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Cliff Diving Gymnast | Big Time at the Lake | Whitney & Blakely

September 1, 2019

(men laughing) – [Dad] Oh, there’s a tug of war. – [Man] Grandpa’s t-shirt got wet. – [Woman] He doesn’t have a swimsuit on. Nice Blakeley! (dog barking) – [Whitney] Did you get the dog? – [Dad] Fire Whitty! – [Blakeley] I got Braxton’s head! – [Dad] Good job Lexi! – [Blakeley] I got Braxton’s head! – [Dad] Oh that’s hot
water, that feels good. – [Woman] Give Houston it. – [Dad] Let’s see your best shot Blakers! – [Blakeley] Okay! One, two, three! I got Braxton! Load up. – [Man] Okay, you got
to help her, Sterling, you have to help her. – [Blakeley] I hit Braxton! – [Dad] Nice shooting. Careful, he’s armed though. – [Man] Want to send them to the stairs? Okay, here they come. – [Woman] She’s so cute. (water splashing) – [Mom] Not right now, Blakeley. Oh my gosh, Sterling. – [Man] A little too much. – [Woman] Yes, it’s a really bad scratch. Alright, I’ll get you
some in just a second. – [Braxton] It’s a water war! – [Woman] Show Daddy what you just did. – [Man] Are you ready? Whoa! Floating angel, floating angel. – [Blakeley] Ah, my butt’s slipping. (knocking) ♫ Do you want to build a snowman? ♫ Come on let’s go and play ♫ I think some company is overdue – Oh wait, sorry. – Start over. – I have the hiccups, I can’t. – I messed it up. – You ruined it. – Okay. (knocking) ♫ Do you want to build a snowman? ♫ Come on let’s go and play ♫ I think some company Ah, you keep on messing up, wait. It’s, it’s, do you want
to build a snowman, come on let’s go and play. I never see you anymore. – Okay. (knocking) ♫ Do you want to build a snowman ♫ Come on let’s go and play ♫ I never see you anymore ♫ Come out the door ♫ It’s like you’ve gone away ♫ We used to be best buddies ♫ And now we’re not ♫ I wish you would tell me why ♫ Do you want to build a snowman ♫ It doesn’t have to build a snowman (knocking) – [Blakeley] Go away, Anna. ♫ Okay bye (knocking) ♫ Do you want to build a snowman ♫ Or ride our bikes around the halls ♫ I think some company is overdue ♫ I started talking to
the pictures on the wall – [Girls] Hang in there, Joan. ♫ It gets a little lonely ♫ All these empty rooms ♫ Just watching the hours tick by (clicking) ♫ Do you want to build a snowman ♫ It doesn’t have to be a snowman – Oh my gosh, they’re getting stronger. – No, don’t touch me. (humming) (knocking) ♫ Elsa I know you’re in there – I forgot the rest. – [Dad] Ready?
– Yes. (Whihtney screaming) – [Sterling] What’s it doing? Pull it back down! (Sterling screaming) – [Whitney] I got on it! Yes! (kids playing) – [Sterling] You can’t do it! Oh! – [Dad] Girl! That was cruel and I have it on tape. (water splashing) – [Dad] 8.7 – [Whitney] What? – [Dad] Good one. – [Sterling] Cannon ball! Cannon ball. – Ready?
– Yeah. (water splashing) – [Whitney] I’m going to see how far I can go that way, in a dive. Ready? Two, three. (water splashing) – [Whitney] You always beat me. Ah, you kicked! – [Braxton] You’re just joking aren’t you? – You do it first! – [Dad] Then how am I going to video you? – [Whitney] Oh. – [Dad] I just want to shoot you jumping off a boat from here. – [Sterling] What’s the
worst that could happen? – [Whitney] Can’t we jump off from here? – [Dad] When mom’s not here. – [Whitney] What? – [Sterling] So we can’t? – [Dad] You probably can, Sterl. – [Whitney] Why not me? – [Dad] Well let’s see if
Sterling survives first. Alright, everyone away.
– Go Sterling! – [Dad] So what you need to do. – [Sterling] Suddenly I’m
not so sure about this. – [Dad] You want to get on this one. That’s the farthest from those docks. And then you climb over, and you stand with your heels in here and you hang on, and you stand there ’till
you get the gumption to go and then you go. – On second thought, I’m
just gonna head down there. – [Whitney] What, you’re a chicken! Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk! – [Sterling] I’d like to see you do it! – [Whitney] Daddy won’t let me. – He won’t?
– No. – [Dad] Go ahead. – Really? – [Dad] I don’t think you’ll do it. – [Whitney] I will. What if I slip? – [Dad] You don’t want to slip. – [Sterling] Then you’ll die. – [Dad] But remember, I
want you to do this one. The one that Braxton’s on. Braxton, get away form
the one that you’re on. – [Whitney] That’s the
closest to that boat. (mumbles) – [Whitney] I’m gonna slip. – [Dad] No, no, where you going? You gotta jump off of that thing. – Really?
– Yeah. That’s the tough part. – [Sterling] That’s
what makes it dangerous. – [Dad] And you should get probably a little closer to this because
that’s more stable there. And then just make sure you
get out there far enough. – [Whitney] How do you
jump off of this thing? – [Dad] You just jump. Lean forward and jump. – [Whitney] I’m scared. – [Dad] Okay, you can come back. – [Whitney] I didn’t know
we had to jump off of that. – [Dad] Yeah. – Why do we have to jump off of that? – [Dad] Because you can’t
jump off anything else. – [Sterling] If Braxton
does it and Whitney, then I’ll do it. Whitney, you’re bending it. – [Dad] It’s okay. Any famous last words? – [Sterling] Guys, watch this! – [Whitney] One. Countdown from five. – [Sterling] Five, four. – No, slowly! – [Dad] Five, four, three, two, one. Geronimo! (water splashing) She’s up! – That was awesome! Aw suckers, I was not a scaredy cat! – [Sterling] I’ll do it last. – [Dad] Quote her in the hospital. – [Braxton] Daddy I don’t know if I. – [Dad] You don’t have to, bud. – [Braxton] I don’t know
if I’m good to go over. – [Dad] Want me to hold on to you while you get over? – [Sterling] I suggest you
do that with both of us, dad. – [Dad] And it’s fine if you
decide you don’t want to go. Make sure, Whitney’s gone. Whitney, get out of there. – [Whitney] I’m out of the water. – [Dad] You can bail if you want buddy or you can live forever in infamy. (boy screaming) (laughing) – [Braxton] I am doing that again! – [Sterling] Now I have to, don’t I? – [Dad] You have no choice, buddy. Yep, let’s wait ’till. Moving targets are gone. (laughing) – [Dad] Alright, here goes Sterling. – [Sterling] Alright, hold on. – [Dad] I got you. – [Mom] There’s no running. Let’s not jump up there. – [Dad] Okay, I’m gonna let go of you. – [Sterling] Okay. – [Braxton] Is he gonna go? – [Dad] There’s no shame in coming back. Well, a little shame. – [Braxton] Yeah! (water splashing) – [Whitney] My turn! – [Sterling] That was totally sick! – [Braxton] I know! – [Whitney] It’s awesome. – [Dad] Wait, wait ’till
he gets on the dock before you start climbing. – [Sterling] Love you mommy! – [Whitney] Go faster! (mumbles) – [Whitney] It’s not
higher than diving rock. – [Dad] Sometimes it is. – [Sterling] Depending
on high the water is. – [Whitney] Right now it’s high. – [Dad] Make sure it’s clear. – [Whitney] It’s clear, I can see. – [Braxton] I can see. I kinda didn’t know what was happening. Kind of. – [Whitney] Cannon ball! – [Dad] Oh, bad idea. – [Whitney] Ow my foot! – [Braxton] Daddy, hold me. – [Dad] Wait, not ’till she’s clear. – [Braxton] Okay. – [Mom] That was like a belly flop. – [Whitney] It was a
belly flop to my foot. – [Braxton] Belly foot. – [Sterling] Braxton,
let’s show off those guys. You can do it! (cheering) (screaming) – Is he out?
– Yeah. (screaming) (water splashing) – [Mom] I love you. – [Whitney] Did the sea-doo fall over? – [Dad] Yeah. – It did? – [Dad] It dumped its pilot and co-pilot. – [Man] Yeah. We had to bail out. Yes, no it didn’t go upside down because Daddy and I jumped off
just at the last moment before it would have tipped. – [Whitney] Can you fall in with this? – [Dad] Yeah. – [Dad] You can fall on anything. – [Dad] Get off! (water splashing) – [Whitney] It’s slippery. I kicked a rock and
now my foot’s bleeding! – [Dad] Stop kicking the rocks. – Ready?
– Yep. (water splashing) – [Sterling] I can do that too! – [Man] Don’t hurt yourself. – [Sterling] I can do that too. – [Dad] Alright, touch your toes. (water splashing) – [Dad] Buddy, it’s up to you. (kids talking) – [Sterling] Come on, Braxton. – [Braxton] Okay, what should I do? – [Dad] Double flip! (laughing) How about a pencil dive? (water splashing) – [Man] Wow. Finally gave us a spin-around. – [Dad] Cut his line. – Can I do a flip? – [Dad] Yeah, two! – [Man] Ah, nice one Whitney! – It’s cold, hurry up. – [Dad] Alright, I’m ready. – [Whitney] Ready? – [Sterling] I’ll be right up, Dad! – [Whitney] Wait. – [Sterling] On my way up! Happy birthday, Braxton! – [Sterling] Incoming! – [Man] Death charge! (water splashing) – [Whitney] Cannon ball. – [Whitney] Ready? – [Sterling] Cannon ball. – [Dad] Yeah I’ve jumped off before. Ready, buddy, impress. Say something to me. – I’m going to do a death charge. And it’s my birthday celebration day. Here I go. (laughter) – [Whitney] That was a huge splash. I want to try a cannon ball. Or I’m gonna jump as
far as I can in a ball. Oh my butt hurts! Ouch! (water splashing) – [Braxton] And the next
we’ll salute, and back. (water splashing) – I’m freezing! – [Sterling] I’ll say nice
things at your funeral! – Okay! See you in heaven. – [Braxton] You’re going to die. – Oh my God. (boat motor accelerating) – [Dad] Whoa! That was good! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Alright! (kids screaming) – [Whitney] He’s still on! He’s still on! He stayed on! He stayed on! – [Dad] Good grips buddy! (cheering) – It went all the way back. – [Braxton] I know! – [Dad] Here comes the rough! (ball bouncing) – [Dad] Uh oh. – [Whitney] Lexi’s mean! Did you see what Lexi did to Houston? – [Dad] Mmm hmm. Game over.
– Hey dogs! – [Whitney] Doggies, look at me! Look at me! – [Dad] Oh yeah, get that ball. – [Whitney] Doggies, look what I’ve got! Look what I’ve got! – [Dad] Pass. – What?
– Nothing. Chuck it over there. Uh oh, game over. – [Whitney] Get out of the
bushes, out of the bushes. – [Dad] Run! – [Whitney] He’s going for the touchdown! – [Dad] Yeah there’s
some older cheesy ones. – [Whitney] It’s like I saw
one and the guy didn’t go, “I’m king of the world!” – [Dad] Then it wasn’t real. – I’m the king of the world! – [Dad] Your turn Whitty. Don’t fall of the front. – I’m the king of the world! – [Dad] Your turn Lexi. (laughter) – [Whitney] I’m king of the world! – [Dad] Blakeley, let me see your muscle. (laughter) – [Whitney] That looks like
a pretty good (mumbles). – Good girl, good girl. Well done. Don’t worry about jet skis,
they get out of your way. – [Woman] Go Whit! – [Dad] That was a 180! – [Whitney] Remember Mr. Basketball. – [Braxton] You didn’t want to name him Mr. Basketball though. – [Dad] Do you have to load that thing or is it already loaded? – [Man] That one’s ready
to go, you just light it. (kids talking) – [Man] Yep, surprise! – [Sterling] I’m backing
up an extra ten feet when he does it. – [Braxton] I’d go twenty. – [Girl] What is it? – [Girl] Firecrackers. – [Boy] Run! (firecrackers) (cheering) – [Boy] Boo-yah! – [Whitney] I think something bit me. – [Dad] Whoa! – [Sterling] And now, the grand finale! – [Dad] This is it, Pops, goodnight! (fireworks going off) (whistling) (cheering) (acoustic guitar)

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