All About Kim Jong-un – Supreme Leader of North Korea – 김정은
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All About Kim Jong-un – Supreme Leader of North Korea – 김정은

August 13, 2019

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Much of the early life of Kim Jong-un is unknown to Western media. Presumably born in North
Korea, Kim Jong-un is the son of Ko Young-hee, an opera singer, and Kim Jong-il, who was
the military-oriented leader of the country for over a decade until his death in 2011.
Kim Jong-un has continued the country’s nuclear testing and what is believed to be
the development of missile technology despite international disapproval. He has pledged
to focus on educational and economic reforms and is more mediagenic in his approach to
leadership than his father. In the summer of 2012, it was revealed that
Kim had taken a wife, Ri Sol-ju. While the couple’s exact wedding date is unknown, one
source reported it as 2009. It has also been speculated that the couple have a child.
North Korea’s controversial supreme leader Kim Jong-un has an estimated $5 billion at
his disposal, according to the Huffington Post. The UN says this money should be spent
on raising standards in this impoverished country and on its people but much of it isn’t.
He reportedly spends an average $30 million each year on importing liquors into the country
for his elite circles. His favorites are whisky and cognac, but not just any brands. He prefers
the more expensive kinds such as Hennessy which can cost up to $2,145 for the best bottle.
Kim spares no expense when it comes to his diet. He’s been known to order in top quality
pork from Denmark, caviar delivered from Iran, Chinese melon and steaks of Kobe beef, a Japanese
delicacy. While the exact figure he spends on feeding himself and his inner circle the
best cuisine in the world is not known, the sum is estimated to be in the millions.
Most people will only ever dream of owning a yacht, but Kim Jong-un is the proud owner
of a 200-foot yacht that was described by his friend Dennis Rodman as a “cross between
a ferry and Disney boat”. The top-of-the-line Princess yacht is kitted out with a Fendi
interior and is valued at a cool $8 million. The Telegraph reports that the textbooks taught
in North Korean schools apparently claim that Kim was a child prodigy who learned how to
drive at the tender age of three. What is true is that he has quite an impressive garage.
It’s been reported that he owns up to 100 cars after beginning to collect them at a
very young age. His favorite brand is Mercedes-Benz. Kim recently gave an inside glimpse at his
newly re-vamped private jet aptly named Air Force Un – a reference to the United States’
Presidential aircraft, Air Force One. Having added luxurious touches like crystal ash trays
and leather couches, the new look is a lot more lavish than the plane’s previously
clinical interior and is likely to have cost him around $1.5 million.


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