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Boating Safety Tips and Education | Allstate Boat Insurance

October 10, 2019

Boating is all about family, friends and fun. It is one of the great American past time. About 10 % of American household owns a boat which is about 13 million people, the boat is a great opportunity for your family to get on and to enjoy nature. Risk comes from 360 degrees when you are on the water, there are no lines out there, there are no streets to be driving on. The most important skills to have are to practice good seamanship to keep a good look out and to maintain safe speed. The number on reasons for accidents is submerged objects out in the water, or when you are coming up to shore. So think of a log floating out there, or rocks as you are coming to dock your boat. Makes about two thirds of accidents out there. So the average cost of an accident is $23,000 and then the average cost of boating insurance is 67¢ a day about $23 a month. A lot of folks believe that homeowner insurance covers your boat but the fact is that is not always the case. The best way to be safe in the water is to get boat insurance and to take a safety education course. Allstate is very committed to boating insurance and boating education. We want safer boaters, we want boaters to enjoy themselves.

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