Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5
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Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5

December 9, 2019

Good Afternoon guys Welcome back to my Channel and i am with Demi we are in Canggu Area if you haven’t seen previous videos then go and see now in previous video, yesterday we faced a lot of problem and we have to stay in that area only we can’t finish 2 waterfalls we improvised our plan and today we explored those waterfalls and after that we drove for 2 to 3 hrs and finally we are here today is the 5th and last day in Bali so quickly apply sunscreen on your body because we gonna cover up most beautiful beaches of Bali so let’s gooooo So guys here we are we are in Canggu Beach and this beach is very very big here the water is clean and its very popular as you can do a lot of water activities waves hear are perfect for surfing So guys we are in Seminyak and the 2nd Beach is Seminyak Beach this beach i like the most personally its clean and a lot of space to walk around its all flat surface you can see its clean the water is very clean too not that crowdy i personally like it if the beach is not crowdy that its good as you can enjoy a lot Demi : I like this one so guys we are finally reached Kuta Beach this beach is around 5 to 6 Km long so this fucking huge for parking you have to remember that which place you parked you vehicle because you will find a lot of gates here to enter in the beach and i don’t want that in the end you forget that which gate you parked your vehicle as there a re no gate number as i told you there are a lot of gates to enter crowd will be more and less it depends from which gate you are coming in So guys we are in Azul Beach Club and we are chilling here as our trip is about to be end tonight 1 AM is our flight and here we want to spend at least one hour to two hrs we gonna take massage because our body is in pain because we are traveling non stop from last 5 days North, East, Wast, South we covered most of it you can remember this name Azul Beach Club this place is perfect you can see sunset from here perfect Kuta Beach view from here Its amazing view from here good food and good drinks so lets end this trip and video right here we have to leave to Bangkok from tomorrow i have to do job Demi have to do job but the videos will not gonna stop my travelling will not stop If you like this Bali Series then share it with your friends and family a lot of information is there show it to everyone and if you haven’t seen pervious videos then go and watch and in the end please Subscribe hit he like button and you know guys what to do Stay Awara


  • Reply Kanjana Chiamphanitnan December 6, 2019 at 5:20 am

    I like the beach club!!

  • Reply Amit kumar yadav December 6, 2019 at 5:52 am

    You give very detailed information about the place which impressed me a lot…Is there any charges for Entering in Azul beach club?

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    Good job ?

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    So detailed ❤️??

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