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October 10, 2019

– Previously on ‘The Bandits” And that family. – Where do I hide they
shellac family can’t find it. (chimes) What’s this? A secret spot! (beeps) That’s perfect for our tracker. – Already guys, we’re
getting ready to leave, because we are going
to try meeting up with the beach-house and with Audrey again, we’re going to bring
the treasures together. It’s happening! Guys we gotta go! – We gotta go. – Go go go! Alrighty guys, so we are headed
down to meet up with Rachel. I don’t want to be late to
meeting up with the co-ordinates, cause what if they leave without us. – I’m here! Oh Audrey! How are you doing? When you arrive at the co-ordinates, just maybe circle around a couple of times and make sure nobody’s following you and then hurry and get into the garage. – Okay. I’ll try to be sneaky, so they don’t see me. – And we just have to be extra-cautious. – I know that they are meeting up with the beach-house. Calling all bandits! (buzzing) – I’m here. (buzzing) – We’re here Doc! – We’re gonna all go to where
we last saw the tracker. Let’s slowly move in. – Alrighty guys we just
arrived to the house. – Right downstairs, come downstairs. – Go go with them, here now. Hurry hurry hurry~ (rooster crowing) – Let’s split up. There’s
too many houses here. – Already guys we’re bringing
our treasure together. Let’s go! Aye! (unlocks) – We got the bandit’s cash. – The treasures are close. (dramatic music plays) – Whoa! What is happening to the bottle? The bottle! Guys! (thuds) Whoa! What is happening to the bottle? The bottle! Guys! (thuds) – Who are you that summoned me? – Guys that really was a Genie! – What? O my gosh! – I thought there wasn’t gonna… – I thought there was a genie! – I thought the genie is gone. – There’s a genie. – We needed all treasures
together to bring him here. – That is so cool! (coughs) – Hey guys! How’s it going? – What. Who are you? – I’m Brad. I’m a genie. You probably just wanna call me a genie, but um. That’s my name. – Brad the genie? – Brad do you have magical powers? – I guess you can say that. Uh I didn’t. I kinda just showed up here, in the, in the lamp. I found an old lamp at
the thrift store and, here I am! Yeah, I’ve got some powers. – Wait. Does that mean we
actually get like 3 wishes? Are you real deal genie? – Okay, okay, you don’t
always get 3 wishes. It kinda depends, there’s
a lot of complicated stuff. You get one most of the time. – Guys what should we wish for? – One wish? – What should we wish for? – I don’t know. – How do I, come on Joanne. – Come here. – You have one wish. – One wish. What do you wanna wish for? Guys be careful we can’t undo
what we wish for something. – OK should we wish for world peace? – Don’t! Don’t say anything. – I said should we? It’s a question. – Uh okay. – Okay? – Form all your responses
in the form of question. – Maybe we should wish for
the bandits to be gone? – That’s a good way. – Oh that’s a good one too. – How about. How about. money? – Money? – No we’ve got money in
the bandit’s treasure. – Like million things. – Should we wish for like all the money? – Let’s do it! – But then you can’t buy anything. – Oh ha ha! – Wait. We should probably
investigate more about this Brad genie. – Yeah. Yeah. Let me see
what his limitations are. – Brad, can you – Can we wish for more wishes? – Oh! – I see what you’re trying to do but no you can’t do that. – Can you. – That’s smart genie! Yeah! – He saw that one coming, didn’t he? Can you grant true love? – Okay you should know by
now you’ve seen movies. This, this is not how it works. You know. You gotta wish for something real. – What should we wish for? – Alright. Um. – Alright we’ll get right back to you. We’re gonna think about
what we wanna wish for. Take it. – If we wish for a 100 trillion dollars, then we can like, buy all the things that
we could ever want. We’ll split it with you guys 50-50. Everybody gets equal share. – We might even get world peace. – Like we could solve ll the
world financial problems. – I don’t think money buys
happiness. That’s the problem. – Yeah. – I think we need world peace. – I think we should wish for world peace. – Yeah, then it could just automatically. you know world peace is great, like I agree with you but
I think if you had money then you can get world peace and more like its so much better cause then there’s no more homeless people in the world, like you
can help so many people, you know all the charities that you can – Two-for-one deal! Like
you can totally work. – And we can get all the good things. – So the money then? Or? – World Peace! No money! No money! – World peace! World peace! Money! – Silence! Hate to interrupt, but the
bandits are on their way, so you might wanna pick
up the pace on this. – World peace guys! – Wait, the bandits know where we’re at? – I think you know what,
we’re going to go check and keep and eye out for the bandits okay? – Hey guys, I thought
this was a safe location! – We gotta go. – Wait wait wait. – How did bandits find us? – Go go go. (dramatic music) – Oh my gosh guys its cold out here but we have to go look out for the bandits. – How? How’re they finding us? There’s no way. I thought
this was a safe zone. – Oh my gosh. (wind blowing) Why can’t we just go? Guys. Let’s go. Let’s go. Guys, time. There is a bandit over there. Just go. (whining) – I know but go go go. I don’t think he’s seen
us. Let’s go lets go. – Oh geez! – I think we need to lead
him away from the genie. – Look look. – We need to lead him away. – Should I be tribute? – What? No should we split up? – You go that way, we’ll go this way. – Okay. Alright. Go. Go. – Split up. Split up. – Oh my goodness. – Come on mom! – Go David go, he’s coming. Go! (dramatic music) (wind blowing) – Guys run! Run! – Wait, what’s dad doing? – He’s just tracking the bandits. We need to hurry. We need to get the bandits
away from the genie, so the bandits cannot get the
genie before we do our wish. Guys, he clearly gave one wish! – Guys, is that the bandit’s
man and his (inaudible) guys faster! – Guys… – No no no no! – The bandit! He reached us! Come on guys. – We cannot let him get our wish. If he gets our wish, go some more for the bandits. – Go! Come on now you can. – We cannot let the bandits get the genie. – Wait, is that more than
one? Is it more than one? – He said bandits not one! – Maybe we go, this is not, yeah this is not gonna hold
them back. We gotta get going. – Let’s calm down, let’s
strong it down the road. This is not the first time one. Come on. – Let’s go. Go go go. – Go go go. Guys we gonna lead the bandits. We’re leading the bandits
away from the house, cause we don’t want them knowing that the genie is in there.
Cause we only have one wish. If the bandits get that
wish, that’s not good. Its over. Yeah. They’ll have
all the power in the world if they get that wish. Then you know what happens when person gets all the power, bad. – Its not following us. – Did we leave them astray? – He’s just staring at us. – Guys. He’s walking back! No no no don’t go back.
We can’t let him get away. – We need to trap him. – We gotta trap the bandits. How’re we gonna get him away? – Are they trying to draw
us away from the genie? How? Maybe we should just get back in and make our final wish. – Okay let’s go find it. Let’s do it. I think we
just gotta get in there. Tell the beach-house
to make our final wish. Is that or they gonna get the power to do anything they want. Michael, Rebecca, the bandits were coming. – You saw the bandit? – The bandits are coming
and about to make a wish before we can wish. We need to decide on a wish right now. Like now! Right now. – How many of them are there? – How many are there? Are there? – I don’t know – its a lot. – We saw. Yeah. They are there. And they’re trying to lure
us away from the house. That they are here at the house. We need to get the wish. – Okay so. – We need to hurry. So what’s gonna happen
is they friend the genie and ask for a wish. I think world peace. I think world peace. World peace it is. What do you think guys? – I think its trillion dollars. – World peace. – Wait wait. Did you learn
anything about this guy? Yeah. Yeah. He’s just a regular
guy turned into a genie. Pretty crazy story actually. Alright we’re all hear all about it later. – Let’s. Let’s get our wish. – So, trillion dollars, right? – No. No. World peace. – Guys trillion makes more sense. It’ll help everybody in whole world. – How about we just wish
for world peace though and then you don’t have to worry about that. – But has money solved world peace and everybody gets (inaudible)
like its amazing – World peace and we’ll
all be happy, yeah. – Why don’t you guys understand this? – How’re you gonna create that
much money around the world? – Yeah that’s true. How? – Alright guys, last
chance. Bandits are here. You have one more chance or else this isn’t gonna work. Anyone? – I wish to have a ice-cream cone. – Sounds good to me. (screaming) – No way! The world peace? – We lost our wish! – Guys there’s not even
an ice-cream in cone! – This is a cone! – Just a cone? – That’s what he wished for. (chuckles) It was just one and only wish! – How am I the bad guy here? – At least Charlie’s happy! – All that work for an ice-cream cone? (sighs) – Oh! Look at the treasure! The treasure! Its disappearing! (loud boom) – oh god! – What? That’s it? No more
treasure, no more wishes? – Look, you guys made
a wish, its gone now. – Wait, maybe I’ll have
all the tresaures again then maybe you’ll grant another one. – They’re gone! They’re gone! – Maybe. Ah. We just got an
ice-cream cone? Oh that’s it? – Okay okay look look. – It doesn’t even have ice-cream in it. – Its what he wished for okay? – Oh! – Hey, look I feel bad. I mean obviously that’s
not what you guys wanted. I might have something
that you guys might like. – What? What’s that? Really? – World peace? – No. – Trillion dollars? – No! – Oh gosh! (chuckles) (sighs) – Here. – Uh? Whoa! What’s it for? – A paper? Burn it! – It is a map. – A map? Cool! – Yes. I came across it a while ago and I kinda held on to it, you
know not much use for it there in the bottle. – Okay. – So. Well… – Where does it go? – Where else do you think
it goes? Its a treasure map. (exclaims) – More treasure? – More treasure really? – We all know that that’s not. – Should we do it? Should
we take it from him? – Yeah. Lets take the treasure guys. – Be my guest! You can have it. – Guys! Awesome! (loud boom) – he’s gone! The genie’s gone. – He disappeared! Wait.
But he left the map. – Okay wait. So do we
start all over again? – We got the map. Where
does the map go to? – Guys. What? – There’s two different maps in it? (knocking on door) – guys we gotta go. Its the bandits. (screaming) – Let’s go. Go go go. – Let’s get out of here. – Its the bandits.Let’s
go. Go go go go go. – Go go go go… – Alrighty guys we made our way out. And so far we’re doing pretty good. That was a close call
in the neighborhood as we were trying to get out because we saw several mini-bandits. – Yeah. – Around that neighborhood.
They were around the house. They were hiding in
different places. I hope not. Anyway, we’re keeping our eyes open. But we got this map! So
we need to figure out what is going on with this map. It looks like… – Its gotta lot of stuff on it. I don’t know.I see
mountains, I see pathways. – What’s autopsy? – A fire, the secret. – The secret? – And then it has an O. The secret something
something O something. I don’t know. – You think it might be the secret – Oh there is like, even like
a little tank thingy on there, that could lead us to a historic site. – There’s water. – There’s water, with a boat – a boat. – There’s looks like crossed bones. I think there’s cross
bones that we’re on here, but its kinda torn. (engine running) there is a ladder, what? A road? I don’t know! I don’t know where this map is going but we’re going to put this
away for safe-keeping. So that we don’t loose this and so that the bandits don’t
see it as we’re driving. And then go on the run. But I think that they know something.
They know we made a wish. They know that we brought
the treasures together. I don’t know. Maybe they don’t
know that we made a wish. Because maybe they don’t
know about the genie. Maybe they do. I don’t know. – I have no idea what they know. – That they know that we
got the treasure together. And they want whatever
we got from bringing that treasure together. So we’re going to hide this map. – Should we put it up here
in our secret compartment? – Yeah, alrighty so we have
this secret hiding place. I’m just going to put it
in our secret compartment. – That’s a good idea. So nobody could. Wait a second! – What? – There is a tracker! – What? – How did they got one in here? – Watch where you’re driving
but there is a tracker guys. There is a tracker. Turn down
the window. Oh my gosh guys! Gabriel! Throw throw throw throw it. I can’t see how the throw look. – I got it. – Oh my gosh. – Roll the window. – Okay I gotta get the
map in here. Whoa. wait. Is that a good place
to put the map now that the bandits obviously know about it? – Yeah they know that here’s a compartment cause there’s a tracker in there. – I don’t know what to do. What do we do? – I don’t know. – The bandits are getting
closer. You need to hurry. – Okay. We gotta get out of here. – Go. (loud boom) (dramatic music)

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