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October 11, 2019

(upbeat music) We’re about to take
this baby for a ride to see the city in
a new perspective, and I just might take the wheel. (upbeat music) – All right, so if
you want to take one of these bad boys
out on the river, what are the steps? – Well, we always recommend making a reservation online. Go on to your website, and you can see our
live availability for all the different
boats that we offer. Our largest boat, which is
our river walk boat here. It’s a 12-passenger boat. $225 per hour. You can drive it yourself, but we also offer captains,
which we can provide. – [Dawn] I like that. So if you want to
get on this boat, you don’t need to
know how to do it, you can hire a captain. – That’s right. They’re incredibly
easy to drive, but we do offer captains for those who don’t
feel comfortable. – I love the idea
of having a captain. I will definitely need to
cruise today with a captain, so you have someone
in mind for me? – We have Captain Caroline
here to help us out. – Hey, Captain Caroline,
I’m ready to go cruisin’. (upbeat music) – [Captain Caroline] Dawn? – Hey, how are you? – [Captain Caroline] Hello. – What do I say,
aye aye, captain? – Aye aye, captain. Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome aboard. – This is so cute. I love this boat. – You ready to go? – Yes, please. – Let’s go. – So is this kind of
like driving a car? – It’s like driving a golf cart. Very easy. – Now what kind of speeds
are we talking here? – Our boats are fully electric so the max speed is about
four to five miles per hour, which is perfect, because
actually the river is a no wake river. So it should be a flat,
consistent river at all times. – Oh, very interesting. So now where do we go? What’s our route? – You can go
anywhere on the river within your allotted time. The max we allow is four hours, and the minimum is
one hour, of course. But I’d say about 95% of
the people do two hours. – Yeah, now, if you
are a cruisin’ around, and you see all this cool
stuff along the riverwalk, can you go off to the
side and hook it up? – The only place
that you can dock is to go back to our location. We do that to
minimize the damage because none of these
locations are really suited for our
boats to be docking. – All right, so give
me the vibes here. Somebody rents this
for a couple of hours, what is it like? – I have seen people
have the most fun, and I personally have taken
my family and friends out. And the best part is, you can bring your
own food and drinks. – [Dawn] Yes, see,
that’s very fun. – Yes, and that does
include alcohol. Just keep in mind, whoever
is driving the boat cannot be drinking alcohol. And that’s why hiring a
captain is also a good choice. – Yes. Do you give them advice of
like, which way do I go? Which way do I go? Cause it’s sort of
like, I have two hours, I want to get the most
out of this two hours. – Exactly. So there’s a map on board, and our crew is really
good those orientations. They hear what you want to see, and then they can
customize a route within your allotted time. The freedom you have with this, is you’re not sharing
it with other groups. You get to make the decision
of where you’re going. – I thought this was
going to be a bigger deal. You’re gonna need major
license, and all this stuff, but it’s just a valid
driver’s license. – [Producer] Do
you want to try it? – Do I want to try it? – Do you want to try it? – Now, if somebody was renting
this and there was a captain, would you let them try it? – I mean, yeah, of course. – So this would be a normal
thing that people do. – You are assuming
responsibility for the boat. – You see how I’m getting
nervous, and like, are you sure? Switch. – Okay, let’s switch. – All right, first things first, – So here’s the throttle. You’re gonna push it forward. – You guys, this is
already nerve wracking. Do I hold this throttle? Oh, come on. – You’ll hold it. – Do I hold it down? I hold this? – This is the fastest it goes – Oh. Why does it feel like
I’m turning like crazy? – Because you’re going fast. – Yeah, I don’t want
to go that fast. You guys, I need to
boost my confidence for a minute here. Hang on, hang on. My hands are sweating. It’s a typical move in my world. – Keep it steady. You’ll get the feel for it. – Things get real tricky
when my hands start sweating. Although, look at this,
I’m becoming a natural. – [Captain Caroline] You are. – What do I need to do
to become a captain? Cause I’m probably close. – To become a captain,
you have to take a course, and you have to have a
certain amount of hours to get the certificate
from the U.S. Coast Guard. It is a lot of time,
but it’s worth it, and you get great experiences. – And also, why don’t
you just acknowledge that I’m really a natural at this. – You are. – After the initial
shock to the system, we were going five
whole miles an hour. We were going five
miles and hour, and I almost lost my mind. – No, you’re doing great. – Don’t show any
of the other stuff. Show this. Do you see how I have
this on the side even? Sit back, relax. – She’s got it. – Captain for the day
Dawn has got you covered. I’d like to draw your attention
over there to Navy Pier. Now I’ve got the hang of this. – You wanna go
back to home port? – Not really. Actually, I know that I
was supposed to say yes, because that would be a
clean wrap up of the segment, but I actually want to keep
cruising around for the day. – Yeah, I mean… (upbeat music) – There’s tons of
food and drink options along the river walk, so
of course had to myself a cup of gelato. I enjoyed cruising
in the electric boat and taking in all
the city sights. (upbeat music)

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