Bandits Jailbreak! The Beach House Escapes!
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Bandits Jailbreak! The Beach House Escapes!

December 4, 2019

Previously on The Beach House Bandit: That YouTube Family is still at large. If anyone sees them report it immediately. Michael: Did you hear that? Michael: Yeah, well they captured us. We’ve read that in the newspaper article yesterday. Michael: Is that your brother?! Michael: That’s your brother Jared! Bandit: Well? Say something. Becca: [sneezes] Bandit: Imposter! Michael: Okay let’s go! Go go go go go go go! Michael: All right, wish me luck. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ [door squeaks] ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: I think this is the prison. Michael: I think I see a guard right here. Michael: But he’s asleep. Michael: Check it out. Michael: There’s a cell. i’m gonna see if they’re in there. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: It’s them. It’s us. Well, the other us. Okay. I need to find a way to get them out fast. Michael: I think I see the keys. Michael: Someone’s coming! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Bandit 1: Wake up scumbag! Bandit 2: I’m awake. I’ve been awake. Bandit 1: Did you let the prisoners out?! Bandit 2: No, they’re in there the whole time. I got the keys right here. Bandit 1: I saw them with my own eyes! Bandit 2: Well, they’re all right there. One, two, three, four. Bandit 1: I know I saw them! Bandit 2: I had my eyes on them the whole time. Bandit 1: Well, must have been a look alike. Bandit 1: You make sure to keep a close eye on them next time! Bandit 2: I have. Michael: The second bandit’s gone. It looks like the main guard is asleep now. James: Mom! Dad! I think I hear something. Becca: Looks like the guard is asleep. Becca: Somebody else is in there! ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: It’s just his glasses. He’s asleep. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ [keys jingling] Bandit 2: [snoring] ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: I’m here to rescue you. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ [door unlocks] Bandit 2: Wait..who? what are you doing here? Michael: Uh..I’m here. I’m you’re replacement. Bandit 2: I’m here like twelve hours. Straight. Bandit 2: Good job. Keep going. Michael: Okay. Michael: He’s gone. Okay, he just left. I opened the door. I’m going to let my family out. Hang on. Michael: Okay, everybody. Becca: Guys come on! Let’s go! Corbin: Come on dad! Michael 2: Thank you. Thank you so much. Let’s go, let’s go. Thank you. Michael: You’re welcome. Michael 2: Thanks again. Michael: You’re very welcome. Michael 2: Thank you. Michael: Have a good day. Michael: Okay, they’re gone. I didn’t want them to know it was me because I didn’t want things to get… Michael: Really really weird. So I figured it’d be easier if we just… Michael: If they just got set free and leave it at that. Michael: But, I need to figure out something to do with this bandit cause I think he might come back. Michael: Once he realizes that his keys are gone. Oh that was really stressful. Michael: I’m tired. Michael: We’re really wiped out. But I’m really glad that I was able to get the family set free. Oh man, that was that was terrifying. Michael: So, I’ve got an idea. Michael: I have a feeling that that bandit, who was guarding right here is gonna come back, when he realizes that his keys are gone. Michael: And he’s probably not gonna be very happy. So. Michael: To protect myself, I’m gonna handcuff him. Michael: That way, I don’t have to worry about him doing anything to me. Michael: So, I’m gonna set these handcuffs up. I think I’m gonna handcuff him to the.. Michael: Maybe to the door. Yeah, I’m gonna handcuff him to the door I think. Michael: So, let me get it setup. I think he might be coming back soon. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: I hear him coming. [footsteps] Bandit 2: I seem to have lost my keys. Michael: There…there. Right there! Bandit 2: Where is that family?! Michael: They’re gone. You’re stuck now. Michael: I’ve got you. Bandit 2: What do you think you’re doing? You’re supposed to be watching them. Michael: it’s time to see who you really are. Bandit 2: You look kinda familiar. Michael: Well, that’s because I was imprisoned in there and now it’s your turn. Bandit 2: What do you mean you’re imprisoned there? Bandit 2: What do you mean by that? Michael: Well, I wasn’t. But the other me was. Bandit 2: You’re speaking gibberish! Michael: That’s okay. It might not make any sense to you but I think it’s time to see what’s underneath this mask and.. Bandit 2: Don’t you dare take off my mask. Michael: You tormented my family for long enough. Now it’s time to see who’s behind the mask. Bandit 2: No no no no! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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