September 16, 2019

Hello and welcome to Corsica First fishing session I will start with a small jig Next video will be in Corsica If I am talking now it means that I took some fish ! I hope that this fishing trip will be successfull @$# ! OH DAMN ! They attacked my lure 3 times It’s a nice fish You want to take a pic ? A baby amberjack ! Beautiful tiny fish Fishing session With a very bad weather Oh DAMN ! Oh DAMN ! It’s not over because he’s pulling hard Oh this one … He’s fighting It’s a leerfish, same as the other one 2 times ! Man take your rod and cast Cast at the same place Yes this one we keep We keep it but .. I don’t like to do this A nice fish Another Leerfish From the beach in Corsica A bit smaller than the previous one I think So now I take out the bif weapon ! A bigger lure I can cast far enough We will see how it goes I saw some fish passing by But I think they were big mullets They did not want to bite After I’ll go back on the beach It’s a small one A lizard ! A small comber ! The lure is as big as the fish It’s a nice looking fish I have a fish ! A garfish ! I almost didn’t feel it Biggest fish of the season ! A lizard Even in Corsica

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