What does Sunbrella fabrics,  boating, pantyhose and the moon have in common?
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    What does Sunbrella fabrics, boating, pantyhose and the moon have in common?

    October 20, 2019

    Hey Sarah O’ Kelly here with Skipper’s
    Review TV. I’m at the West Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019 here in
    Florida. Absolutely gorgeous day and I am with William McDaniel. Bill McDaniel
    Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. There you go One of those fabrics being
    Sunbrella. So it’s not exactly an exciting topic but it is a topic that we
    can all relate too. We’re gonna talk of course about the Marine end of
    things. Bimini tops, cushion covers, but I’m interested to know how did Sunbrella
    come up with and how do they get to the top of the line as far as no mildew,
    color not fading, you can scrub it with whatever? How did all that start and come
    about? Well it’s basically that is a factor of the fiber itself but Glen
    Raven is a hundred and fifty year old textile company. Sunbrella was
    founded in 1960 so we’re a 50 year old plus, product. The
    unique thing about Sunbrella is that it’s the the color actually is an
    integral part of the fiber. So at the point that the fiber is extruded or it’s
    formed, the colors put in prior to that.. our clothes for instance are basically
    the fibers formed, it’s died after the fact and it if you cut it it looks like
    a radish, the color doesn’t go all the way through. The durability, the
    performance, all of those characteristics are built into the fiber. So it’s not
    necessarily anything that we add to it. What about the factor of no mildew,
    how come there’s no mildew, mold all that? Well again, being a man-made fiber, mold
    and mildew is actually a microorganism so it has to have a food source or a
    protein source to be able to actually grow and and to live. If something
    gets onto the fiber or onto the fabric that if you spill something and don’t
    clean it off or whatever, then it has a potential for mold and mildew to grow.
    The other unique thing, don’t worry about it, if that happens because you can use a
    hundred percent bleach on Sunbrella and it has no effect on the
    color or the strength and it’ll kill the mold and clean it right up.
    So Sunbrella is like it’s a household name when it comes to outdoor fabrics
    and coverings, how did it start, how did it end up becoming what it is now? Well
    our company, Glen Raven, just a real brief history we started out life as a as a
    hosiery mill. One of our founders invented the pantyhose. The flag
    that’s on the moon is made from fabric is made in Glen Raven
    company. We transitioned into the awning business, again prior to
    the 1960, and at that time the fiber manufacturer came to us and said we have
    this unique product we’d like for you to look at for outdoor applications that’s
    how it got started at at that point it was two or three different styles and
    colors and now it’s literally hundreds of not thousands. Do you have any
    other newer products coming on the line or you still got the standard of what
    you’ve been offering for a number of years? I’m sorry, actually this year, very excited about
    this, it’s a product called Horizon. it’s a it’s a vinyl based product that
    has a five-year warranty against loss of color or strength or any kind of
    atmospheric intervention but uniquely it also has a three year warranty against
    bacterial staining or pinking which is something that’s sort of been an issue
    over the last few years. If it does do that within those three year
    time span, we also have a $40 per yard labor
    allowance to correct that. So it’s it’s the first time in the history of the
    company that we have a sunbrella branded product that’s not woven and it’s
    complementary to the fabrics that we do weave so we’re very excited about that
    and it’ll be available in just a very short time. What kind of uses will that
    be used for you think? It’s primarily seating, so you can use it in a cockpit
    area. What we like to say is Sunbrella is imminently cleanable but it’s not
    necessarily wipeable. This product is something you can wipe off as
    something gets on there. Typically if you get to it early enough
    you can wipe anything off of Sunbrella it’ll come off but if it stays
    there and it does happen to stain then it is cleanable but it’s not wipeable. so
    that’s what we were after All right, well thank you so much Bill.
    Thank you guys for watching and Sarah O’ Kelly at Skippers Review TV at the
    West Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019

    Boating At Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
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    Boating At Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

    October 20, 2019

    Yes, ranjan yes… Mr. Ranjan He has been paddling this boat for an hour. But also he has not got tired. Similarly On the occasion of holi, Mr. Ranjan Hehehehe… Doing well… Mr. Ranjan… Do you want go say anything about it??? Yeah… He might have been tired I want to say…HOSTHE HAISE Ranjan What do you eat daily that you get this much of energy?? Its not about diet.… The environment of Japan’s pond There’s our friends too But not in this boat in the red boat behind there Ok, now we can see Oh no… again it has been blocked by that yellow boat Here we can see boat everywhere in Japan That guy is paddling so smoothly We are going to collide on that rock Oh my God…It was about to fall What.?? Don’t shake it man.‥ My gosh, it was so terrifying The water seems coming out from here We don’t know what’s happening There may be something huge… The bird is trying to eat something there The water may be coming out from somewhere there Ohh, there’s our friend Although, we can’t see It’s nearly been an hour has been paddling this No, it’s not Ok, now meet our friends on this boat Ok…, click…, hey hey… Yes… Yes, Hello Rupa jee Rupa jee are you taking video.??? Haha, both are taking at once So afraid of drowning It’s been so harder for him Comm’on Randy bro… On the occasion of holii… HAPPYY HOLII…

    PortMate: Most Risky Situations in Boating (4/5): Boat fire
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    PortMate: Most Risky Situations in Boating (4/5): Boat fire

    October 20, 2019

    Fire at sea At sea always, wear life jackets At any time keep your fire extinguishers in good order This can happen to you Exercise to fight the fire In case of fire, turn your boat to the most favorable direction to the wind Try to restrict and reduce the fire by closing doors, portholes and other openings Extinguish the fire by using appropriate means If fire is in the engine room, do not open the hatch or door leading to engine room before turning off the engine, shutting down fuel supply and remove electrical fuses If fire is in the galley, shut down gas, if any,
    DO NOT USE WATER INTO GREASE FIRE! If fire is in the cabin, do not enter without proper extinguisher Many different synthetic materials used in the boats cause toxic smoke when burning if time permits, activate distress call – “FIRE” As a last action prepare to abandon the boat Exercise for these! This is fire fighting exercise area is in Pori You can join these courses to rehears to use extinguishers We strongly recommend that

    Hyderabad Food Tour with Realme | Fish Point at Hala Naka | Resham Gali | Pakistani Street Food
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    Hyderabad Food Tour with Realme | Fish Point at Hala Naka | Resham Gali | Pakistani Street Food

    October 20, 2019

    Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak. And today we’re going to the historical city of Pakistan, Hyderabad. Although there are a lot of places for sightseeing & food in Hyderabad… …but today we’ll be visiting Resham Gali, Hyderabad. There bangles are famous in the entire country. Also we’ll try out Hyderabad’s famous fish. Breeze Fish Point’s Fish is so famous people come from different cities to try it out. A few of my university friends will be with me in this trip. And also with me will be my new “Realme 5 Smartphone”. This phone has Quad Rear Camera Setup… A long-lasting 5000mAh Battery… Super Fast Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core Processor… And a Beautiful Crystal Design. So let’s start our journey towards Hyderabad. Chalain! There’s a spot at Ali Baba Fuel Station & a lot of people have stopped here. People en route to Hyderabad stop here. This is the Nooriabad stop. A Tea Stall here and it’s quite crowded. He’s got Pakora’s here. What else do you have? Samosa’s, Pakora’s & Aloo Pakora’s as well. So this place is open 24 Hrs? No it’s 12 to 12. Is the restaurant open 24 Hrs? That too closes at 12 AM Midnight. So the Tea & Samosa’s are available there. And here at this “My Shop” they have French Fries & Juices and stuff. Hot & Crispy Fries are here. And how much are they? Rs. 200 Each. Large one is for Rs. 200. We’ve ordered only 3 items. This is the Pakora. It tastes good, but became cold ’cause of the weather, it just rained here. Aloo Tikki has huge chunk of potato in the middle. It’s good. Everything is a bit cold… I was expecting them to be warm. Let’s try out the tea. The tea is good. But these French Fries are really good. What phone is this Zia? This is my Realme 5. I got this for PKR 26,000. It’s a really amazing phone. It has 4GB RAM & 64GB Internal Storage. The 128GB Memory Variant is around PKR 32,000. It has a lot of features. One of the main one is its Quad Camera Setup… …and it has a Super-Fast Processor. And it has a long-lasting battery as well. And what’s this phone called? Realme 5. Ahad here is our Group Leader. We’ll be going towards Resham Gali from Hyderabad Bypass. Will we reach there before Sunset? I hope so. It might get dark? I think so, yeah. So finally we’re in Hyderabad… …and this is Hyderabad’s Resham Gali. It’s a really amazing place… …A lot of happening in this place. This place has a huge Bangles & Jewellery Market. And there are a lot of small food stalls at different points. What’s this? These are Potato Papad (Aloo Papri). This is a special item from Hyderabad. And how much is this? Its Rs.100 /250 Gm. My Aunt used to bring it for us in Karachi when she lived here. And I’m having this after a long time so let’s check it out. It’s a special gift from Hyderabad. The masala & oil on top of it gives it its flavor. Here’s a stall for Spring Rolls. Samosa’s & Spring Rolls are being fried here. And right in front of it is a Panipuri stall (Gol Gappay). The market is really crowded right now. So he’s your friend? Yes we work together. I watch all your Vlogs. Thank you so much! Is this Henna? Yes it is. Do you have cone as well? How much is this cone? Rs. 30 & 50. What food item do you like of this place? I like rolls of this place a lot. Are all these glass bangles? We have metal as well. Show me a few of them. This is Resham Gali & right next to it is Dehli Royal Fast Food. This place is crowded too. What was the reason behind naming this shop “Delhi”? We’re from Delhi. Your parents were from Delhi? Yes. So how old is this shop? About 45 years. And since then you have the same name? It’s a quarter chicken with a wing & a chest piece. And 2 bread slices with some French Fries. Chicken’s fried perfectly. Crispy from the top & doesn’t taste bland from inside. Now from Resham Gali we’re going to try out Shabbir’s Sandwich. I’ve heard that place has some good sandwiches as well. Let’s try it out as well. I’ve heard your sandwiches are really famous. What’s so special about it? Nothing special, just made from regular Dal & Eggs. You make it with eggs as well? Yes. It’s really famous. My brothers & I have been eating this since childhood. Let’s try it out then. It’s local style setup here. It’s a pretty big bun & they make 6 portions out of it. And 1 portion is around is Rs. 40. This the mixture of Dal & Kebab. And that’s how they put it on the bun. So this is the original Hyderabadi Sandwich. It has layers of Dal & Eggs… …topped off with Chutney & some masala’s. Looks crispy from outside & soft from inside. Wow! It tastes really good! The spices are a bit sour. Dal & Eggs are balanced as well. But the main thing is its spiciness. Really tasty. My friend Adeel brought me here. Been coming here since childhood. Thank you for bringing us here. Great! So finally we’re at Breeze Fish Restaurant. Karahi’s are being prepared here. What do you guys have in the menu? Mutton & Chicken Karahi, Fish Barbecue & Fried. What kinda fishes you have? We have Rohu & Salmon. Rohu is Rs.1200/Kg & Salmon is Rs. 1600/Kg. What about Karahi? Mutton is Rs.1600/Kg & Chicken is Rs.900/Kg. Now you’ll put the spices on it? Yes. What’s your name?…Waseem. Waseem is putting the spices on it & that’s what I think is its special ingredient. Is this specially made? Yes it is. It’s our own recipe. That’s why fish is so famous? Yeah. Some Tamarind Chutney on top. He first put the spices after frying and then tamarind chutney. Then I’ll pour oil on it again. Oil again? Yes exactly. It’s taste enhances after putting oil on it again. Lal Muhammad is marinating the Grilled Fish. Our food has arrived. This is the Chicken Karahi & this is Mutton Karahi. This is all Fried Fish. This one’s the Grilled Fish. And this is the Fried Fish. And these are the Karahi’s & Chapati & Naan. Let’s try this Grilled Fish first. It’s boneless & they use their special spices on it. The fish tastes great and the spices which they’ve put on it. It’s a bit spicy so let’s taste it with this Raita. It’s a really great fish. This is Grilled Rohu & the spices on it look amazing. I haven’t had fish like this anywhere. The spices are absolutely amazing. The spices have a unique taste. Really great. The best thing is that the fish is fresh. Their Karahi is also really famous. The Karahi has that authentic taste. The Karahi is great as well. So this Grilled Fish, Fried Fish & Karahi… …all 3 of these items tasted great. So this concludes our trip to Hyderabad. I hope you all liked this video. If you did then please be sure to Like, Comment & Share. Comment down your suggestions below & follow me on Instagram(@streetfoodpk). I’ll see you guys in the next epsiode. Allah Hafiz!

    A trip to Giethoorn with electric boating (4K with English subtitles)
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    A trip to Giethoorn with electric boating (4K with English subtitles)

    October 20, 2019

    Good Morning Every0ne… Today we’re going to Giethoorn… Someoen told me it’s a Very beautiful place It’s called the Venice of Netherlands Currently I am at Zuid Station… From Zuid to Steenwijk there is a direct train The frequency is every one hour. If you miss it once you’ll have wait another hour for the train And this train will reach Steenwijk in one and a half hour If you can go early morning, it’s good Today my wife Charu is with me. And three more people will join us at Steenwijk They will come from Utrecht… We will go from Zuid Station… And after meeting there, we’ll take a bus to Giethoorn Sagar… Charu… Madhuri… Sunil… Rajiv… Sam… Sam… SPAM… She didn’t speak… No I said it… you’re not listening… Here we’ve taken a self drive boat… And it will be for 8 people I will be the captain… I’ve said it so confidently that I can steer the boat that everyone trusted me. We’ll see how these two hours will be going then. For two hours, everyone’s life’s responsibility is on me… We’ll put our canoeing experience to self drive boats It will not work, Canoeing is very much different from boat ride Yeah… OK But that’s also boat and this is also a boat and on the water… Here, in fact, we’ll not have to push it… It’s an electric engine boat… We’ll go for two hours… and we will have fun… now we go to pick something… because it will be two hours and we’re hungry… Yeah… we’re going to PLUS Take away… Grocery store kind of thing… we shouldn’t be hungry or thirsty for two hours… we should have something to drink. So, we’re going to plus… And we’ll take something from there… and after that we’ll go for boating Driver… Understand this… So.. I go to the back? SHOULD I? captain You can call me Tui… TUI? YEAH…. My name is Miranda… And You? I am Ming… yeah hi guys
    let’s start now our journey Guys… I cannot see in the front by the way… How’re you feeling steering the boat? I am feeling great… We’re not feeling the same… Why you’re not feeling good about it? I am just kidding… Kidding? you’re making him lose his confidence… i am helping him boost his confidence in fact. This is not the way He’ll be eating in the video also… And this video is going to YouTube… HEAD DOWN… Everybody head down… Let’s go… Let’s go… [AFTER ONE HOUR] Captain straight… Captain we need to go straight… Steer straight… [AFTER ANOTHER HOUR] thank you… OH….. Don’t get distracted I’m wondering how to keep it in just one direction. Yeah you need to try for it Always Move… Correct… I should always move… right? CORRECT OKAY… I SEE Madhuri open your google map please Madhuri or Google? Google… Google please open Madhuri map.. No internet… NO INTERNET??? No internet… no signal… what I will do? Just follow the boat… Do you want it slower? or do you want it faster? Right right… Hari… see there is number 4 Yes… YES… Take the right… we need to go there… Finally…. You can smile also… and don’t feel tensed okay you can smile but keep an eye over there… Okay… Because this is quite narrow I’m not sure yeah Even canal gets traffic jam… We’re coming after two hours….. we took the boat for one hour… No two hours.. . And we’re coming after almost 3 hours.. Where we were lost even we don’t know that… How was your experience by the way? AWESOME… three hours awesome journey And Hari helped us roam everywhere Because no one else was able to steer the boat No he did… So.. how was it? It was really an awesome experience… thanks to Mr. Hari…. He’s a great driver… DRIVER? Driver NO… Pilot pilot…. Captain Captain…. Share your experiences Hi.. Very Good… How was the journey? Very Professional…. Good driver.. 🤪 Now we’re going to return it And I need to take back my RP card… Okay… SUSHI… Now we are hungry… And we’re going somewhere to eat… what? Very Hungry… Angry and tired both…. It’s very difficult to steer a boat…. not that easy Specially when so many boats are banging into each other… Now we’re going to recharge ourselves… and phone battery is also down So… we’ll charge the phone… .and ourselves… And after that… .we will continue… Guys… Beautiful Place… No cars allowed… so many bridges.. canal… Beautiful houses… [GOING BACK] okay guys we are at our last station and it’s almost 8 O’clock This is the time we will close the video… But.. if you’ve enjoyed the video.. Do subscribe the video… Hit the bell icon…. Share the video with your friends… And… give a suggestion in the comment section, if you already know where we can go… give us a comment and we’ll try to go there…. Okay guys… like our videos… subscribe our channel and hit the bell icon… so that you can get videos and notifications when we are putting the new videos…. Okay.. bye bye… have a nice day… Bye…