Community of Care: Adam Beach
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Community of Care: Adam Beach

January 14, 2020

You know it’s funny, I never really knew what
the word kin meant. I had heard the expression “next of kin” on
TV, but never really thought about it. Then my Uncle made it all very clear when
my parents died. He taught me that kinship meant family when
he took me and my brothers in and raised us like kin. He raised us with our traditions. Our beliefs.
He kept my family together and taught us about our culture. He helped make me who I am today. That’s kinship care – it’s our people taking
care of our people’s children… keeping traditions alive. With so many of our children in-care, I urge
you to find out how can become a kinship family or foster family and help keep our traditions,
values and our people strong. Kinship… means family.

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