Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2
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Burning Ghost Ship of The Northumberland Strait | Maritime Mysteries #2

December 9, 2019

Throughout the ages, since ships have been
lost at sea, there have been tales of ghost ships from around the world, and the Maritimes
is home to one of the most famous. For over 200 years there have been numerous
group sightings of a burning ghost ship in the Northumberland Strait. The details are generally consistent, with
sightings year round, though most often in the month of October, particularly just before
one of the regions Nor’easter storms blows in. Booming sounds, like cannons, are heard first,
followed by a large ball of flame visible from both shores, that resolves itself into
a three masted schooner sailing fast and engulfed in flames, with men running about the deck
in a panic. So realistic is the phantom, that many have
rushed out after her to rescue survivors in their fishing boats, row boats, and even the
inter-provincial car ferry, but the ship and her crew disappear as they draw close. No one knows the origin of the phantom, though
some suggest it’s a pirate ship hunted and sunk by the British Navy in the early 1800’s,
or it may be the ghost of several vessels which have been lost to these treacherous
waters and storms. Skeptics have a variety of theories as well,
such as an atmospheric mirage, or undersea gases igniting as they bubble to the surface.
However even a study by the United States Geological Survey was inconclusive, and the
mystery of the burning ship of the Northumberland Strait remains.

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