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Beaching Your Boat So You Can Leave Again | BoatUS

August 23, 2019

Hi, I’m Mike Vatalaro with BoatUS Magazine. Today we’re going to show you a technique for tanking your boat just off
the beach. I know it’s it’s tempting on a beautiful day like this to drive the
boat in and just leave it nose to the sand, but there’s a lot of problems with
that. You can very easily get stranded by the falling tide, or if you’re not paying
attention, your boat could be washed away by the by the rising tide. So, if you
want to relax on the beach, it’s usually best to set your boat up – sort of like
this – behind the anchor, just offshore. That gives you easy access on or off
the boat by the transom, and you can hear the stereo better. It makes it a lot more fun
for everybody. So, we’re going to take you through it right now. Okay, so we’ve got
our anchor set up in the back corner of the boat. Anne is going to lower it over
gently, and drop the hook where we need it to be a little bit off the beach.
We’re going to motor in, trim up the engines, and beach the front of the boat
like you would ordinarily. And you can set that down any time. Now Anne’s got two jobs. One, of course, is
to lower that anchor to the bottom gently. The other one is to pay out this
rode away from the propellers. Okay, so I’m going to motor into the beach really
slowly now. She’s gonna keep feeding rode out of the
anchor lock her so we make it. Alright, when you get close, shut them off, trim them up,
just like you would ordinarily. Okay, so our boats come in. It’s gently nudging
the beach. We’re only going to be here temporarily. We’re just unloading crew and gear. So, I’m going to just go ahead and pass this
over. The nice thing about doing this temporarily is that all your gear goes over
the side to somebody who’s standing on dry ground, and you don’t have to worry
about losing anything overboard. This is also when we’re going to pass our stern
anchor to the crew on the beach. So, let me go grab that. Now, I’ve got my stern
anchor set to run free, and I’ve got it opposite of the side we dropped our bow
anchor on so the boat will spin more easily. Go ahead and give her plenty of
line. Now, my crew is gonna give me a little shove, and get me pointed in the right
direction. I’m gonna use that anchor rode to pull myself back out into position.
Don’t have to start the engines; don’t have to do anything. Put some tension
between the two, and the boat will be in position. Ok, when I have the boat pretty much
where I want it, just go ahead and snug off the anchor rode. Then, my crew
member can put some tension on the stern anchor, and we’re all set. So, what we’ve
done is we snubbed off the anchor when we got far enough out; then, my crew
pulled the stern line to give us a little tension. We cleated ourselves off here
with just enough tension to kind of hold us in position. I’m in about three feet
of water here – that’s kind of the depth I need for my swim ladder. You can be as
deep as you want, but right now I’m going to swim to the beach. Thanks for watching. Find more videos at

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  • Reply Rigging Doctor August 5, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    I thought they were going to end with “Give us a call and we will tow you back into deeper water”

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