A Celebration of Living Enlightenment: Swamiji’s Free Gift to You on Jeevan Mukth Jayanthi

October 10, 2019

Nithyanandam everyone. It is a great honor for me, to welcome each and everyone of you, who are sitting live with us at Bengaluru
Aadheenam as well as worldwide through live N-TV, on this auspicious occasion of Jeevan Mukti Jayanti. Today marks an incredible day for humanity, when the Avatar, His Holiness Bhagavan Paramahamsa Nithyananda, gifted to all of us the – Science of Living Enlightenment. As a Sakshi Pramana of the science, by Sakshi Pramana we mean the science which Sadāshiva marked on in the Agamas. The science that was practiced and established by the great Seers, Rishis, Munis, Siddhas, as Apta Pramana. The same science which was experienced by Swamiji, as his Atma Pramana, his own experience which then became our Sakshi Pramana, the humanity’s experience. Today, in the form
of 5 people who are currently doing the Inner
Awakening Program with us at Bengaluru Aadheenam. We are going to invite them to give you a glimpse into how the Science of Living Enlightenment, the Science of Completion has led them into the breakthrough of human to new species, that expresses the extraordinary divine powers of Sadāshiva, from the space of Oneness with
Him, from the space of Enlightenment, from the space of Oneness with Swamiji, Himself. So without further adieu, I now like to hand over the stage to 5 wonderful people, from various backgrounds, who are currently at the Inner Awakening Program with us, who have
already started experiencing and expressing, the extraordinary Shaktis of Sadāshiva, within hardly few days. They are able to do, in a short period of being initiated into Living
Enlightenment, operating from the space of Oneness, from the space of Enlightenment. They are able to have the extraordinary powers of remote vision. They can literally scan
your homes, your bodies, from across 1000s of kilometers, 1000s of miles, describe what you have hidden inside your pockets, front and back included. More importantly, they are the living example of what the Science of Living Enlightenment can do for us, taking us, making us have a extraordinary breakthrough in Consciousness, from human to divine. From Japan to go ahead and elaborate on her short experience out here at the Inner Awakening
Program. Thank you. Thank you for the introduction. Nithyanandam, I am Kay from Switzerland, I am Japanese. This is a…. I work in Wealth Management field. This is my 2nd Inner Awakening Program. The first being Sadāshivoham 2016, just 2 months before now and me coming back so fast to here, is a testament to how effective this program
was to me and I say this is the best investment that I made in my life. So before this program, I had lots of negative patterns such as self-doubt and fear of failure that limited my self-progression. So I struggled with this pattern for a long
time. But what made the IA very special for
me, was through the process of Completion initiated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji, I was able to not only identify these patterns but to make it completely redundant from my
life. I felt these patterns just melt away and now it’s not affecting my life anymore. My life feels so much lighter and sweeter because of this. And… so when this completions
happened within me, I started to manifest these wonderful magical powers or Shakti which was initiated by Swamiji and this has completely shifted my concept of reality. And now I feel
more confident. I feel almost invincible, so powerful and I feel life has so much magic. This is a… one of the most incredible experience. And … so I see manifesting power as an active form of meditation that connects me to the divine powers. divine powers. Now my motto is… coming from
a person who feared failure, jump and the net will appear because I trust myself and
trust the divine universe to take care of me. So now I truly feel, I am walking the
path of Living Enlightenment or Jeevan Mukti. And I am eternally grateful for Swamiji, for
giving me this opportunity to become your
new species of evolved Being on this Planet
earth. Thank you very, very, much from bottom of my heart. Next, I invite Aalokji to give us a…. to bear witness to how the Science of Living Enlightenment made him express powers through the amazing initiations of Swamiji. Nithyanandam, hello… hello everybody. I am
Aalok here, from San Jose California and I am an IT professional and this is my……. And this is my 1st IA and it’s really, really, amazing IA I must say, because Swamiji, Paramahamsa
Nithyananda, he initiated us into unique process of Completion through Third Eye, using alchemy products where in we are able to literally burn our…. we were literally able to burn
our incompletions and once we burnt our incompletions, we were able to manifest more and more powers, because when you burn them, it has to express in terms of powers. And when the incompletions
were burnt, we started living Jeevan Mukti and Living Enlightenment. I felt very, very
light. Personally for me, I was able to burn my postponement pattern which I was suffering from and also the fear of death. I was able to identify those as well as burn those using
the power of Third Eye and that has…. that has really changed my life and now as we are
initiated into the powers, we literally eat powers morning, afternoon and night, as we
have our regular food. That has really helped me to live a confident life and it has really
a… changed the perspective of my life and the things are getting revealed instead of
asking questions and self doubt. One other example which I would like to share here is, I wanted to buy a CCTV camera for family, because my family is located across different
geographic locations. I am in California, my brother is in Bangalore and my parents
are in Patna, Bihar and I wanted to see all of them because I was missing them a lot. Now I don’t have to. I just see them in the Third Eye and you know… I am able to… So life has really changed and I really thank Swamiji, for blessing us with the power of
Third Eye. Thank you Swamiji. Thank you so much Aalokji. Next I invite Vinodji. Hi everybody. My name is Vinod Gannigota and
I am from Atlanta, USA. And this is my 1st IA program. And big thanks to Ma Saraswati
and my cousin Vikram Gannigota for the inspiration and encouragement, that they gave me to get me here. I really appreciate that and my utmost gratitude to Swamiji, because he got into… got
us into this program. He made it possible for us. Right from the very first day, the whole experience has been really amazing for me and electrifying. And thanks to Ma Jnyanaatma and Mahayoga and Balasants and all the Volunteers. They are making this experience really pleasure for us. Swamiji from the very 1st day started showering with all this gifts and making us
really comfortable in… through Initiations and everything. The whole process of Completion,
I really loved that and it has been carefully interlaced
with power manifestation to show us the progress and
guide us through the way. Right. So I really loved that one. And after
that has happened… after the completions
and everything, it’s like taking a big load
off of my chest. I use to have a big
pattern of being lethargic. Now I don’t feel like
that at all and my roommate can vouch for that. Even I sleep for 11/2 hours, I get up from the bed and then run. So it’s like really great. Thanks Swamiji for that. And he power manifestation has been very revealing for me and as Ma Mahayoga has mentioned, ”It is experiential and expressing too”. Experientially means it is revealing something
for me inside. Whenever I express a power, it is clicking something inside me, which empowers me and then I think I am strongly rooted in Living Enlightenment process or
Jeevan Mukti, as they call it,right. And one more thing, I would like to share with you. I have been wearing glasses for past 25 years. Like I have a near distance like
reading and then also the far sightedness. And basically whenever I take my glasses off, it’s all blurry for me and ever since I came here, after the initial darshan, energy
darshan, it’s like a magic and I see things more clearly even without glasses. Even though Swamiji has officially mentioned it as a boon yesterday but I think he has been silently booning this from the very 1st day. That’s all, thanks Swamiji for that and if I can do it, you all can do it. Thank you. Nithyanandam. Thank you so much Vinodji. Next I invite Daniella to speak. Nithyanandam. My name is Daniella. I am from Brazil. But I currently live in Washington State in the USA. I am a currency trader and this is my 1st Inner Awakening. I gotta tell you that just being here today, it’s a huge
breakthrough for me. Just a couple of days ago, Swamiji initiated me into completing with my shyness and my fear of public speaking and with that completion, I am now able to
express the Shaktis, like remote viewing and through Oneness I can express the powers with the help of the alchemy products like the Krista Shila and the Banyan Leaf and this is just an amazing process and I feel like I am heading towards the Living Enlightenment, Jeevan Mukti. If you are familiar with the
story of the lion and the cub, I just you
know, just through this wonderful connection that I have with Swamiji, I am now just eating
powers. If you don’t that story, just please just go to You Tube and check it out. It’s a wonderful story. Now since I become… manifesting powers I feel the changes within me. I really
feel like a… things are moving and changing, every single day, every single time that I
manifest the power and I am just so grateful
to Swamiji, to give me this opportunity and thank you everyone for listening. That’s wonderful. Thank you so much Daniella. I next invite Michelle to share with us. Hello, this is my 1st IA and I didn’t have
a passport until February 24th 2017. I believe that the Completion Process initiated by Swamiji, has changed my life forever, to live it as I want it – Jeevan Mukti, Living
Enlightenment. The passport was manifested. I just decided because a service that promises a passport after my arrival date here at IA, I thought, “I can get it today”. And I just left, went to US Department of State, had my documents, said, ” I want my passport
today.” Twenty minutes later I walked out with my passport. It is about strategic thinking and when you have completion and Third Eye vision, you have strategic thinking for your life. Thank you Michelle. Good hand for all of them,
who have shared. Before…. before our beloved Swamiji speaks on this auspicious occasion
of Jeevan Mukti Jayanti. I’d like to sign off, just by saying, ” All of the Shaktis, that
Swamiji is initiating us into, they literally make lions out of sheep”. And Swamiji always
says, ” If you want to realise you are a lion, you have to taste the meat”. In this case, you have to taste powers to realise you are not human, you are something else. And these Shaktis of Sadāshiva only express from the space of Enlightenment itself, not in the journey to Enlightenment. When these powers manifest, you can be 100% assured, in a demonstrable way, that you are practising, the Science of Living Enlightenment, that Swamiji so lovingly revealed
to the whole of humanity. So with that, we move over to
our beloved Swamiji now. Thank you so much. Nithyanandam. nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Visitors, Viewers, YouTube Subscribers, who are sitting
with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and through 2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world. The cities sitting with
us…. and Devotees, Disciples and everyone all over the world. I welcome all of you on this 8th Anniversary, 8 years over, 9th year beginning, on this great auspicious occasion
– Jeevan Mukti Jayanti. This is just not book. This is gift to the
world. It’s an independent intelligence. A Deity, God, Goddess by her own right. I’ll use more the word Goddess, because it has all the 5 Goddess. Generation, Operation,
Destruction, Delusion and Science of Sadāshivoham – GODDESS, Liberation. The word ‘Goddess’
is more apt than the word ‘God.’ So because God, only 3 act – Generation, Operation, Destruction.Goddess – all the 5 – Generation, Operation, Destruction, Delusion, Science of Sadāshivoham, Enlightenment, Liberation. She is a Goddess by herself, independently. Independent intelligence. Just like Bhagavad Gita, She can liberate people on Her own. She has been empowered to open the Moksha Dvara [the door of liberation ] for any Being
on the Planet Earth. [Arti/Puja performed to the ‘Living Enlightenment Book’] She is the Goddess on Her own right as an independent intelligence. She is authorized, empowered to open the Moksha Dwara for all the Beings. That is why we worship Her. When I look back, everything looks different. The Face, Trinetra Tilaka, Jatta, even the color of the Saffron cloth but letters are
same – Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Cover might have changed, may go through many changes but Content is same!! Cover might have changed, may also change many more number
of times, but the Content… What is written in it? It is very much, not only relevant – alive!! As we do every year, this whole month from March 3rd, whole month, we distribute
this book freely to all over the world, to all the Beings, in the book form or soft copy
form, whatever way people want. So you begin, initiate this year’s gifting Jeevan Mukti, by gifting all the IA Participants here, for all of them, with My autograph. And all over the world, I request all the Aadheenams, Temples, Ashrams, to distribute any Jeevan Mukti book. Jeevan Mukti has come, many editions, versions now. Now we have book called Science of Enlightenment
and Essence of Science of Living Enlightenment and Science of Living Enlightenment and in Tamil – Jeevan Mukta Vijṇanayam, commentary on Bhagavad Gita. So any 1 Jeevan Mukti book, I should say Jeevan Mukti gift. Start gifting to all the Visitors, Viewers. Even go to public, reach out public. And reach out, this to all of them. From today, in all our Satsangs, Kalpataru Satsangs,
through all the televisions, all the callers will receive Jeevan Mukti book. All the callers, Kalpataru TV programs, all of them will receive Jeevan Mukti. And all over the world, all the Ashrams, Centers, Branches, Aadheenams, Temples, I request you start distributing this book throughout this month. Today is also, 3rd Anniversary of 3 years over, 4th year beginning – Nithyanandeshwara
Sadāshiva Temple in Tambaram. Parathil adum enappan,thambarathilum adi ellorukum
than param kaatuvanaga. Blessings to the Beings, people, everyone involved with Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva Temple in Tambaram Aadheenam. All the devotees, disciples, everyone, who are…. who created, are running, who are maintaining, who come and have darshan, everyone, will have Sadāshiva’s blessings. Porparamam chitparathil adum en appan, thambarathilum
adi thanpadam ellorukum kaatta. Actually if you see in the Jeevan Mukti book, there will be a quotation – “Whatever I said, saying, going to say, essence of all that is in this book.” That statement still holds good. And still that statement holds good. Whatever now I am sharing,
revealing, you may think, “Oh Swamiji, comes up with new
new, things, new new things.” Yes, covers are new, covers are new – Content is same for last 60,000 years. Covers differ, Content is same for last 60,000 years. Let’s celebrate Jeevan Mukti Jayanti by going out, reaching out, sharing this book freely with
all…. even if you don’t have hard copies
to distribute, the soft copies are available. Today, our SM-Enriching Team will be sharing this book through all our social media platform and mainstream media platform. You can receive the link and share. So this way you can enrich all the Beings with this great book called Jeevan Mukti. It’s available in many languages, international languages – Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, in multiple languages, this book is available. So please distribute this book
throughout this month. That is the best thing we can do
for our self and to the world, opening
Moksha Dvara for millions and millions and millions. I came to Satsang today morning, just to celebrate Jeevan Mukti Jayanti. As you all know March 2nd Dushta Nigraha and March 3rd, by giving Jeevan Mukti, Ishta Paripālayana. Of course, in the day wise it comes next day,
but in actual reality it came earlier. Gita was delivered first, only then Kurukshetra war was fought. And Dushta Nigraha happened after only Gita was delivered. “Read, Re-read, and Share.” That’s My message today. “Read, Re-read and Share – Living Enlightenment” – this is My message, this is your Facebook status for today – Re-read and Share – Living Enlightenment.” So with this, we have a long day today -power manifestation. Next level, today you are going to manifest important powers of length, breadth,
depths. So with this I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.

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