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December 7, 2019

Hey, what’s up guys nickatnyte here. Thanks for joining me [for] this turtle party on the beach We’ve got six turtles over there one stray one over there And now we’re going to attempt to jump a crab over the turtle ready ready. [oh] He touched his butt a little bit. Okay. He jumped up a little bit We can’t get it done right now But I’m about to go full boost and we’re gonna be taking on [gearheart] And then doing an epic oh don’t double boost and then doing an epic operation attack my team thinks were pretty confident about this Operation that we’re taking on right now So they want me to go wild with scorchers smoked to the core, and just burn it down, hey, camera We need some better lighting in here there we go um [today’s] our last day in La for the E3 trip big thanks to Romeo for bringing us on for that. I did a blizzard studio tour yesterday That was epic. [oh] my gosh, the turtles are multiplying now. There’s still seven this crab is still just wandering around, stop I’m gonna stop all the turtles real quick. Oop oop oop okay, so I? Think there’s going to be a reduction in turtles next update I don’t know if that was discussed on the boom Beach reddit But uh don’t [uh] if you’d if it wasn’t dude in here it for me, okay. Let’s go um. What was going on? Okay, cool If I’m just talking about the operation we’re taking out let’s get these warriors built and start attacking [gearheart], and now that we’re full boost. This is Gonna be pretty wild [so] I’m gonna start off this one pretty standard here I have 200 Gunboat energy, and I think all I have to do is get to the core with uh How much was that, I think it’s about 85 if I can get to the core with that. I will be good to uh Throw five shock bombs And that should get my warriors clear of everything let’s run from I guess just [this] side over [here] So I’ll drop three smoke on the beach The snowy Beach as it is is still a beach and now we’re going to move up towards the core I was actually not planning on going from this side, but then looking at it. It kind of makes more sense It seems like it’s more Shorter route, but it will take more flares the other way would have only taken one flare Let’s move from the shock launcher over to the HQ and flip to smoke don’t mess up and throw Critters nick here We go smoke is down Next we’re going to heal up the warriors that lost some health on the way there And I’ve got 112 which is a lot more than 85, so hopefully if we do this, right? We could shock everything that needs a shock, so I’m gonna throw right there [a] good amount of things and then a couple critters So I’ve got pretty much everything shocked right now warriors are going Ham on that HQ? I’m going to go ahead and throw an artillery shell right into the center of it all and let’s just watch this unfold here and See what happened. This [is] only one attack really ripping up [gearheart] at full boost, so I think we only need one more guys How can we do it? How about we try all right? I’ll get I’ll get cocky a little bit here I’m Gonna go to all scorchers And if that beats it, it beats it, if it doesn’t all flip back to [warriors] and we’ll have to clutch it with warriors But it’ll be pretty funny if we could use scorchers with this much gunboat energy and get the job done, and if we get it with done with scorchers then [I] have to call the video scorchers question mark We’ll see you’ll see all right. I’m attacking with all scorchers max boost against the gear hearts war base So the only thing I really am going to avoid is The shock launchers, how we going to get there though all right? Let’s bring them over here [and] drop them all real quick Then I’m Gonna throw some smoke I guess Smoke them up And let’s see what we can do here. [so] let’s see where they all park up So they’re walking over towards the shock launcher get in that smoke Jameson, okay, Jameson’s in there, and now I’m gonna Smoke them over to the HQ so crazy never done that before I’m just gonna save a shock bomb now for these shock launchers and let them just try to do their thing so shock the shock Launchers [the] [rest] can just go for it. There are some crazy doom cannons Will it be enough? I’m going to shock the doom cannon right and back and the shock launchers once again scorcher is exploding and oh Man, it’s going to be a close one here I’ve got a couple scorchers left the doom cannons – [Opie] can the scorcher blow it up with all Didn’t blow it up [ok] that’s [ok] that war base has zero health I Give my hats off or I tip my hat to the scorchers for that one that was awesome They left it with literally tens of health like maybe hundreds but I’m just gonna throw [some] hyper barrage and go absolutely nuts on that barrage button right there and Destroy Gear Hearts War base That is a sight to see right there and we are cruising along And now it’s time to have some fun on assembly with these scorchers since we have this boost going we don’t want to put it to waste All right, let’s go. Thank you [gearheart]. That was awesome That’s probably the only person in the world or I’m probably only person in the world who’s going to be beating [gearheart] with warriors then? Scorchers then hyper barrage today. I mean, I don’t know maybe somebody else well, so we’ve got the scorchers Bill We’re still max boost and let’s go to assembly They want me to have some fun here and now in this base here I can either throw a lot of smoke and go up this left side or I can go more flares less smoke let them take [some] hits and go up the right side if you look at this base, though There’s a shock launcher that can hit you up to here with his flamethrowers [there’s] [a] shock launcher here that can hit you up to where the [flamethrower] is so if I could park my guys right where these? [rockets] are they could have a free shot at the HQ and burn it down? It’s a real real tough one, but we’re [just] going to go for it Why not yellow this one out, and we’ll just see how it goes So I’ll throw the flare first then I’ll park them all up on the beach And there’s nothing that should be able to hit me until we get to this corner Hopefully they turn right a little bit and get out of those machine guns rage, [okay]? We’ve got [104] gun, but still Let’s go to that Corner over there perfect Try to avoid the machine gun as much as possible. We’re just going to have to take some rocket fire here and As we continue moving on up, we’ll see how this pans out Let’s just go straight over these defenses now And I’ll go ahead and throw two smokes to hopefully cover them from the can oh no one doesn’t take the right route One more smoke right here, and that should cover them from that [whole] [canon] okay now We’re at 88 and we’ve just got to get around the boom cannons Which is probably going to be impossible, but we’re gonna try it [anyway], so we’re going Around the boom cannons, and I’m gonna first throw a shock bomb look at there are placed on top of each other What I’ve never seen that before that’s crazy [so] the boom cans. Oh wait shock launchers my bad. I forgot about those Smoke them back smoke them back here we go smoke them around Smoke them up here. I Still have 58 so let’s get them really really all the way back there, and then we’ll see what we can do So I have not lost any and we’re still going. This is pretty insane this is very insane actually I want everybody on that rocket launcher go get in there ignore those flamethrowers and You guys are gonna. Have a lot of work to do here [so] all scorchers I can’t see the health on the flamethrower. So I have no idea but once that goes down. I want everybody over there and then I’m going to Let’s shock the shock launchers because they’re being annoying and I need enough for a flare know I should have flared to the rocket. They’re going crazy They’re going absolutely crazy right now They’re gonna walk into death so flaring them next to the rocket and not on the rocket was the death of this attack But they’re still gonna have some fun We took out two rockets already if we were able to take out Just one more I could have put them up where I wanted them But they’re doing some madness having a fiery blast of a good time over here, and I guess let’s just well They’re gonna run their course it was pretty good though. I can’t say I’m upset with that at all Scorchers are about to go down I’ll go ahead and throw my last artillery shell into the rocket launcher in the back And that was quite a fun attack right there zero seconds left Assembly is it’s showing some signs of weakness with two Force points gained, so a pretty fun attack I’m gonna go ahead and build those up and have some more fun with them after this video Hope you guys enjoyed the video on gear heart and operation attacks having fun with maxed-out scorchers with maxed out boost [I’ll] see you guys in the next one [and] as always everything boom beach You know what to do because you already do in a keep it tuned [right] here. I’m nikki [nine] I’ll talk to you guys in the next episode


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