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August 14, 2019

– [Announcer] Olympic gold
medalist, silver medalist. – [Reporter] Dancing
with the Stars champion. – [Tom] Here’s your Olympic
gold medal champion. – [Tour Guide] A northern
dialect which is called Patois. – I’m so excited to (words
drowned out by tour guide). – You have to, we’re having a blast. (speaking in a foreign language) You’re asking what time?
– What time is it. What time is it. – Hey. – [Andrew] Hey, Dunns River Falls. – Jamaica man. – Jamaica man. Just a little bit of– – Irie.
(laughing) That means everything’s good. Irie. – [Andrew] Irie, it’s like all right. Okay, name five car companies. – (laughing) Toyota, Ford.
– Five car companies. – Chevy, Porsche, Jaguar.
– If I’ve got– – My turn. All righty. Five U.S. capitals. – Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami? – No!
– No, no, no, no. Oh shoot, Springfield? (both laughing) – [Shawn] You lose. (tourists chattering indistinctly) (tour guide drowned
out by water and crowd) (funky music) – [Tour Guide] One, two, three, oh! (excited cheering) – Woo! Hey! You look pretty, baby. – Mean it!
– Ah! Wow, that is beautiful. Wow, there’s my beautiful bride. In the beautiful ocean. In the decent island, of Jamaica. – (chuckling) In the decent island. – [Andrew] And here, behind us, is the ship we’re taking back. Right there. – Yeah.
– Wow. Look at us. – (words drowned out by water)
very nice ship like that. – [Andrew] Guy’s wedding. – Which was our first date (laughing). – [Andrew] 2013, yeah. (upbeat music) – It’s kinda scary. – Yeah it is. Okay, here we are, on the catamaran. – A catamaran in Jamaica.
– Woo, Jamaica catamaran. Check out the scenery. – We hiked Dunn’s Falls. Ate lunch at this Jamaica inn. – [Andrew] Yeah, had some jerk chicken. – And mutton, I don’t
even know what mutton is. – Firstly out, what is mutton? Does anybody know what mutton is? – I’m afraid to Google it. – Lamb? – I don’t think it’s lamb, I don’t know. – [Andrew] But here’s the
beautiful beaches of Jamaica. The water’s real warm. And now we’re catamaraning
back to the boat. – [Shawn] Come on people, hurry up. – [Andrew] Shawn’s super
impatient right now. – We might miss the boat. – [Andrew] I don’t think we will. – I think we could, what time is it? – [Andrew] The blue water. – That’s the ocean, baby. It is so blue, so pretty. – [Andrew] What a day. – What a day. – [Andrew] Couple hour bus
ride, and now we’re here, in this beautiful place. Bye, Jamaica. – We probably won’t ever be back. – [Andrew] Hello from Izumi (laughing). – So, today. – [Andrew] We can’t hear you. – No, I’m gonna be like Tim
the Toolman Tanner’s neighbor. – [Andrew] Who? – Tim the Toolman Tanner’s neighbor. The guy who talks like this
behind the fence the whole time. – [Andrew] Okay, does
anybody know who that is? – It was from Tool Time, right? – [Andrew] No, it was from, what was it? A Tim Allen show, it was great. – Yeah, wasn’t it Tool Time? – [Andrew] Uh uh, that was,
Tool Time is, I don’t know. What happened today? – Today, someone. – Me. – Signed us up for a
last minute excursion. What are you doing? – [Andrew] Actually, you wanted to. – What are you doing? – [Andrew] You wanted
to go on that excursion. – What are you doing? (Andrew laughing) I did, because I didn’t
want to stay on the boat. And they said that Jamaica wasn’t safe to rent a scooter and drive around. So someone set us up for an excursion. – Me. – I had no idea what it
was, didn’t even read it. And ended up, we were in a car, like this, literally like sardines,
for four hours total. – [Andrew] But, tell them the good parts. – But we got to go to Dunn’s
Falls, which is waterfalls. We got to climb them. – [Andrew] Just beautiful. – It was fun. – [Andrew] Uh oh.
(laughing) Mini-golf time. What is that? No, that’s the one you should use. We’ll both use that one. – Yeah?
– Midget ones, yep. We’ll both use it. Wow, nothing like golfing
right off the ocean. – No, let’s use regular ones. – [Andrew] Okay, fine. You embarrassed? Where do we get balls? How about around the other side? Wow. – Where’s hole one? – [Andrew] Oh, cutting corners, huh? – You did it the first time. You’re technically farther. – [Andrew] Here she goes. Off the foot of, oh my gosh. – That was too close. – [Andrew] Could it, get over. – That’s pretty good. – [Andrew] That just win me the champ? – Touche my friend. – [Andrew] Here we go. Can she do it? Can she bring it home? Roll it! Coming back. Uh oh. – I’m in. – [Andrew] Who won that match? – You did. (Andrew laughing)
I know. – [Andrew] Wow, look at the sun, just about to kiss the horizon. – [Shawn] I think this is so beautiful. – [Andrew] It is pretty sweet. There it goes, you just missed it. It’s gone, the sun’s gone. Nice. We just saw the sun set.

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