#9 Pontooning Back to the USA | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons
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#9 Pontooning Back to the USA | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons

October 10, 2019

30 miles out, we’re down around the yellow bar here in fuel, but we think we have enough to make it back. Rather not put the gas that we bought in Cuba in the tank, because we don’t know what kind of gas it is. Frickin’ awesome. Cuba is that way, Key West is that way, and there’s nothing around us but us, right here. We’re at 38.2 miles per hour, in the 27 Ambassador, rockin’ and rollin’. We’re having fun. We have our life raft, we have procured
our life raft. It’s a rental, but it’s may save our lives Alright, we’re around 75 miles out –
77.4 miles out. Maintaining about 25? 22? We’re at 22, bringing
it down. Again, beautiful day and beers are cold. Doug’s giving us a little update here at sixty miles out.
“We’re actually 49.4 miles out. We’ve been running for an
hour and 42 minutes. Running 30 miles an hour right now, and we just came out of
the Gulf Stream area. We’ve got into a little bit smoother water, and on
our way to Key West. Beautiful, yeah, it definitely has smoothed out
right now. You guys can certainly tell in the back, you’re not nearly as wet! Moving right along. The sun bunnies are getting sun! “I wonder if the driver’s going to the back of the boat.” I
think somebody’s going for a swim! Should we shut the engines off? “No. It might not start again.” (laughter) “Look out for sharks.” “Put the ladder back up when you come back.” “What’s the chance of that? It’s
already out.” No, no sharks here. “How did that feel?” (Singing) “Pretty good?” We are 20 miles. 20 miles to go. We might be getting some cell service soon. Back to civilization… Dangit! Looks like we’re heading up to this
little hotel up here called the Galleon. They have some slips. “Did you have a nice trip? Definitely an undertaking, I haven’t seen one of these go to Cuba just yet.”
“I don’t think they ever have.”

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    well done!! really enjoyed the whole series!!

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