Boom Beach: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS)
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Boom Beach: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS)

January 13, 2020

Nobody wants to lose their island; and we’re
here to help make sure that this never happens to you. To be certain your Island is well
protected from lost progress, all you need is your own device, one base, and a Game Center account. Game Center is an app on your Apple devices, used to connect with your friends, and challenge other players. Most importantly, Game Center saves your game data; making it your best option for preventing lost progress. For example, the progress on
these games has all been saved right here, automatically. One essential thing to note, In Boom Beach, your base can only be attached to a single Game Center account. If your playing your game without an attached account, and someone else signs in to their Game Center and loads your game, your base will permanently
be attached to their Game Center account. It’s your duty to protect your base! So create
or sign in to your Game Center, Commander! To do this Enter your device’s settings, Scroll down to Game Center And either sign in to your already existing
account if you have one, Or, you can also create a new one if you have not yet set up your Apple ID. Since I already have an account, I will just
sign in to it. Once you are signed in, make your way to Boom Beach, and launch your game. Boom Beach and Game Center will be connected automatically. When you reach your island, you’ll be notified with a “Welcome back text ” Be sure that this
message contains your username. If everything looks normal, then you’re free
to continue taking down the evil Blackguard. Have a shiny new device you’d like to play
on? Or need to transfer your island to a working device? To transfer the island, go to the App store
on your new device, and download Boom Beach. After installation, be sure not to open the
game. That part’s important. Sign into the Game Center account used on your old device, then open Boom Beach from within Game Center. To do this, tap on the “Games” icon. From here, find Boom Beach under the “My iOS Games”, and in the top right corner of the screen,
you will notice three small dots. Tap on these, then select “Play” to open Boom Beach. When the game opens, Game Center will prompt
you with a pop-up that gives you the name and level of your base, if it is the right
one, tap on “Yes, load game” and your base is now playable on your new device. So don’t forget: your device, an island, and
your Game Center account. Ahoy!


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    I was playing a long time on my iPad, and one day when I decided to transfer my informationto my iPhone, but instead I did it the other way round, and I find myself having to play the game all over again. Fuck!

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    I lost my base because of this here's the story: I played this game with my iPad just started and one day later my iPad broke then i bought another iPad I played again and made a lot of progress and spended real money then one day I loged into Game Center and then when I did it told me to connect to my old bad base I kept saying no but a few months later I wanted to click the sculpture maker and it poped out outta no where and I click yes never played the game ever since

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    But we can't transfer the game from iOS to android because android doesn't have Game Center. And we can't do it with Facebook too because it say: the currently active Facebook account is linked to a different boom beach game. Link to your current game instead and load friends from that Facebook account.
    Then we can't liking it with link code too because it says : the current base has already been linked. The linking can only be done once. 😭😭😭
    Please fix it I am going to lose my level 42 boom beach account if I couldn't transfer it to android 😭😭😭😭. Please replay to my comment if u fix it in the next updates.

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