Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew
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Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew

January 14, 2020

Come follow along as I explore Vancouver
Island in my latest video. I hope you enjoy it! Hi, today we’re at botanical beach up near Port Renfrew. There’s actually some snow on the ground around here still
I’m imagine by the time we get down to the beach probably won’t be much or just
little traces of it left, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. For the beginning
of March it’s stuck around a little longer than
normal, but that’s fine we’ll make do with that and we’re gonna go exploring
now. Hello today we’re down at Botanical Beach here. I’m gonna try something a little bit different with the way we’re doing
things. Hopefully the audio is better. We do have quite a wind; you may or may not be able to hear me very well. I’m testing out the new system for that. So I just
wanted to point out some of the features. These I refer to as the toes, because they
look like giant toes coming out of the wall, but just the the way that the beach
here has been eroded, it’s created a lot of tide pools a lot of interesting
features like this. The walls have features on them that are interesting to
look at… so we’re gonna take a walk around here and get a good look at some
of this and later on we’ll take a closer look at some of the tide pools. Right now
the tide is lowering; low tide is the best for actually viewing the tide pools
because at that time they’re the most isolated and you can see what life’s in
them. So we’ll have a look we’ll see what we can see and maybe if we have some
time we’ll wander up the path along the beach as well. Okay, I’m just setting up for another
shot here. This time I put on some neutral density filters to try and slow
down the amount of time I have here or that lengthen the amount of time I have
to take the shot. Slow down the wave so it’ll smooth things out and hopefully
give it a nice view. So we’re gonna give it a shot here and see what we can get. All right we’re gonna move around a
little bit. We could spend all day here but I’ve got a couple shots that are, I
think, half decent. I probably put them together to look like something nice. Okay I’m gonna start photographing the
tide pools here. It’s a not quite low tide yet, but this area is pretty well-drained.
There’s some wetness around the area that might burn off with the Sun, but I’m not gonna wait for that, I’m just going to go ahead and see what we can get right now. So that’s quite a bit of contrast between
the glaring Sun off the water and the darker areas in the tide pools themself, so
I’ll probably have to do a little photo-stacking with this, so that we can see everything that’s there. Now another thing I’m doing here is
taking some photos that are gonna be overexposed for a lot of it but the
rocks and the barnacles and things in the foreground here are way under
exposed and everything else. So I’m going to probably do some blending of the photos
here just to get the foreground in colour, in focus and visible. I hope you’ve been enjoying Botanical
Beach and some of the tide pools and rock formations that I’ve been taking you
around to. I’m just trying something a little different today, see how you like
it, see how I like it and if that works out. These rock formations here obviously formed by the tide coming in and they’re quite spectacular looking. The tree, you should
see in one of the photos there’s a tree right above me growing out of that top
edge of the hill leaning over the edge hanging on by its roots. All sorts of
different features but the way the holes are coming in the wall. There’s green
algae like a little slime almost oozing out of the wall. Back behind
where the camera is now there’s some tide pools there’s rocks left here. I
mean the tide pools themselves are pretty coo.l I think I’ve showed you some
of those photos already and you’ll see in them a bunch of different sized rocks
that just get washed in and can’t wash back out, as well as little sea life. The
odd little tiny little fish will get caught in some of them but there’s other
things that grow in there. Beautiful colours from the green seaweeds to the
purples to, you name it, there’s all sorts of stuff. Different things different days that you’ll see down here. Today’s a pretty nice day; it’s beautiful sunny out and
again I hope you enjoy this. We’ll finish up with a little bit more here and then
we’ll call it a day. So I think I’ve probably mentioned it already, but just in case I didn’t, this entire area here, that I’m standing in is flooded at high tide
and so obviously I wouldn’t be able to cross here. Now at low tide it’s pretty
much a drained of water except for what’s in those tide pools and those are
where the really interesting things are. Okay we’re gonna start the walk back now. I’m just trying to take… keep an eye out here for Henrietta. She’s wandered
off somewhere. Oh, Henrietta’s there you are! What are you doing there? No Henrietta, we can’t go cliff-diving here. Henrietta, would you stop fooling around; we’ve got to get back! Hi, we’re in my home office today.
Normally we’d be still out in the field walking back up to the car the rest of
the way, but, unfortunately, my filming went a
little bit longer than I expected on the one battery for my GoPro Hero 7 Black,
here, and I decided rather than changing it out, since I was almost done anyway
that we come here and finish up in my home office. Now I know you haven’t
seen this before, it’s actually in the middle of renovations right now. This was
a spare bedroom before. I’ve converted it, or I’m in the middle of converting it,
into something I can use for editing videos and photos and have a nice space
instead of a cramped little area. So, in a future video maybe I’ll show you a
little more around once it’s a little more complete, but as you can see one of
the photos you’ve probably already seen is on the screen here. I’m just doing
some finishing touches on the editing and then I’ll put it all together. If you did like this video, I hope you like the others as well. Please give it a thumbs
up, like it and hit that bell up in the corner if you want to be notified when
there’s no one’s out. Thanks for watching; have a great day!

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