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Betfair trading software for an Apple Mac – Bet Angel

September 11, 2019

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angel’ visit betangel comm today and download a free trial so if you look
here I’m trading as you would typically expect and having a poke around but the
interesting thing about this video is what you’re actually doing is you’re
watching this on an Apple Mac so I will prove this to you by putting the lid
down and you can see on their Apple Mac and how are we doing this how are we
recording and doing our trading on an Apple Mac when when potential is not
compatible with a Mac well the answer is we’re using a remote desktop to connect
and we’re using it via a VPS 5 sporting servers and let me talk to you and show
you a little bit about how to achieve that on rec but it’s perfectly possible
if you want to trade on a Mac to be able to do it all you need to do you’ve got
several options to be honest this is the easiest one but there are several ways
of doing it so let’s have a look so if you want to run bet angel on a Mac one
option you have is to use boot camp and the boot camp assistance allows you to
install Microsoft Windows on your Mac so basically you would find boot camp
assistant and then you would get a copy of Windows and install that on your Mac
and what will happen is when you start up your Mac you’ll get the choice to use
it as either a Windows machine or a Mac but you’d have to make that decision and
then trade off of your Mac in that manner from that point onwards so you
can’t run Windows on your Mac at exactly the same time you would have to choose
which way you want to go so that’s not necessarily a nice solution for
everybody but also you have to buy a copy of Windows as well which you may
not want to do but boot camp assistant will allow you to configure and
partition your Mac so it can either be a Mac or a Windows PC so that’s an option
that you have if you Ron wants to run Windows software like vet angel on a Mac there are other ways of doing it though
and if you don’t want to install an operating system or dual boot your Mac
then another option that you do have available is something like VirtualBox
from Oracle or parallels and what this allows you to do is to actually run a
new operating system with inside your Mac environment so if you wanted to
create a new operating system and run that in the background or run it as an
application then you can do that you may get performance issues when you do this
though because it won’t run as well as if you run it natively so you don’t have
to boot it up as a Windows machine you can actually run it in the background as
a separate task and then you can switch between your Mac and between this
virtual machine to allow you to run betangel like that again you’ll require
a Windows license to be able to do this so you will have to purchase Windows
license in order to run the virtual box or parallels but nonetheless this is a
different way and a more integrative way of running PC software like a better
angel on your Mac so that’s another option that you have but the best way to
connect to Bette angel on a Mac is to use a VPS why would you do that well you
can see from the screen here that it looks exactly the same as if you were
using on a PC but you’re obviously using it on a Mac but also you can switch
backwards and forwards between your Mac applications and whatever you’re doing
on your Mac and on betangel also you don’t need to pay anything for the
Windows license we pay that for you on the VPS but also the advantage you’ve
got is that you can actually use bet angel on any internet-enabled device
anywhere in the world so that means you can connect to vet angel and use it from
an iPhone from your Mac from somebody else’s PC anywhere basically that has an
internet connection that can use from a desktop software and that is most
devices regardless of whether they’re a Mac PC or whatever and obviously the
advantage you’ve got here as well as that you can actually
disconnect from your VPS and let it run automatically for you in the background
so you don’t need to be connected for it to be running automated tasks for
example it can do all of this in the background for you even if you’re not
connected to the remote desktop but if you do have the remote desktop connected
then it appears on your Mac and looks exactly the same way as if you had it
running natively on your operating system so a VPS means that you can do
all of that you don’t have to pay a license the cost of the VPS is separate
to the software so you do have to buy the VPS and use it but you can install
whatever Windows software you want on the VPS so if there is other windows
software that you wanted to use you can use that on the VPS you’re not limited
to just bet angel it’s any PC software so effectively you can sort of buy a PC
and use it when you wish but still have all of the benefits of keeping your Mac
and using your Mac in exactly the way that it was intended so yeah I would
recommend using a VPS because it’s quick simple you don’t have to install
anything there’s no technical knowledge particularly required and it looks and
runs beautifully on here as though you were just using it like a normal PC so
that’s what I’d recommend is using a PPS if you’re interested in learning more
about that angel visit betangel comm and download a free trial today


  • Reply Struna January 7, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    great info THANK YOU !

  • Reply hunter2 April 17, 2017 at 1:02 am

    The sportingservers website is not working for me from any browser, I signed up to their website but when I click the button 'Plans and Pricing' it just adds #pricing to my url and does nothing. Do you know what's going on?

  • Reply Daniel Russell November 27, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    hi i need some help when i log into my bet angel i have a error carnt connect to remote server does anyone know how to fix this

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