Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′  – Binnacle
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Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – Binnacle

October 10, 2019

In this conversation, I would like to share a little bit about the console with you. The first thing I want you to notice is that the hard top is all-welded aluminum, and there’s lots of handrails. The big deal about welded aluminum is it is not going to rot, tear, fall apart the way traditional fabric hardtops do. The next thing we should look at it is handrailings. Lots of places to hold on. Also consider that the navigation light is up here. It is certainly easier to see there then down here when the water is rough. This is the door access to go underneath the console … to go in and work on any of the electronics or service any of the electrical. What we see in here are three battery boxes, master shut-offs for those battery boxes, and then all of our wiring. And if you notice, the wiring is actually all well-strapped and tied down. This is an emergency box that has special gear for an emergency. This is the main binnacle; there’s lots of interesting things to see. The first is that there are many removable panels; so in the future when you have a new GPS or a radio or computer, and you need a place to mount it, you can remove this panel or this panel and you can mount it out on the bench and bring it back in. And if you think about it, from where we were underneath, there was access to it right here. You don’t have to stand on your head to work on these components. That’s a big advantage. Another thing you should see here is that there’s lots of room. Even though we are only in a 21 footer, we have a lot of access here, and then we could also yoke mount electronics right above. So there’s a little bit about the 21 footer and its console: lots of room to work, lots of places to hold on, a good stable working platform.

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