Best Cruise Ship Cabins For 11 Different Traveller Types
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Best Cruise Ship Cabins For 11 Different Traveller Types

December 7, 2019

In this video you’re going to discover
11 different cabin types for 11 different types of travelers, one of
which is likely to be you. I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers.
In previous videos I’ve spoken about “10 types of cabins to avoid” and also “how to
get an upgrade on a cruise”. In this video I want to talk to you about 11 perfect
types of cabins for 11 different types of travellers. First of all what is the
perfect cabin, especially if you’re worried about noise or other
interruptions? This is probably the best and biggest tip that I can give anybody
looking for a cabin. When you find a cabin, no matter what grade it is, whether
you’re interested in an inside cabin, ocean view cabin, balcony cabin or even a
suite, the best cabin to choose (which is going to give you the least amount of
disruption and the least amount of noise) is a cabin that is surrounded by cabins on
all sides. So you have cabins above you, you have cabins below, you you have
cabins on either side (ideally with no inter connecting door) and either
opposite you you have cabins or you have something that is going to be very very
quiet. Those are perfect for everybody because you are going to have the least
amount of interruptions. It’s going to be the quietest option on board. So, the
perfect thing to do if you want a great quiet cabin is to go for a cabin that is
surrounded by cabins on all sides. The second type of cabin is for people who
are quite the opposite! They’re party people and they’re going to be out as much
as they possibly can. So even if you are a party person, and are only going to
spend five or six hours a night having sleep in your cabin, it is still
the one place that you’re going to spend more time than anywhere else when you’re
on a cruise. The cabin is still the place that you’re going to spend the most
amount of time. And so I would strongly suggest that
you go for an inside cabin. The great thing about those cabins is they’re dark,
because they have no windows and you have no light coming in. So it’s perfect for
people who want to go to bed really early in the morning and want to sleep
late, because they want to be out and party. So an inside cabin is a great idea.
The third thing to do is what if you want a cheap cabin? The perfect
cabin for you, whether it’s an inside cabin or ocean view cabin or a balcony
cabin or suite, you still want the cheapest at every level. The thing to do is to not
choose a specific cabin but go for what’s known as a “guaranteed cabin”.
Now, what that basically means is it’s the cheapest price that you can get for
whatever level you’re going for, and the cruise line allocates a cabin to you. So
what they do is, once people have gone and chosen specific cabins (because they
want to be in a specific cabin), whatever’s left over people who have booked a guaranteed cabin get allocated one of the cabins by the cruise lines. It is
the cheapest way to get whatever grade of cabin that you want. Now clearly the
cheapest cabin of all is to go for a guaranteed inside cabin. If your main
objective is to get the cheapest cabin possible book a guaranteed inside
cabin. My next tip is if you’re concerned about getting seasick, the most important
thing to do is choose a cabin which is in the middle of the ship and as low
down as possible. The reason for that is when a ship moves, if there are rough
seas, is it pivots. It pivots on an axis like this, and so in the center low
down is where you have the least amount of movement. If you are worried about
getting seasick, the middle of the ship and as low down as
possible. What if you’re a solo traveler? The thing to watch out for
is cabins are designed for two people to occupy, so if you’re occupying that as a
solo traveler you’re going to be charged a surcharge – which could be anything
between 50% to 100%. So it becomes very expensive. The great news is that most
cruise lines are starting to have cabins specifically for solo travelers,
which is fantastic because you can avoid all those surcharges. There are many
many ships that do that but some of the most innovative of all are for example
on Norwegian Cruise Line, where they’ve created a whole area for solo travelers.
It has a specific key pass. It has a lounge area and all the cabins in that
area are for solo travelers. But pretty much all cruise lines have them, whether it is Royal Caribbean, Fred Olsen, Cunard – all these
cruise lines are starting to introduce solo cabins. What about families? Now
there are two suggestions that I have. First of all let’s talk about families
traveling with really young kids. Kids that need to be in the same
cabin as you. The thing to do is to cruise on cruise lines that have
specific created family cabins. Most of the big
ships whether it’s Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, Disney obviously, so
there’s a lot of cruise lines that cater for families. They’ve created family
suites or family cabins so these are cabins that are designed and have
configurations where mum and dad or parents can sleep and space for
kids. A lot of them now have specific cabins which are designed and are big
enough and have beds that you don’t need to pull out at night. For families any
cruise lines that is basically advertising for families, take a look at those if
your kids need to be in the same cabin. What if you’ve got older kids? What the big issue to look out for is most cruise lines will not
allow you to register to have two kids under the age of 18 booked in a cabin alone. So if you’ve got young teenage kids you can’t book a cabin for them. This is a way around that. One of the things that I would suggest is to book
cabins which have an inter-connecting door and book one adults with one child in
one cabin each. However of course when you move in, the parents can be in one cabin and the kids can be in the
other cabin but you have the connecting door so you can then be as one as a family but your teenage kids have their own space and their own
cabin. Of course you don’t have to have an inter connecting door, you could
just book two cabins that are close to each other but you will have to book it
as one adult and one child if they are under the age of 18. Check with the
cruise line because those regulations differ slightly, but you can’t book a
cabin on most cruise lines just for children. If you want to go
luxury, there are a lot of options in terms of Suites and luxury. If you’re
looking for a great cabin, take a look at some of the cruise lines that have
created ships-within-ships. So for example on MSC Cruises they have the
Yacht Club. Norwegian cruise lines has the Haven, and these are little
controlled areas where you use your key card to get into them, and then all the
facilities for those people traveling in Suites are available. Many of them
will have butler service. They’ll often their own swimming pool and deck. They might
even have their own acces to the spa area. They’ll have a lounge where
you have breakfast, drinks and canapés. So if you look it to go luxury,
look for cabins that are in ships within ships. Of course there are many other
options. Most cruise lines have suites. So, if you take for example Cunard their
Queen’s Grill have butler service, they have a specific
lounge, there’s a separate dining room. The other thing to do, of course, if you
want to go in luxury is book a cabin on an all-suite ship. These are much
more expensive to go with and include lines like Silversea or Seabourn. What is
there’s a group of friends? Three or four of you traveling together
and you want to share a cabin, because it ends up being much cheaper if there’s
three or four of you in a cabin. The great thing with ships is basically you
can have your cabin configured either twin beds or double beds, so you can then
have two separate beds and then you have the sofa bed option. If you take a
look at many cruise lines and look at the plans (or talk to your agent) find out which not only have a sofa bed but have a curtain between the bedroom
area and the sofa bed area. So for example, many of the cabins on board
Cunard ships like Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, but
I’ve been on many many other cruise lines where there is a curtain – so the great thing is if you are with a group of friends some of you
can be in the bed area and you can have the curtains closed so there is a little bit of privacy for when you’re getting dressed,
changed or whatever. So look for cabins which have that option but also have a
curtain dividing the two areas. I’ve spoken about party people, I’ve spoken about
people that really like to go out and have a great time but what about people
who want to go on a cruise and they want some little private time. On a
cruise ship you could perhaps find a nice quiet corner but if you like the
idea of retreating into your cabin and having your own little private space,
what I would recommend you do is then book a balcony cabin. The great
thing about a balcony cabin is you can then go out on your balcony and you have
your little private space, little private time. So you can enjoy all the
great features, benefits and activities on the cruise but if you
just want a little quiet time, you can then retreat to your cabin and sit out the balcony and you can still have the sunshine ( if you’re in a nice warm
climate) you can have the breeze and you can just relax you can sunbathe – but you
have your own little quiet haven. So my next tips is about accessibility. So
what if you have a wheelchair or you have limited mobility? Well this is
kind of might be an obvious one, but all cruise ships have accessible rooms –
and it’s really important if you’re going on a cruise to make sure that you
book one of those if you do have a wheelchair or accessible issues. They
tend have them at all grades, so inside, ocean view, Suites etc,
they all have accessible cabins which have wider doors, more floor
space to move around. They also have showers rather than baths that you
can wheel into. In many of them they have things like call buttons and cupboard space and storage space which is accessible from wheelchair
level. So do make sure that you book an accessible cabin. That’s a whole
range of cabins for different types. The most important one of all is if you are
going on a cruise I strongly recommend when you’re looking at your cabin (no
matter what grade it is) book a cabin that has other cabins above you, below you, either side of you and opposite you – then this is going to be a cabin that has least
interruptions and least amount of noise. So no matter whether you’re a party
animal, you’d like to retreat into a quiet space – you are going find that it is going to give you the greatest chance of having a great
space. Of course if you book that try and make sure that you do not have an inter-
connecting door and then you basically you will have this little great space that you
can retreat to no matter what type of Cruiser you are. I hope you enjoyed that
video and if you did I’d love it if you gave the video a “thumbs up” or a “like”, but
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