Boating Safety – Non Drinking Captain
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Boating Safety – Non Drinking Captain

August 18, 2019

[theme music] Sure love a day on the water. Looking forward to getting the crew back together though. How about you. I yeah should be a
good time at least for my crew. [Bottle clicks] Hey thank you for inviting us. I can’t wait to get out there. You guys want a cold refreshment? Umm Hey Robert you wouldn’t have a soda would you? Sure. Thank you. Thanks Robert. Hey, where are Brad and Erin? Uh there on their way now. Hey Brad come on I’m all ready. Uh I think I will pass. Robert throw me an orange juice. Sure. I’ll take one too if you can spare it. Alright. NARRATOR: Alcohol is a leading cause of fatalities in boating accidents. [buckles click] [man belches] NARRATOR: This adds a whole new meaning to the expression bottoms-up. doesn’t it [theme music] NARRATOR: Remember boat responsibly. [theme music] [music fades]

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