Chad Dilts – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – Mid-July – Perch
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Chad Dilts – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – Mid-July – Perch

September 23, 2019

For those anglers looking to get out and do
some inland lake perch fishing, we have a really stable bite going right now. We’re two weeks after the Mayfly hatch, the
fish are traveling into that deeper water zone. In some lakes – 25 feet – but some of the
deeper, larger, inland lakes as deep as 35-50 feet. Standard perch rigs with 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz
bell sinkers on the bottom, something to get you down in that rough water and hold you
right to the bottom. Some anglers like to use, and will have good
success with, crawlers, perch minnows, and even some anglers like to use just small chunks
of frozen shrimp. For those anglers looking to get out onto
Lake Michigan and target some of the bigger fish that are schooling – don’t be afraid
to get in on the breaks, and if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, sneak into
that 10-15 foot zone, wherever you have rocks or weeds. A really stable pattern and a good technique
to use for those perch is a slip-bobber. You can fish just one individual hook with
a little bit of weight – try to set it up just above the weed bed or the rock edge. Use the same kind of baits – crawlers, leeches,
minnows, and even frozen shrimp. Those perch are really going to be hunkered-down
into that structure, feeding, and you want to bring them up out of that structure and
see if you can entice a strike.

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