Boaters urged to stay out of flooded Vermilion River
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Boaters urged to stay out of flooded Vermilion River

October 10, 2019

laughter yet the Vermillion River is closed to boat traffic the river is above flood stage not because of flooding along the Mississippi or the Atchafalaya but because of recent wet weather here’s Katie Easter with the story new tonight at 10:00 the Vermillion River is a popular place for votes but this weekend it’ll be empty so we just advise people not to get on the Bayou not to get on the water David Shermie CEO Bayou vermilion district says the river has been above flood stage which is ten feet for the past two weeks unfortunately with all the heavy rain we’ve been having lately it’ll probably be quite a while before it gets below ten feet now I’m just looking at the website and I probably won’t be till sometime next week that the water will go below ten feet sure me says boating on the river can cause issues for residents water when the water is this high the wakes go into the people’s backyards and contributes to erosion which is not very good you know you know it deteriorates people prop people’s properties so wake isn’t the only reason sure Mia is advising people not to go onto the river but you know there are people on the buyer I’m aware of that and they really shouldn’t be because like I said first of all it’s a safety issue the water is moving very fast you know it’s moving two feet per second which is may not sound a lot but it’s actually twice its normal speed you know pretty sad people won’t enjoy the river here but there are a lot of other waterways nearby that people can get out you know Shirley also warns it will be difficult for emergency crews to respond that’s because all three boat launches in the parish are currently closed in Lafayette KD Easter KGC TV 3

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