Kind of firepower. This thing has here I Mean the Providence isn’t a particularly sturdy vessel, but I think it’s a representative of what both factions were Typically supporting during the war and this thing just goes right through them. No problem Just devastating There’s no real match for the ISD we’ll talk about the next ship is a CIS one and arguably that’s a match but it wouldn’t it would have been far rarer Than the ISD So let’s just watch it broadside this Providence and just crush it. I Mean the imperial star destroyer could compete with New Republic ships it was relevant throughout history that includes the Tector so it’s no surprise that it’s so successful here I probably could have slotted in the ISD one or the secular. So just keep that in mind as well Taking a screenshot sorry, I Like the look of that and I got my screenshot key finally working They all so far far more durable than the venator. So let’s move on Already so next up we have All ready so next up We’re returning to the CIS And we are building a dreadnought version of the provenance As you guys may or may not know the Providence comes in two sizes the regular carrier slash Cruiser size Which this is not this is the dreadknots size and you can tell that the dread-nots is much much larger And is you know considerably more powerful as well? so let’s go ahead and put this against detector and a Venator And see what happens We just saw how the Tector mauled the Little bit of a pun there mold the provenance in the last battle. So, let’s see what happens here Trying to run which is Annoying that’s one of the little issues that this mod currently has But one thing that’s really remarkable is the sheer amount of fighters that this produces the majority of these fighters came from the dread-nots variant So like that makes it not only and I tested it before the battle Not only can the adrenaline actually stand up to a Star Destroyer in a one-on-one battle But like just based on pure firepower we can see what these bombers are doing to this fleet ending So it’s a much more flexible vessel, but does come with the associated extra cost its 22 Credits or sorry 22 population cap instead of 16. I think or 1212 obviously So yeah different beast entirely The dread-nots not quite as practical as I think is a mainline ship as the ISDN or the Tector But now they’re in closer range, let’s see how this works Go after the stragglers So yeah, the shields of that is already through I will say probably because of the contributions of the Venator The dread-nots falling faster than in my prior simulations just like the simulations but um Lets me probably be ascribed to the vendors presence if they’re just gunning with each other the Dreadnought should win but because the ISD has so many hard points and the The vendor helped take this thing shields down. It might be closer but especially with In a human controlled fighters and whatnot taking a tactical hard points. It’s a pretty easy victory Speaking of I Think generally the I don’t have the same cost but usually in my experience the Venator can quite handily Take out the providence Yeah, this will be a win for the dread-nots Interestingly the most famous providence the invisible hand used by grievous is not the dread-nots variant. It’s just a normal Cruiser a trench however, does have a dreadnought so You guys get the idea let’s move on alright guys So I thought it would be fun for us to test out the most powerful ship by putting them head-to-head at least number one and number two There will be more ships that will fight for this position specifically I’m thinking of the mandator red not will most likely be number one. But right now the Confederacy of Independent Systems has the subjugator class and the Republic has the praetor class battle cruiser I anticipate the subjugator takes this pretty easy, especially with the ion cannons and it’s just better armed. This is that 32? Points, this is at 36. So it’s pretty close actually So I’m curious to see Oops curious to see which of these ships actually takes it Yeah, I’ve never done this battle before The subjugator has the advantage not only of the heavy weapon But more guns generally across the ships haul I suspect. Well, I would have thought it has more fighters, but I guess not The AAI feels pretty confident. It’s not running. So Let’s go ahead and micromanage our fighters Have the Interceptors go ahead and intercept one of the Bombers just kind of stay in reserve for them This is a pure match of them neither of these ships right now obviously have any support ships Because they operate in the same role so it’s not really needed And so not y-wing in it One two three four so they each have the same amount of Fighters that’s good Four squadrons They have two bombers. I guess technically the Ark is a bomber as well. So These are double squadrons though, I believe the way it works is I think these Vulture droids actually have twice as many star fighters They’re not worried you would imagine they’re trying to target my Ultimately one squadron of bombers and it makes some difference but it’s not enough to do any real damage to the shield’s here But that is obviously the main weak point of both of these ships you want to like you want to have a carrier focused fleet Regardless of which one you’re facing Large ships are extra vulnerable to missiles whether shot from Capital ships or fighters. So you want to swarm them with y-wings or or if you’re fighting the subjugator or vulture droids if you’re fighting the praetor and They are just about in range We’ve taken a bit more damage, but not enough for it to really be relevant. I will say we are actually There we go. It looks like we arranged them for a minute there I’m just gonna bring them nose to nose and just let them so here’s the super weapon firing And this could easily be the game changer. Let’s see what it does to our shield Not that much actually It looks like the parade or may have more conventional weaponry Or it could just be the position that we’re in right now maybe more of our Guns can fire And we are interestingly though, we are completely Immobilized right now because of that ion cannon, so that is not a fee. That’s not a feature you can ignore Right now well, the subjugator on its own does appear to be pulling away. But even if it were not Because this ship is completely out of commission. You could just move it in right here And probably keep laying on it with that ion cannon, which will make the subjugator pretty hard to beat and you know single combat Especially had two head-to-head like this you know bring a fleet of vendors and you’re golden but Yeah, this isn’t looking good for us and we’re still actually disabled We can’t you know, we can turn and here’s another one coming or two more coming I’ll probably take our shields all the way down or close to it Interestingly in other mods that feature this ship yeah Yeah, we’re not Oh, yeah, we’re not even close other months that feature the ship have the ion cannon be a super weapon or a special feature But in this it’s just kind of fired by the AI which is an interesting idea You actually have a maximum I think quarry set up five subjugator at once The malevolence while the most famous of this ship class was not the only one There is no malevolence to I think one was called There were other ships some which were designed just like this but others which were slightly different But yeah, this is over we’ve got through the shield once you get through the shield’s of your enemy capital ship the The difference in health usually just spirals out of control because you start taking out their weapons and they’re only taking out your shield So they’re becoming less effective then at that point it starts to snowball a little bit and I imagine before long our shields will be returning if there’s a already are actually so Let’s go ahead and just to be funny Where is the spawn point? I lost it. Oh, you’re nice just call Just call a few more in so we’ve got the Ricky’s in dreadknot, which we didn’t see that ugly jumping on top of each other Basically a larger version of the wreck isn’t as the provenance is a larger version of the Providence Is calling just calling everything We’ve also got a bulwark mark one It’s beautiful it’s just beautiful Well, you hold that you held that well mr. Providence, but there’s Supriya mr. Prater, but it was not meant to be Interestingly the Prater one has no official cannon design We see the Prater remark – in the essential guide to warfare and in comics Well, swiftly one comic but We never see the predecessor This is basically the same maybe smaller I guess which makes sense It looks a little sharper to me that might just be because of the republic paint, which you obviously don’t see on the Imperial Prater But with that guys we have our five most Powerful ships as it exists in the current version of fall of the Republic and just to summarize again that’s the subjugated class heavy cruiser the parade or mark one the Providence dreadnought detector Star Destroyer and Finally the bulwark mark – although you could really slot a lot of ships into that fifth spot Probably a better option would be the secular It’s a pretty efficient carrier. It’s basically like an upside the vinegar Not the invincible Arguably the victory, but I don’t think a victory could take on Maybe that’s more testing. Anyway, lots of options. Let me know you guys think what’s your list go from five to one? What did I miss? what’s your favorite ship we talked about and what would you round their command a subjugated class heavy cruiser or a Parade or mark – and how would you support these super ships? Let me know all that and more down in the comments Anyway, guys, this has been at craft ladder If you enjoyed please subscribe turn notifications on so you don’t miss my live streams and leave a like until next time Have a great day. May the force be with


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