December 9, 2019

What’s going on guys? This weeks episode we are in Brighton Beach. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn.The Russian Enclave of New York City. Also known as Little Odessa. We’ve got a lot of different communities from the former Soviet Union all living here. And today Alan and I are going to explore. We’re going to check out some authentic food. Some shops. And maybe even have a shot of vodka. So I let Alan talk there. He actually spoke Russian to her. Because some of the employees here don’t speak very much English. This is called Pirozhki. And there’s a lot of different fillings you can get. It’s baked. I went for the potato. And just for a dollar fifty it’s an amazing value. Mmm nice and warm to. You said you didn’t like it. I barely ate this when I was in Russia. I felt like the food in general wasn’t to healthy. And they sold this at like most of the magazines and shops. But yeah this is pretty legit. We’re about to walk into St. Petersburg books which has books, movies, and souvenirs, all from Russia. Let’s go find the most random thing we can. So this is a Russian Matrushka. This would make a great gift for somebody. It’s these little dolls. And you can open one. Then get to another. It keeps going until it becomes really small. If you’re in Brighton Beach. It would be a cool gift to get someone. What trip to Brighton Beach would be complete without actually going to the beach? And we’re on the boardwalk right now. A couple of hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. And Alan and I have been amazed at how full the restaurants have been here at about 3 o’clock on a Monday. Yeah, lots of people out. A little bit of an older crowd I would say. I mean. What better way to spend your retirement than chilling by the water. Enjoying some Russian food. Maybe a couple of drinks? Could be worse. You know how you normally have coffee after lunch? Well in Brighton Beach we’re going to go with some Russian Standard Vodka. There’s already people drinking all over the boardwalk. And now Alan is going to explain how to say cheers in Russian. I used to think it was Nos Dorovia. Which is actually a thank you reply if somebody gives you a drink. But the proper way to cheers in Russian is to say Zoz Duh Rovy. Which emans to your health. Let’s do it. It’s strong. Strong stuff. But good. I’ve got some courage for the rest of the day. So for our last stop of this Brighton Beach tour. We decided to go somewhere that really shows the diversity of the neighborhood and what it’s turning into. So went to Cafe your Mother in Law. Which is a Hybrid of Korean Food, Uzbek Food, and Russian food. So I got their most popular dish. Korean soup called Kuksu. It’s cold it’s a mix of salad, meat, and noodles. And i’ve already tried it. It’s amazing. And Alan opted for the Borsch. Which is classic Ukranian Russian. And now he’s going to try it. I’m going to have the sour cream first. You must. Dig that in. A little mix. It’s good. A mix of beets, potato, a little parsley, a little sour cream. Can’t complain. Yeah so in the 19th century a lot of Koreans ended up migrating to Russia. Or places near it during the Stalin movement. So a lot of times that’s how we got the recipes. For the dishes. It’s a Korean/Uzbek fusion. So our native language is actually Russian. Not Korean. So that’s how it came to be. What’s in the Uzbek Plov. Uzbek fried rice, carrots and beef. The meat is beef and a little bit of lamb. Cool. Awesome. Thank you. So i’m working on the Uzbek plov right now . You know Uzbek,Russian food. Kind of some mixtures going on here. They add some asian flavor to it. This is as he said.Fried rice. Beef. What’s the verdict. Guilty of tasting very good. Seriously. This is a nice mixture. I’m enjoying this a lot. And again this is our sort of restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s off the main strip. If you know where to look for places like this. You can find some gems in New York. Their are so many different Russian restaurants and bars in Brighton Beach. You could spend hours here. Just wandering around. Soaking it all in. It’s worth an afternoon trip. Definitely hit the like button below. Subscribe to Here Be Barr Travel Vlogs. We’ve got new episodes weekly. Until next time. As we watch Alan try to kayak for the first time.

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