Boaters should expect more law agencies patrolling the water this Memorial Day Weekend
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Boaters should expect more law agencies patrolling the water this Memorial Day Weekend

September 3, 2019

and as the Memorial Day weekend begins I imagine lots of folks are probably planning to take to the water yeah I think so and there are a few things you need to know if that includes you we go live to sunrise reporter Chelsea Torres who is at marker 37 this morning Chelsea tell us more about what we can expect and how to be careful this weekend Priscilla we went out with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department as they are patrolling the area and we talked to boating safety as well as what law enforcement is looking for on this holiday weekend Memorial Day weekend seems to be the kickoff to summer activities on the water but the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department want to make sure everyone is safe this holiday weekend the biggest thing with Memorial Day weekend you get a lot of people coming out here you have a lot of kids on boat board you want to make sure that you know they have safety equipment and also a big thing is you know drinking on the boats and just keeping the waterways safe as well as the residents you know deputy sheriff Rudy Gonzalez and Jason bade have been patrolling the areas around the island every channel for over a year now they say Memorial Day weekend they’ll be prepared to make as many safety stops as possible hey guys doing we need to make sure the public is aware that they’re cautious when they’re out here you know come out and enjoy the island but at the same time be safe about it boaters are required to have a lifejacket for everyone on board fire extinguisher sounding device and have proper lighting at night or citations are given deputy Gonzales says they’ll also be keeping an eye on boaters who are drinking as well as not following the proper waterways the boater that creates wake that damages property they are responsible for that and they will be held accountable if they are caught this holiday weekend there is no time off making sure residents and voters are safe throughout the night any complaints we heard about the recent thefts that’s when we started implementing our night patrols and we’ve been kind of making contact with a resident seeing what kind of traffic’s out there and everything like that and patrolling those areas now the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department will begin patrolling this afternoon you can also expect Customs Texas Parks and Wildlife as well as DPS as they keep an eye on the water this weekend I’ll go in Center back to you in the studio

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