Boating At Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
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Boating At Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

October 20, 2019

Yes, ranjan yes… Mr. Ranjan He has been paddling this boat for an hour. But also he has not got tired. Similarly On the occasion of holi, Mr. Ranjan Hehehehe… Doing well… Mr. Ranjan… Do you want go say anything about it??? Yeah… He might have been tired I want to say…HOSTHE HAISE Ranjan What do you eat daily that you get this much of energy?? Its not about diet.… The environment of Japan’s pond There’s our friends too But not in this boat in the red boat behind there Ok, now we can see Oh no… again it has been blocked by that yellow boat Here we can see boat everywhere in Japan That guy is paddling so smoothly We are going to collide on that rock Oh my God…It was about to fall What.?? Don’t shake it man.‥ My gosh, it was so terrifying The water seems coming out from here We don’t know what’s happening There may be something huge… The bird is trying to eat something there The water may be coming out from somewhere there Ohh, there’s our friend Although, we can’t see It’s nearly been an hour has been paddling this No, it’s not Ok, now meet our friends on this boat Ok…, click…, hey hey… Yes… Yes, Hello Rupa jee Rupa jee are you taking video.??? Haha, both are taking at once So afraid of drowning It’s been so harder for him Comm’on Randy bro… On the occasion of holii… HAPPYY HOLII…

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