Carp Fishing Pulsar Head Torch
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Carp Fishing Pulsar Head Torch

January 13, 2020

Whatever type of fishing you do, you need
a good reliable head torch for when you go out. Not one that you have to get a mortgage
for, one that’s good value, reliable and will do the job no matter what the weather. This
beautiful little thing is the Gardner ATT Pulsar head torch. USB rechargeable. It has
two white settings, with the dimmer one being the first click on the button and the brighter
one the second. First click gives a lumen output of 67 and it goes on for ages, like
we’re talking a couple of weeks of dog walking in the middle of winter no problem whatsoever.
The brighter setting puts out an eye blistering 170 lumens output, which means you can light
up the far bank on most lakes. It’s more than you could ever need. So, whether you’re down
the river, on the lake or even flicking bits of ragworm out in an estuary somewhere, this
is a great value product with a nice comfy wide strap. Water tight build and amazing
value for money. Why don’t you go and have a look at it now. It’s the Pulsar head torch.
It’s been out on the market now for 6 months and these things, they are selling like hot
cakes and for a very good reason. They are one of the best head torches you can get.
Lightweight, versatile, Oh and I nearly forgot. If you double click the button quickly you
get a nice low red light for when you’re sat in your bivvy doing whatever it is you do
in your bivvy on a Friday night after work, running around and getting the hookbaits cast
out against the island. Go and have a look for them now. The Gardner ATT Pulsar head
torch. Beautiful!

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