Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!
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Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!

January 18, 2020

Hi!! Thanks for watching BroCoach TV keep watching this sharing, don’t forget to subscribe Today I’m going to share with you how to make Beach Volleyball Line DiY before that Subscribe my Channel I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV for anyone who doesn’t know what beach volleyball line is? it is a boundary line differentiates the game area and the outside of the game area if the ball falls inside the play area it is in! and if the ball falls outside the play area it will be out if indoor volleyball you can use paint for this beach volleyball, we will use a rope as well as marker powder or can use flour or we can make this beach volleyball line ourselves at a cheaper price, standard as the FiVB Tour I want to share with you how cheap the difference is the line we bought ready made with we do it ourselves the capital is only RM190 what you need the first is webbing tape the second Stretch Code Or Round Ring Angle iron Velcro 5cm Dunlop glue and also sewing kit that’s all, RM190 only instead of paying and buy ready made, you can even do it yourself prices are cheaper than that what you need to do now is you need to order onilne the webbing tape this webbing tape we usually use for bag straps this is webbing tape, If want to get this webbing tape simply, you need to order at Lazada this is a link and its name can be checked at Lazada prices are very cheap only RM18 for 10 meters but you need 60 meters don’t forget to order ORound RIng this is to connect between the first set and the second set our first set is 16 meters while our second set is 8 meters so it’s connected to Oring the price is just RM7 only for 2 but you have to buy four so you bought 2 sets get 4, for only RM14 there is one more you need to buy whether you can buy it online or go to any Mr. DiY shop at Mr. DIY Shop you find The Stretch Code or the rubber we used to get rid of the stuff, usually the first one with the RXZ motorcycle he usually has the rubber at the back at the back seat a helmet and all that so it is precious at MR. DiY costs RM1.98 for two, what you need just for two to make it four so you cut into two and u will get four there is another, this thing you can get in Dechatlon, it name might be a angle iron tent regular iron in this kind of spindle, tied to a rope and the pegs on the ground cost RM25 but we only need four, for RM25 you can get 8, so when all the stuff you get how you need to measure two sets for 16 meters you have two webbing lines 10 meters and 10 meters to get 16 meters you measure 8 meters and 8 meters, or even 10 meters you continue to add 6 meters or so an easier way to get the size within 8 meters you need to cut 8 meters but, at the end you need to increase by 6 inches, 8 meters by 6 inches left and 8 meters plus 6 inches to the right that is for you to paste velcro later for us to make the connection between set 1 and set 2 what is velcro? for example, say your child goes to school there is a shoe that pops open when it’s called velcro This velcro you can get at nationwide sewing shop, very easy to find no need to order online or anything To find out, you just go to the tailor shop or even a curtain shop or NAGOYA you can buy velcro ready-made stickers is on the market right now or you can use velcro with no stickers so you have your own glue near the webbing line using shoe glue sneakers such as dunlop glue or soldier glue and then once the glue is ready, you can sew it a bit on the velcro a reason to reinforce it so that it doesn’t get out of hand let’s say you have no direct talent to sew, you can send it to the tailor shop they only cost RM16 to RM20 only I’ll show you how to assemble this line Today I’m going to show you how to assemble this line beach volleyball is back This is a webbing line of 8 meters by 16 meters this is angle iron as well as rope (rubber) fasteners I got it at Mr. DIY orange and blue how easy it is to just throw it away we just throw it, this is 16 meters half of it is 8 meters this one end we pull up to get here we leave it here first, we take another one ok, same we throw we bring it to the end another one we bring ok, we got it 8 meters and now we take another 8 meters to the other end the special thing is this one made using velcro so you can enter only and make sure it’s on the bottom and we can lock it up if we want to change it if it’s too long or too short we can adjust it so I use the O Round Ring Ring Stainless Steel 5 cm, or so if you don’t have an O round ring there is another way just enter it cross between the two cross it like this one here and another here that this end we pull using stretch code or whether it’s inside like this and lock it like this can close up again like this and put it in the sand liken it? let’s fix it first because we’re going to adjust it soon OK Very easy and very cheap what are you waiting for order your stuff and do it When it’s ready you can put it anywhere you like, it’s easy to play beach volleyball right? is it fun right? So far my sharing has been this time, so what is it? I’ll share with you how to make a pole pole for beach volleyball see you soon, thanks for watching Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE for better sharing in the future again, I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV Thank you


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