Adirondack Coast – Boating on Lake Champlain

October 16, 2019

Bounded on the west by the Adirondack
Mountains of New York, and on the east by the Green Mountains of Vermont, Lake Champlain is just minutes south of the US-Canadian border. The lake’s cool clear waters are a Mecca for boaters who enjoy every move the lake has to
offer, from its wide windy reaches to as many hidden coves.
There are marinas that cater to any boaters wish, be it a berth for a
night, or the entire season. Some even rent
sailboats or runabouts and many marinas have mishap decks and dining rooms for a relaxing lakeside repast. So whether you take your boating seriously, luxuriously, or frugally, Lake Champlain has the
perfect setting for everyone. But even without a boat the
lake still can be accommodating. I’m Derek Muirden, watch for my Roadside Adventures on
Mountain Lake PBS and I’ll be watching for you all along
the Adirondack Coast.

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