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AERO X7 Long Range Feeder – Tutorial w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU

January 16, 2020

well you’ve joined me today very close
to the Shimano experience sensor on late mass the main reason why I’m here is to
talk to you about the longer rods the Aero x7 range for this style of fishing
whether you’re on a commercial or your open water reservoir or a lake where we
are today fishing targeting big bream big roach big carp at distance these are
the tools distance fishing has become so hugely popular throughout Europe fewer
events everywhere everyone’s gone feeder crazy and we felt as a company we wanted
to develop something special and here we have it the Aero x7 range in the
distance there’s three rods you’ve got the Aero x7 12-foot the Aero
x7 13 foot and then we’ve got the Aero x7 distance heavy power I’ve been lucky
enough to be involved in the development of the whole range and especially these
so let me just run through the key points to these rods for a start we’ve
use high pressure carbon and that means we’ve got away with the finished blank
possible for the use of these rods as we all know when it comes to distance fish
in the light of the rod the more compression you can get out of the rod
the quicker it responds and reacts after the cast and straightens up that’s so
important which minimizes resistance as the line is going through the runners
that alone adds a massive distance to your cast so today for example I’m using
the 13 foot distance it’s not the power it’s just a normal 13 4 I’m using a 10
pound shot leader to braid and it’s absolutely perfect so whether you’re
fishing a conventional feeder with a tail the bream on your local reservoir
or you’re more on a commercial style lake one intervation distance with a
method feeder this suited for both styles of fishing the beauty about these
rods as well the balance perfectly said today I’ve got it with nor Tegra HTC
5500 reel so that means when you’re actually going through the motions of
the cast you can feel the the feeder behind you it allows you to
compress the rod correctly they’re just the perfect tool we’ve used kagan guides
to aid the responsiveness of the carbon the lighter the guys the more responsive
the rod is the quicker it straightens upon the cast and it aids you casting
and improves the distance that you target in is the interesting thing is
really easy rods I can’t believe our father can actually cast a casted with
this rod over a hundred and thirty-five meters with a feeder not with a bomb
it’s all having to rob that Casa distance but you also need that play in
action that’s what exactly what we wanted to achieve so whether you use in
grade four bream or you’re on a long distance commercial where you’re
catching carp on a method feeder at distance you need that play in action so
if you hook your skimmer or carp the rod coach with both styles of fish and sizes
of fish as well you’re gonna get less hook pulls and in order to achieve that
what we’ve done is we’ve used splicing quiver tips at the end of the rod so it
come with three tips obviously to coat with the different terrain that you may
be faced with heavier tips medium tips and lighter tips on all of the rods this
means for example today Lake mass chucking at a distance
I might deal have to cope with a lot of undertow water movement so I’m gonna be
using the three ounce tip now by using a spliced in tip as minimized the weight
at the end of the carrier section which is the area of the rod during the cast
that nice is straighten up as soon as possible that a Z casting makes reaching
a distance far easier and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved minimal weight at
the end of the rod has maximized a rods potential now I’m not on about the
distance I’m on about the ease so that means when you’re looking at distances
which is why you want to use these tools from 80 metres or above 75 80 metres
that just makes your casting so much easier as well as that it’s not always
about distance it’s always about terrain so for example
we’re on Lake masses today I spend a bit of time plummeting up
got a lovely leveled bottom like 75 meters out not a long chalk for this
particular rod but I need a long rod to get over the shelf there’s a shelf about
35 meters so often using a long rod it isn’t about chucking as far as you
possibly can it’s to deal with the terrain that you’re faced with I need to
get when i hook the fish over the top of that shelf and a long rod where it’s a
13 or a 14 or a 12 foot enables me to get in control of that fish get it over
the Shelf and possibly land it moving down the rod as well we’ve done a lot of
work with the cosmetics as you can see it’s a really stylish rod so down there
to handle got a lovely reel seat now that’s really important when you’re
casting you need your hand in place it can’t be moving at all everything is
gonna be locked in place and as you can see this the reel seat is absolutely
perfect we’ll use some evie a sponge here at the front and the middle section
is cork again going down to eva at the bottom now the unique parts of this rod
one of the key aspects to this rod was during development we found that by
putting a mini extension in the actual rod aids the compression of the rudder
makes it easier to cast that further distance and trust me when we’ve tested
it it added an extra 15 metres to the cast so when it comes to the actual
casting part where the rod is behind you and you’re ready to cast there’s a
longer length between the hand or the reel and the boat so that means you can
get a more powerful forward motion compression of the rod during the
casting action that aids the cast no end so there you have it three fantastic
rods within the range that are suitable for all styles of fishing whether you’re
on a commercial or your natural water fishing for green you you


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    When are these available and what's the price range please

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